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Cyber Harassment And Teen Suicide10/5/09
How Online Bullying And Cyber Harassment Are Killing Teens

No one can deny the devastating effects that cyber harassment can have on kids and teens. For many years society paid little attention to the problem of cyber harassment believing it to be just a phase that all teens go through.

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New Cyber Bullying Videos9/26/09
Cyber Bullying Facts 2009 #1

Here is the first video revealing a handful of eye-opening facts and statistics about Cyber Bullying taken from a recent survey of today's teens.
Cyber Bullying Prevention8/17/09
Many kids have to deal with more than one bully, and sometimes even their own friends can bully them.

Bullying has always been a problem. But now kids can be bullied 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, on their computers and on their cell phones, instantly and repeatedly, over and over again. It becomes hellish and kids feel totally alone, desparate and trapped. Most kids don't know what to do when cyber bullying happens to them.

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Cyber Bullying Prevention Tips