Poppy Bulle <pop_xxxx>

got nothin better to do9/22/10
seven things you have in your room ;
1.my bed
4. tv
5. lamp
6. chair

seven relationship questions:
1. do you like someone? dno:(
2. does someone like you? naa
3. do you get bored of people? depends
4. have you ever been led on? hmm
5. have you ever been cheated on? yeah
6. do you want to be in a relationship? no
7. do you wanna get married? yeah when im older

seven things you cant live without:
1. my friends
2. family
3. ipod
4. my phone
5. chocolate
6. lucozade
7. straightners

Seven things on your mind:
1. my english essays that ive got to type up
2. i want a cup of tea
3. how much catching up im gonna have to do
4. need to check my phone
5. neeed sleeep
6. i hate the flu:( :(
7. whats happenin on friday??

seven other things - do you:
2. Had a dream come true? no
3. Read the newspaper? yaa
4. Pray? nope
5. Have a best friend? got 3;)
6. Had braces? no
7. Wish on stars? aw yeah

Seven have you evers:
1. fallen in love? hmm,dno??
2. kiss someone of the same sex? yeah haa
3. been cheated on? yep
4. been to a bonfire? yeah
5. ran away from home? nope,never
6. played strip poker? no
7. done an all nighter? yaaaa

seven things in the last 48 hours have you:
1. cried? yeah cus my dad was stressin me out haha
2. been hugged? yeaah
3. been kissed? no
4. felt stupid?nope
5. talked to an ex? no
6. bought anything? no
7. used chapstick?nope

are you:
1. perfect? no haha
2. tall? hmm,suppose so?
3. in your pyjamas? joggiesss
4. left handed? no,right

1. friend you saw: hmm..jodie&kaitlin i think
2. talked to on the phone:dont remember haa
3. person to text you: beth
4. was today better than yesterday? not really any different

1. number: 3
2. colour: blue i think
3. food: aw loads
4. place: i dont know actually..

questions & answers:
1: do you have anything bothering you? hmm,dno..
2: what's the last movie you watched in the pictures? pirannah hahahahaha
3: where is the last place you went? tesco
4: do you smile often? try to
5: do you wish upon stars? yeah haha
6: are you a friendly person? aw yeppp
7: where did you sleep last night? my bed
8: when was the last time you cried? yesterday
9: what was your last thought before going to sleep last night? my nose is doin my head in
10: right now are you one being bad ten being great?bout 4 or 5
11: what do you hear right now? nothin
12: does anything hurt right now? my throat,nose&head

ten emotions:Are You
1. Missing someone right now? aw yeaaah
2. Happy? hmmm
3. Sad? not really
4. Bored? very
6. Nervous? nope
7. Single? yeaaaaaah
8. Tired? think so
9. Parents still married? yeah
10. In love? hahahahahahahah no

Top 2 friends on bebo:kaitlin and jodie
1. have you ever drank with number 1? yeppppp
2. where did you meet number 2? schooool
3. have u ever danced with 1? yep hehe
4. what do you think of 2? i love her loads
5. have you ever gone shopping with 2? yeah
6. have you ever seen 1 in a swim suit? think so
7. have you ever seen 2's family? aw yeaah
8. do you know 1's last name? mciver
9. have you ever eaten anything in front of 2? hahahah, we both should be about 40 stone the way we eat when we're wit each other hahaa
10. do you trust number 1 with your secrets? yaaa
11. when was the last time you talked to number 2? today
12. who makes you laugh the most? hmm..
13. have you ever done something dangerous with 1? dont remember
14. would 2 do anything for you? im sure she would
15.Are you glad this is over?im not too bothered..still bored tho
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get bored9/2/10
What is your name? poppy bulle
What would you do if you walked in on your best friend having sex? walk out and laugh
Do you think parents are too hard on kids these days? some are
Do you like to go out in the rain? not reaally
Do you ever wish you could just go to sleep & never wake up? naa
Is there someone you just CANNOT stand? reaally can't stand them
Do you think you'll ACTUALLY live a happy life with somebody?no
How many piercings have you had in your life? ears and my belly button
Have you ever consider getting a tattoo? want one
Is there one person you want to be with right now? no
Do you have a problem with bisexual, gay, or bicurious people? no
When was the last time you were sun burnt? when me and beth were sunbathing
Where are your biological parents right now? mums picking my dad up
Do you use hearts like this <3 a lot? not really
Is there anything wrong with you right now? yeah|-)
What were you doing at 2am? asleep
Would you go in public looking like you do right now? suppose
What's one thing you do when you're mad? shout and cry
how often do you lose your voice? not alot
whats your plans for the week? god knows
Do you think someone is thinking about you right now? no
When you take a drink do you hold your pinky up? aha sometimes yeah,dont mean it fo
Do you ever think "what if"? ye:( :(
Do you mind sleeping on the floor? naa
Have you ever made someone so mad that they broke something? dont remember
Could you last in a relationship for 3 months? yeah
What are your initials? pb
What color is your iPod? green but it broke
If you could go back in life, how far would you go? bout a week ago
Have you done something bad today? no
Is there a movie you've seen countless times? yeah lots
What day of the week would you like it to be? friday i suppose
Do you straighten your hair? ye
Describe what you are wearing now? denim shorts&blue top
Is your hair up or down right now? down
Are you a jealous person? yeah:(
What will you be doing after this? not much
stole from andreaaaaa x7/11/09
1. who are you;
2. are we friends;
3. when did we meet;
4. do you fancy me;
5. do you love me;
6. would you kiss me;
7. would you cuddle me;
8. give me a nickname;
9. first impression of me;
10. do you still think the same;
11. how well do you know me;
12. what reminds you of me;.
13. whens the last time you saw me;
15. would you ever meet up with me;
16. best thing about me;
17. good girlfriend material;
18. out of ten on personality;
19. out of ten on looks;
20. anything else to say;