Thursday Night Showdown <TNS2009>

Match 1
Lee the prototype vs Ricky Maine

This is the debut of the cocky Ricky Maine. If he want's to make it a good one he has to defeat Lee the prototype

Ricky dominate's Lee the whole match. Ricky hit's a suplex 1..2..NO! Ricky irish whip's Lee and hit's a laterill press. Ricky get's on the middle rope and knee's Lee in the skull 1..2..3!!
Ricky impressive on his debut. Can this new comer get to the top of UWA ?

Winner: Ricky Maine (3:27)

Match 2
KC Shaw Vs. Dave Jone's

A preview of the Bloody Justice tag title match between KC Shaw & Dave Jone's

KC & Dave lock up. KC push'es Dave to the ground. He run's Dave when he's getting up and clothesline's him 1..kick out. KC then scoop slam's Dave 1..another kick out. Dave get's up and uppercut's KC. He then dropkick's KC's knee. KC down on one knee and Dave kick's KC at the back of the head 1..2..NO KC kick's out!!. Dave gets on the rope's and trie's to hit a crossbody but KC catches Dave in mid air and hit's a side walk slam 1..2..NO!! What's it going to take. KC stand's up but Dave grab's KC small package! 1..2..NO!! Dave showed his frustration by hitting the ground. Dave ran against the rope's but KC quickly got up and hit a SPEAR!! 1..2..3. KC Shaw has beaten his Bloody Justice oppenent David Jone's.

Winner : KC Shaw (7:19)

Match 3
John Cage Vs. Michael

Michael want's to prove he can beat the World Champion number one contender John Cage. Can Michael do it or will John prove to be to tough for Michael

Michael had something to prove in this match. Michael got a headlock on John but John broke out and pushed Michael against the rope's Michael came running back at John and clotheslined John. Michael taunted the crowd. He started stomping John several time's. Then he hit a legdrop 1..2..Kick out. John got up and puched Michael then he kicked Micheal's gut then hit a DDT 1..No! John got on the top rope's and went for a moonsault but Michael put his knee's up and John landed on them 1..2..NO!! Michael was shocked that John kicked out. Michael then hit piledriver 1..2..Again John kicked out. Michael was then waited for John to get up and he tried hitting a RKO but John pushed Michael off him and then when Micheal turned around John hit a inzegury 1..2..Jake Thunder ran down and dragged the ref out of the ring. John got distracted and hit a baseball slide on Jake. When John got up Michael got school boy pin on John the ref quickly got back in the ring 1..2..Jake ran in and attacked John the ref rang the bell. He hit a gut wrenchpowerbomb on John and stood over John raising his title. Michael may have lost but he probaley gained John's respect.

Winner : John Cage via DQ (11:35)

Main Event
MCF Vs. Jake Thunder (non-title)

Jake has stopped MCF twice to winning the World Championship. Can MCF beat Jake Thunder in a non-title match against Jake THunder ?
Welcome to our first edition of Thursday Night showdown with a brilliant show in store for our fans!

Match 1
singles match
Bahumat vs John d vs Mike Steele

And we kick off our fisrt night of Thursday night Showdown and out comes Bahumat, then John d, then Mike steele. bahumat did an arm drag on john, then mike goes top rope with a cross body onto Bahumat. John hits Mike with a jawbreaker on Mike and goes for the STFU but Bahumat punts John then scoop slams Mike then pins John 1............2............. ropebreak so Mike gets up and hits the spear on Bahumat 1.............2............3...........

winner: Mike Steele

number 1 contendership for the euro title
gk rock vs randy armstrong vs john d vs david jones

Gk rock comes out, then randy, then john, then david, Gk goes and quickly spears david so he's out of the ring atm. randy goes for a powerslam on john but john reverses it and hits a DDT on randy, then david clotheslines randy and goes for a figure four on randy but randy gets to the ropes. john clotheslines david and goes for the 5 knuckle shuffle on david and hits it and STFU's david. then Gk goes for a jawbreaker on randy and goes top rope with a hericarana on randy and goes into the ring and punts John in the skull and goes for the pin 1..............2.................3.....
 ........... and your new number 1 contender for the euro title Gk Rock

winner: Gk Rock

Match 3
Steel Aylum match
:the winner gets a shot at the UWA champ title
KC Shaw vs Bahumat vs Connor Armstrong vs Michael vs Stuart Wilson vs lee the prototype vs John Cage

everyone enters the ring and the steel asylum roof comes down onto the steel asylum. everyone climbs and tries to get out the hole at the top of the steel asylum to get out to win the title shot. KC Shaw grabs Bahumat and powerslams him, then stuart hits the hericarana on KC Shaw, then lee jumps and hits the cross body on stuart. Michael nearly climbs out the hole but John grabs him and powerbombs him at the top, then KC Shaw hits the FU on John Cage. Connor hits a whisper in the wind on KC Shaw and KC Shaw is out. Bahumat goes to climb up the steel asylum but Connor drop kicks him off everyone gets up and lee jumps onto everyone except for John and john quickly climbs up the steel asylum but KC shaw gets up and climbs the steel asylum but KC Shaw gets stuck between the steel asylum and john cage takes advantage and climbs through the hole at the top of the steel asylum and wins the match and he becomes the number 1 contender for the UWA champ title against Jake Thunder

winner: John Cage

street fight
: UWA champ title match
MCF vs Jake Thunder(c)

MCF comes out then Jake comes out it starts out jake scoop slams MCF and he grabs him and takes him backstage. MCF and jake are backstage and they both slam each other's heads off the table and MCF puts jake onto the table and jumped off a ladder onto jake and he pinned him 1................2.............. kick out jake gets up and hits a jawbreaker on MCF and pins 1...............2.............. kick out, jake goes on top of the ladder and moonsaults onto MCF and pins 1...............2................... kick out, just about. MCF gets up and hits jake with a codebreaker but cant get up for the pin on jake, jake gets up and gutwrench powerbombs MCF onto a table and pins MCF 1.................2.................3..
 ..................... and still your UWA champ Jake Thunder

winner: Jake Thunder

thanks for tuning in for a great edition of Thursday Night Showdown

MCF you should never of attacked me - Jake Thunder