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"Shaun Smith 2 win bgt 2009 .!"

The good looking Mick Hucknell!5/9/09
He?s used to impressing people with his physical skills on the rugby pitch, but when Shaun Smith finished his Birmingham audition he?d left a whole new set of spectators open-mouthed, this time in admiration of his singing skills.

The multi-talented A-Level student appeared quietly confident before his audition, despite admitting he feared a micky-taking from his pals.

?I?ve been singing for as long as I can remember,? he said backstage: ?I?ve done little things but I?ve never sung at anything this big before. It?s all very well my gran saying I?m good ? but she?s a little biased! It?s my mates that are the most important thing, as they could rip me to shreds!?

Onstage, Shaun explains that it is his ambition to make other people happy through his singing, which worked because after he?d completed the first verse of Ain?t No Sunshine, everyone in the room was smiling!

By the song?s finale Shaun had the whole theatre up on their feet, screaming ecstatically as the 17 year old ad-libbed his way through the final verse with the panache and confidence of a performer twice his age.

?I genuinely wasn?t expecting that,? smiled Simon when he?d finished: ?You remind me of Mick Hucknell? but good looking! You?ve got a very authentic sounding voice; I think you?re really good.?

Amanda agreed that Shaun had bundles of talent but urged him to believe in himself more - much to Simon?s derision.

A small argument ensued but no one disputed the fact that Shaun was a serious talent and was definitely through to the next round.