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Free music time!10/19/09
Yo yo yo

Free music time!

That's a direct link to some badass breakcore, completely free! [Nothing shady don't worry :P ]

http:/ /

That is one major long mix of Classical, ambient, etc. It's all really good background music, basically. Check it out, worth getting.

More later.

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NEW TUNE! - "Lazy Jones Lives On"7/14/09
First of credit is due to David Whittaker for composing the melody I use in the tune, it was originally composed for the game "Lazy Jones" for the commodore 64, hence the name.

Most of you will recognise this melody from KernKraft 400 by ZombieNation

Still working on more original stuff but I had the idea for this cover tossing around in my head so I threw it together over the last few days, I ran into the same problems as ZombieNation did when they made the tune. The melody is so strong that it ends up making it very difficult to put in much else without it sounding horrible but I gave my hand at it anyway!

Hope you all like it by the way, I threw in the part at the very end for a laugh as I though the melody sounded deadly on strings.

Hope you enjoy and more stuff up soon!