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"We all just want somebody who cares."

Chapter 2: Part 2Jul 15
"Yes sir! So you know what the city we're going to is most famous for?" An ironically peppy voice rang out over the intercom. No doubt, it was the same lady who had given instruction in the start of the flight.

"The worlds largest gathering spot for sports, shopping, and entertainment." Shaylee whispered rather well in a split second of a split coming and going. DJ's face just barely hiding the confusion at first though changed slightly when he realized she made a split happen for only a second. He could have sworn it would be more difficult than that.

"Of course! It's got the largest area people come to. Sports, shopping, entertainment, you name it!" His own voice coming out just as perky as the attendant's did. Much to both his and Shaylee's surprise. Which of course, also caused the light above him to go green.

"Lady luck or a cursed blessing?" was what went through his head at that moment. Randomly getting picked for a question that he only rose his hand to because he was stretching. With a prize he hadn't even learned of, and answered without knowing why it was being asked. Above that, he had the correct answer told to him and the question re-asked? It felt far too much like a set up.

"That's the correct answer sir! Do you know why it's become the biggest gathering spot though?"

"Nope, I sure don't." He answered quickly before any more answers could be given to him.

"Aww! That's a shame! Anybody else!?"

At that point DJ began to tone her out and look down toward Shaylee. She wanted something out of this, but he wanted to know what before he played along. Both of them giving inquisitive looks at one another for a few seconds before DJ sat back. Setting his hand next to Shaylee as he closed his eyes and his mouth began to move. The plane was far slower than before and beginning to drop altitude at increasing rate. His ears barely catching the muffled "aww's" and words of failure as he nodded and continued to talk without sound. Even if he slept, there was always someone who didn't.

"Shall we play along?" DJ asked happily as his eyes moved alone to Shaylee. This was fun ready to be had, and more so, he was intrigued by what he had learned.

Shaylee returned his question with a large grin and a nod. Waiting for the next question so DJ could get started on the chain. And after around 3 tries he got called, and one after another the small shifts continued between the questions. His answers getting more and more like the originals until all 15 questions were answered. At the end of which he's prompted to stop by the front desk after the flight which still had around 30 minutes before full landing.

With a nod he turned his head to the window and chuckled heavily. Lady luck? No, there was a higher force at play here. He opposed the Whites and the Blacks now, which meant either could try to win him over now.. or worse. But with a quick shake of his head he snapped himself out of it and watched the clouds above.

"Man, that's a lot of altitude dropped. I must have been out cold."

"You were, young man." An elderly voice spoke out from behind him. Though DJ didn't react much.

"Oh? Did I disturb you?"

"No no, nothing like that. But that friend of yours sure did have fun talking to your other friend while you slept. You might want to be careful of when you allow that to happen."

"I see...." DJ's eyes narrowed heavily as he heard her words. She noticed Shaylee, that was one thing, but that "other friend" she spoke of. "If you don't mind, which two friends were you talking about?"

"You don't have to worry, it wasn't someone of the factions. It was someone very close to you."


"You'll understand when you're older. Give it... " Her voice quickly changing to a much much softer one. He could tell she didn't want too many to hear.. but also, for him to know she knew more than he expected. "a few tens of thousands of more years."

His eyes widened quickly and he gulped heavily. He was finally able to recognize the voice and it wasn't one he wanted to hear at this point. He had gotten trouble already since he was leaving the grounds of the reason he was dropped here to begin with. To have to deal with her of all people right now was even scarier than a stranger figuring that out. Turning his head he tried to put on the best smile he could and nodded once. His mind racing with hopes of words to get him out of this situation, and of course to no avail due to the haste it was making. All to be silenced within a second as he felt soft lips touching his own, yet no person there to be seen, only a wisp of voice to be heard.

"You're off the hook this time. But next time, I'll require more than a taste of your lips." It spoke to only him while softening to the point it couldn't be heard. Just like wind passing, it made a breeze across his skin that left goosebumps and continued on without looking back.

Turning forward he hunched over and shivered. His eyebrow twitching slightly from all the thoughts of what could have happened. Shaylee, having not noticed any of it tugged his sleeve slightly and gave him that same worried look as from the morning. Only giving her a soft, and very wobbly smile before sitting back. His body cooling from the heated shock as the cold sweat on his body took in the air and began to evaporate from his skin. Slowly relaxing against the back of the chair he closed his eyes and blanked out his mind to wait for the end of the flight. Shaylee knew something was up, but there was so much going on, she didn't know if she should bother him about it now or not.

As the aerial vehicle landed DJ's head bobbed around without resistance, almost like he was asleep. In reality he was just that relaxed. Beginning to loathe the thought of getting up but against all his will his legs moved from their relaxed positions. His eyes opening slowly and resting on the door. There was likely to be another announcement about exiting, he had thought to himself, but he was luckily wrong. Many of the people simply stood and started their way toward the front. His head turning toward the window as he waited for an opening in the people. Not even bothering to stand until that time came.

Getting a good look at the distances of the Urban area from his seat. He really should have been inspecting the area while they were still in the sky, but as his lazy self typically did, he simply dozed off into a daydream. Yet that was fine, because he could see a figure walking from his plane before the doors had opened. It was easy to tell who from the scarred head.

"So he was a V.I.P. eh?" J whispered to himself. This of course causing Shaylee to look up at him. She wanted to see too but she couldn't risk being seen. With a quick jot she shot up into his shirt and pressed against his stomach. A small pout on her face the entire time.

After a little he finally saw a break. Moving into the open spot quickly and smoothly while standing simultaneously. Having gotten to the next part of the wait he started to daze off again. Following the line and moving to how the others did. His mind was relatively blank so it made it feel like only a few seconds before he was tapped on the shoulder. Snapping back into the world he had a hesitant moment before he headed for the exit of the plane. Moving down the steps quickly and heading for the entrance of the airport.

Out of everything the first hing he noticed was how heavy the air was. It stunk, and even tasted toxic. This whole thing was new to him by far. So much pollution and it was putting him in a bad mood. He really did not like this area right now. And so he quickly rushed in the doors. Taking a few shallow breaths as he tested the air, only to find the difference so minute that it was hardly worth waiting for. This wasn't his environment, and not something he was too ecstatic to get use to. But all things were with reason, and that reason was bound to be found out.

Walking to the front desk he stopped by the customer support area and waited for a tall male to greet him. The same blue uniform worn by him as well yet it was pale in comparison to the heavy smell of cologne on him. DJ's eyes wanting to water and his face attempting to churn in disgust to the smell, yet he managed to keep a straight face.

"You must be the winner of the mini-quiz contest on flight number 211."

"Yes, that is correct."

"I understand. If you'll please take this envelope here and follow the instructions inside. This is phase two of the event. You'll be out second to last contestant. If you succeed in this event than everything will be explained at the end spot."

With a quick swipe DJ grabbed the envelope and nodded to the male. Quickly making his way away from the front desk. Making sure he was a good distance before stopping and coughing roughly several times. Several light gags following it before he caught himself and started to breath a little normally. It was like a child having his lungs polluted for the first time. So bad that his sight was getting fuzzy from the water forming within his green eyes.

"This is horrible! This air is such crap!"

"Teehee! C'mon you needa get use to it. We're going to be here for a long time while I get you use to things here."

"Oh? So you're not even slightly doubtful of me being from other dimensions?"

"Normally, I'd think you were insane!" Her words causing him to silently chuckle, yet it was entirely understandable. "But I've seen inside you. I've seen things that I'm sure you hide from everyone.. memories, power, fear. I've seen where you came from, and what had became of it."

His body stopped and eyes closed. Her words brought back memories of a time long ago, yet still so close by.

"When you release my powers, you see all this?"

"No..." She gripped tightly on his shirt and pressed against his skin. Looking up at him from within his shirt. "The contract allows me to watch your adventures, past and present. I decided to watch a little during the plane ride. I didn't expect..."

"Ah, well, no big deal!" He said quickly to cut her off. Shrugging and starting forward once again. "It's all in the past. For now, I have what is."

Nodding in agreement Shaylee rustled herself comfortable as she waited for him to get somewhere that she could get out. Yet, as the minutes passed by she soon found the air to become cold and thin. Confused she poked her head out from the bottom of his shirt slightly, and found herself looking a long way down to see the ground.

"W-what are you doing!?" She yelled rather vibrantly.

"Taking a better look at this.. city." He replied in a calm manor, after all, he was just standing on top a building, that he got on top of naturally. He already knew he had to hide his powers, but it was all done so simply she hadn't even noticed the building he entered and exited.

His eyes gazed on the concrete metropolis that towered over all the other towns and cities within the world. Acres on acres of building and streets. Multiple amusement parks, trade centers, shopping districts. Even on top the tallest building he could find, he wasn't on the tallest, and still couldn't see the ends. But that's what he should have expected - that's how the entire continent was. This was the mainland, the central most part of the world. It was a haven for the people, and a poison for the world.

The noise that he could hear was intense even from the eightieth floor of the building. People talking, vehicles going by, the wind that was being altered from the structures, it all roared no matter where one was. This was a place of gathering - a place where DJ found a headache. Yet with a sigh he turned and headed back into the hotel building he stood atop of.

"Oi Shay, how many people around here are in the factions?"

She was silent for a moment but did break it with a nervous voice. "At least seventy-five percent."

"I see.. so anyone could be an enemy. Sound like training is going to be a blast." He mocked jokingly. After all he had a month without interference from the whites. There were only 2 possible enemies, and one of which wouldn't attack if not in their own personal interest - which he shouldn't be worth any at the moment. It was all falling in to place for him.
Chapter 2: Part 1May 28
Chapter 2: The Mainland

After a little while of walking Shaylee poked her head out. She looked over to DJ's arm with saddened eyes. She could still see the pain his face showed and the amount of blood that got out of him. She really was worried of what might happen in the future if she stuck around him. Not for her own safety, but for his. She was getting attached to how kind he was and how easy it was to be around him. Yet, she could at any moment.

"Yo!" DJ's voice quickly snapped her out of her thoughts. Her eyes widening before she looked up at him. "Just thought I'd ask. What are the three factions?"

"Oh, right. I haven't explained that bit. It's pretty simple, White, Black, and Invert." She started, flying out of his pocket and circles around his head as she continued. "Earlier we were fighting Blacks. Than the direct opposing are the Whites. And the Inverts are typically neutral mercenaries, but they sometimes take sides. And then some of them are simply neutral that fight both White and Black on their own time."

"Right. So I'm gonna go out on a limb as say they're based on the colour of their Split than, yeah?"

"Correct! Except you have to be careful. There are rare occasions a White or Black will jump sides, but their Split won't change. Same with Inverts."

"That doesn't matter. As long as they don't attack the innocent, and don't pick me as an enemy, I won't interfere with them."

"So THAT'S what you meant by "none" is it?"

"Yep, pretty much."

Giggling she slowly flew down to his shoulder and sat. "You know, right now you're technically classified as an Invert. But, I think it's possible you're your own. We should get you able to use a Split as soon as we can."

DJ looked down at her for a second but looked up and toward the sky after that second had passed. Simply smiling softly as his walking pace picked up. His own split eh? His thoughts quickly escalated from there to the uses it may have in the future and how this could help him with simple things. Like perhaps moving without being visible, or even with his job of sealing things up. Though quickly his eyes snapped down back to the ground by the feeling of Shaylee crawling into one of his pockets. His eyes shortly after locking on the sight of a rather chunky homeless male.

"Excuse me, sir. Sir. Do you have a dollar you can lend, by chance?" He asked as DJ passed by. Stopping and looking at him from his side before he looked ahead of himself for a second.

After nodding DJ reached in his pocket and pulled out his new wallet. Opening it up he took a quick glance at the inside. It was pretty simple, an ID spot, a pouch that could hold the long passport, and a pouch for the cash. DJ was definitely liking that. Looking into the cash pouch he saw only a single dollar which made him raise his brow. Closing it and his eyes he took a second before a large smirk appeared on his face and he looked back in it. Now it showed 500, which was entertaining to him. The power of magic was sometimes wrong, sometimes amusing. But grabbing all 500 of it and handing it to the homeless male DJ chuckled silently. Shaylee who was watching was left silent, she hadn't expected such generosity, more or less for a beggar.

Of course, this action made the older man stutter a bit before crying in gratitude. DJ not wanting to have to stick around for it gave him a wave and quickly ran off. He may have been generous, but he didn't like dealing with strangers randomly. Especially when they broke down, rather it be sorrow or joy. Heading down the road extremely quickly until he got the notion from Shaylee to turn. Once he had she popped out of his pocket.

"That was a lot of money to just hand out!" The way she exclaimed it made DJ stop and blink a couple times.

"Well, I don't know how much the cost of living is in this world, so I wouldn't know. Though, thinking about it now, how exactly does this wallet work?"

"Hmm? Oh, you get so much money for every enemy in the opposing factions you take out, or you can be paid by other factions. It's sorta like labor collection."

DJ stopped and look back down to the wallet. "How much is each defeated enemy?"

"It goes in level grades. F's are 20, E's are 50, D's are 100, C's are 500, B's 1,000, A's 10,000, S's are 100,000, and heads are 1,000,000."

"Earlier you called some "Generals" though." Having started to walk again he slipped the wallet back in his pocket and looked over to Shaylee. Slightly concerned of the slowly waking people. Of course, he knew she'd hide away quick enough, so he was trusting of her. "Care to explain the rest?"

"Oh right. The things you saw earlier, Ghouls, are one of the Mass produced creatures. Those are F's. After that it takes humans or animals to make more. E's are essentially pets or sacrifices. D's are pawns. C's are like captains. B's generals. A's are Kings. And S's are the Leaders of even kings. Of course, there's 1 higher. But no one has ever seen them, and it seems forbidden to talk about them."

"So those were B's back there. I took out 6, so I have 6,000 plus a bunch of 20,'s. I think I'm good than. How much will that plane ticket cost?"

"Hmm, probably around 700 to go back to the mainland."

"Only 700? Wow, things here really are cheap."

"Well, if you think 500 is little enough to just hand out, than yes. 500 is a months living cost for most!"

"Good. Than he'll be able to live for a long time."

Shaylee was stopped in her tracks as she heard him. Smiling softly at first than large as she flew faster to catch up to him. He really was a simply kind man. "He might just be the one who can.." She thought to herself for a second but quickly flew down his shirt as she heard doors starting to open. Pressing tightly against his stomach since she really didn't want to risk being seen. DJ's eyebrows twitching and moving at first but calmed once he took a deep breath. It tickled, a lot, and it was really affecting him. But he kept composure and continued down the street quickly, patting his pocket once he had gotten to a point where he wasn't visible. Shayle quickly making her switch as he walked on.

Nearly an hour passed before he finally got the port, walking in slowly he was very surprised by what he saw. Quite a busy place, and much smaller than usual. More so, it wasn't hot-air balloons or some creature that flew, airplanes were machines! Simply shaking his head with a wry grin as he walked on. Keeping an eye out the windows as he walked passed them getting a very good look at the aerodynamics of the things he was suppose to ride in. It wasn't what he expected at all, yet, it fit. This whole place was different. He was use to brick and metals being used for buildings, but the fire escapes were new to him. The signs he saw and what they said, and even more so the strange machines he saw them using to cut grass. This planet sure was exciting to him, but only him. After all, he was foreign to it.

Feeling a nudge on the bottom of his shirt he waited for a mark of where to go, which once he did he was led quickly to the main counter. Standing in a rather short line, and being thankful of the early hour, he looked up at the regularly changing board. Instantly having his mind filled with names and times. Though it did catch his eye: Terra Mortem. He knew very well what that meant. As well as: Terra Numen. Which was quick to fill his eyes with a sharp disapproval. He already knew what these were, yet, he didn't care.

Continuing through the names until he heard Shaylee's voice ring out a soft "Hwindri", so he looked through the names until he found several of them. Three flights in the next hour, each to a different area. Easy to figure out they were domains, province's, or something like that. Thinking to himself about which one to go to when he heard over the intercom one was leaving early, within the next 30 minutes. To a "city" they called it. The city of "Arcir", "Arcir, Hwindri." he repeated in his name as he stepped up to the counter.

"One for Arcir, Hwindri please."

"That's going to be 1,200 for the rush purchase sir." Her deeper voice coming out slowly from behind the deeply reddened over lips.

DJ knew that was nearly half from what he heard from Shaylee but he shrugged it off. He'd be making a lot of money soon anyways he felt. Paying it all up pretty easily, though as she asked for his passport he looked down at his wallet. Shrugging plainly and having faith he pulled out his wallet and a small card that held his picture and several details about him. After pulling it up in the system he was quite surprised that he was in there. So he was a part of society without trying? That made things easy. Taking both his card and the ticket he fit everything into it's spot and walked in the direction she directed. Walking through what looked like a doorway without a door until it let off a loud beep.

"Hold it there sir!" A very large male yelled out to him before running over. "Do you have anything metal on you?"

DJ took a second before nodding. Reaching into his back pocket and pulling out the pocket knife, not quite realizing how illegal weapons were until the guard gave him a crooked look. DJ slowly reading the face, and after a few seconds realizing just what it was.

"I had completely forgotten it was there until now! Mind taking it for me?" His cheerful mood making it seem ironically natural for the way he simply pulled it out.

"I'll let it slide but I'm gonna have one of the plane guards keep a hold of it for you. It's a nice knife after all, and all the green shows you use it on forestry." The guards look quickly changing, as well as DJ's. Their eyes met almost inquisitively. DJ knew that "green stuff" didn't look like anything other than goop.

"Well thank you! I could use to keep hold of it anyways."

The guard nodded to hive his reply before walking off with DJ's knife. Handing it to another, very select guard, before disappearing to the back. DJ lowering his head and growing far more serious about this plane ride, or at least he had until he stepped outside. The large machine in front of him was simply too hard to ignore. It fascinated him so much, and he actually got to ride inside of it. It was like his technological cherry had been popped. But the most, out of everything, it flew. That was what DJ was looking forward to the most. He wanted to fly in it, to know how it flew, and try to fly with it. But none of that stayed as he was hurried into it.

Quickly moving up the escalating stairway and into the plane, he noticed several other people, yet none of them held a happy tone about them. Perhaps flying on a plane wasn't the most enjoyable thing? That would be a real damper, yet he didn't seem to lose his enthusiasm. Taking quick shots in multiple directions he found a single seat next to a window and extremely quickly moved through the area to get to it. Slipping in and sitting down, much like a child, he bounced once and held a wide grin. He really did have an affinity for flying, no matter how it happened, so he was really looking forward to this.

It took around 15 minutes before 2 men started walking down the isle. Eventually getting to DJ and asking to see his ticket. DJ's eyes quickly running pass him and noticing a strange abnormality on his neck. Quickly, very quickly, DJ was starting to notice exactly what this world was and how it worked. Every little detail was important, and any person could be a part of this huge war. People were needed after all, for those higher grade soldiers. However, he simply smiled and handed over his ticket as a female stepped out to a microphone at the front. Quickly shutting his ears mentally so he didn't have to bother listening to a voice explain common sense that didn't apply to him.

As her voice continued to make its way through the speakers DJ's mind wandered off. Back to a time and place before he was even able to come to places like this. A gentle village, and the mistake that made him first start questioning his life as a child. His brother, and his family. The life he had left behind, what there was that could never be. Though quickly he snapped out of it as he felt a small push backward and the engine of the machine he was in. His eyes quickly shifting to the window to watch the fence, brush, and concrete go by. Eventually starting to lift into the air as DJ's eyes shifted upward. A nice cloudy morning, meaning this ride up would be a pleasant watch for him. As the gray of the clouds turned white DJ began to relax back in his seat. He could feel the speed of the plane just barely, but couldn't feel the height as easy. He was slightly upset, but he still liked watching the clouds go by, rather they were in them or above them.

After around an hour most of those riding the plane had either fallen asleep like the ones nearest to him, or got dragged into their own pass times. Because of this Shaylee had slipped out of his pocket and was sleeping on his leg. Seemed like that was all she really did. But of course that was true, after all she was using a lot of energy constantly. Although he realized it, he couldn't quite figure out a way to make it where she didn't have to. Unless he found a way to get them somewhere peaceful for a while.

Though, as if it were the world trying to oppose those requests for peace he knew something was about to happen. More Blacks perhaps? No, quite the opposite, and yet the same thing. That same feeling as before where the whole world seems to move just slightly. Closing his eyes for only a second DJ grew far more serious than before. His entire body switching over to being able to fight, visually, physically, and even spiritually.

Grabbing Shaylee softly before he stood up, holding her so she was cradled in his hand and swiftly, though smoothly, moving toward the only other 2 beings who remained on the plane. One of them quickly ducking where as the other only put his arms up for the kick DJ had instantly sprung out. Though he stopped before making contact and opened his eyes again slowly. The 2 visual recorders giving off a very dangerous look as he stared down the one that dodged. His knee bending and dropping back to the ground after a second of seeing them both raise their hands to single they weren't trying to be a threat.

"You couldn't wait until landing to take care of the Blacks, Whites?" As DJ spoke his husky voice seemed to bounce off the white walls of the planes. And his eyes slowly squinted from the bright reflections that the white Split gave off.

"We're not here for that one Black. He's of no threat, he behaves. We're here to speak to you." The one still in his seat spoke back, simultaneously standing.

"If you'll come to the top of the plane, we have a lot to discuss before this flight is over."

DJ's eyes moved between them as they traded speaking turns. Hesitance wasn't in his nature at this point so he simply scoffed and moved Shaylee slightly closer to himself. "Only if the Captain, or General, or whoever your highest ranking officer here is, also joins us." He replied back while starting to walk to one of the doors. After getting a nod from them his eyes quickly moving to scan a window to see they were still moving, he knew the wind force would be harsh out there, and the air likely thin. They wanted him trapped in case a fight did break out. No. Maybe there was an ulterior motive.

Of course waiting for one of them to open the way for him before he took a step out. Grabbing the side of the plane and using that very wind force to swing up and onto the plane. Keeping his back to the headwind and Shaylee close to his body as to prevent her from feeling any. Quickly he had realized they were already surrounding him. Six whites, three of which on strange machines that looked like shield mixed with a bow that were flying directly next to the plane. The other three on the plane itself, with two more, an obvious black by his mutated neck and body, the ticket check from earlier, and another who was sitting at the very front of the plane. Perhaps another White? The leader of this group?

His guess was instantly proven wrong as a window opened and a middle aged male slipped out. Quite well built with a blonde goatee, but only hair on the sides of his head and a thick scar down the middle of the round head. DJ simply smirked, he obviously had no original intentions of coming out, but that was why he had requested it.

"So! Why did you want to speak with a first day like me?" DJ was the first to speak, and with as demanding a tone as he had with Chaos that night prior.

"I'm sure you figured it out! You were fighting only Blacks last night and the job you did was quite well done." The one who looked most like a knight spoke in return.

One of the higher ranking officers by the way he was decorated on his silver and gold armour. Perhaps a "justice" freak? Well, who knows for now. DJ simply thought to himself as he examined the twenty some year old male. One of his legs moving back just slightly as the entire vector of the air stopped. No pressure or turbulence, not even a small breeze blew on him. Yet the opposite applied for all the Whites. And each of them knew it was his doing.

"Your point? Maybe I'm not too adept at figure out what people are thinking." He replied as he turned sideways. Facing the one who had replied to him earlier.

"We want to know what your aim is. Were you defending yourself, fighting them as an enemy, or simply out for blood?"

"My aim should not be of your concern."

"Except it is! You right now are holding a natural born Pixie! Those who contract the highest ranking warriors of the Blacks, are those of the Pixies! Even if this is your first day, you should know something if you have enough strength to take out a B ranking General!"

"I see. So that's it." DJ's entire posture had quickly changed at the attitude he was receiving. His right foot sliding back until the middle of it touched his left heel, and his back straightened tight while leaning back just a bit. His head tilting down and to the right as he gave the single male a very stern look with only his left eye. "My aim, my reasons, and my purposes are of none of your concern."

His words quickly angered the male who drew a large sword from his back. Gripping it tightly with both hands and getting in a stance in ready for attack. "I'll make this clear now. Answer me, or I will take you down. Your contractor is incapacitated and we have your weapon. You can't even fight back."

"Tcheh." The simple sound came as smooth as it possibly could. Mocking the failed threat that this foolish man had made. To the point that DJ's eye had closed and his head turned toward the plane below him. "I can see the area limit of your split. My weapon is unneeded to take your out. And my contractor will not only remain safe, but I don't need her to fight. Next attempt at amusing me?"

The way DJ spoke was as conceited as it could get. Insulting, and irritating to the single male who stood there, but entertaining and amusing to the higher ranking officer that was sitting only a few feet from where the Black sat. Of course, as soon as they got to the end of the split it instantly switched over to normal, and than back to white. They did have DJ beat there, it was like going from one to another. But that was fine, DJ still knew he hadn't lost yet.

"As you can see, you were only half right about the Split. But do you really want to try to fight without a weapon?"

"Oh come on! Just get yourself killed already!" The one at the front of the plane finally yelled out. "You're buzzkilling my flight man! I was just hitting it off with one of the waitresses too!"

DJ quickly breaking out in a laugh. However the now ass of the play stuck his sword to the platform he was flying on. "Hush Invert! Remember, you are working for us right now!"

"For now. But what about the next second ends? Besides, it's easy to see which of the two of you is more powerful."

"I said b..."

"Shut up already. You're far too full of yourself." DJ interrupted quickly. His eyes both set on him now and his head tilted to the left so it was tilted toward him. "I'll give you one chance. Get over yourself and let someone else speak, or enjoy the nap."

"Enough!" The deep voice rang out quite loud. DJ's head very slowly tilting toward the superior officer that sat next to the Black. "Obviously intimidation tactics won't work on you. I was hoping they would since were still new. Name your style boy."

"Trade. You give me, I'll give you something of equivalence in exchange."

"How about I start with your knife than. What will that get me?"

"My reason for fighting."

This of course quickly irked the male from before, much to DJ's pleasure, but also made the male in front of him nod his head. The Invert behind him quickly raising his hand. With the releasing of his grip a black object flew through the air and directly into DJ's free hand. Just as quickly being slipping into his back pocket and followed by his voice.

"I was defending a small child. Than they attacked later on, so I fought them."

"Self defense eh? Interesting. So you're not a Black. Just as we thought." His hand soon after made its way to his chin. "I have two more questions. Name your price for the answer of how you know how to fight so well."

After a long period of silence DJ looked down to Shaylee than back to the questioner. "Tell me what you're truly after here."

"Your pixie." The answer was quick and with a dangerous tone.

"I see. I was taught and made to fight since I was three. I have a lot of training, and live experience."

"That would explain your first day. One more think I want to know. Who will you fight from here?"

"I hold no one as an enemy in my mind. I will defend those who cannot defend themselves, myself, and those who choose to walk away from a fight to save their comrades lives. Those who would strike down these people are my enemy for that time, and that time alone."

"I see. Name your price now." He stated as he stood up. It was obvious he was getting ready for combat. But DJ seemed decently confident. "And than tell me your price for that Pixie. Or if I'll have to use force."

"My price for the answer, is that there will be no disturbances from you for 1 month after I get to the mainland. As for the Pixie... One free shot to your face." DJ's lips quickly curled into a massive and cruel grin. His thoughts were easily; "I've already won", and the General knew that.

"Deal. For both. Take your shot anytime you want. And hand her to one of my men." His grin showed he was ready for the worst. He was ready for this failed mission.

Turning around DJ looked at the Invert with amused eyes and nudged his head to tell him to come to him. And with a single hop he flew back with the wind until he was at the dead point for the air. Sliding to a few inches from DJ and holding his hand out. DJ was very gentle as he let Shaylee fall into this strangers hands. Moving his right hand up to his head and cracking his knuckles against the thick bone while turned around. Walking slowly until he was only a few feet away and tensing up his arm.

With a single motion his body jerked forward until his left foot and arm were past the males right arm. DJ's back, neck, and side all tensing with built energy as the Invert tossed Shaylee to the side for one of the Whites to catch. However with a half seconds pass DJ's fist was in the Generals face. Not even slightly bent forward yet as the air around the contact point shot out in a shockwave. DJ's lips just barely moving as a bright light rode up his arm. Shaylee vanished from the air she was in and into DJ's left which had at this point opened and started moving down and toward his back. Bending forward his entire body moved into the punch and quickly took the target off the ground. Lasting just long enough for the entire area around his fist to grow magnified and the Generals face to cave in a bit as the attack came full circle. Eventually shooting him back at speeds that left ripples of wind in the air and eventually a shockwave as he entered mach speeds.

Every other of the Whites quickly grew worried and backed away a bit, with the exception of the Invert and the Captain. The invert standing there with a smirk, interested in the powers of this new kid on the block. His deceptive mind quickly working circles about how an alliance would benefit him. Though his short silverish hair flustered as the captain shot past him. Attempting to take a strike that DJ only scoffed at. Not even turning to look at him as the General returned and blocked the attack for him.

"Control yourself!"


"This man will be left alone by us now for one month."

"Sir! I can't agree with that! He went back on his word!"

"He did not! He handed her over and simply took her back by force. It's not his wrong doing. It's ours for not getting enough info on him."

DJ chuckled and looked back. He was intrigued by this man. Was this part of his plan or a simple game? It didn't matter too much, however this split was soon to come to an end. The border was already visible, which also meant reinforcements were near. Smirking to himself as he walked toward the window he had exited from, jumping on the captains ride for starters than into the door. Hanging out from it for a second as he looked up and over to the general.

"Y'know. I would punch him in the face for free. But coming up there would be too much of a bother."

Staying close to the door just long enough to hear the laugh of the general before he returned to his seat. Rather surprised by how hard of a sleeper Shaylee was as he let her back into her spot. There were still a couple minutes before the split ended which made him consider what happened to the other people in the time that the split was up. The plane kept moving, so time didn't stop, yet does that mean they simply vanished to the people around them? Yet, to DJ that wasn't that important. No, his thoughts quickly switched over to how nice it felt on top the plane. That feeling of speed, height, and flying. He wanted it again, and pretty bad.

"It's so hard to think in this world." Slipped out his mouth as the split ended and the loud sounds of the plane came blaring in his ears at full blast. How often his thoughts would be disturbed wasn't even close to a single percent, but it was already beginning to annoy him.

With a sigh he relaxed back in his seat and closed his eyes. Covering Shaylee mostly before he drifted off. Having a moment where he heard the people around him, trying to listen for any hints of what happened to them during the splits. But with no success before he fell asleep and drifted his way into the world of dreams - or not. It was, after all, his first time sleeping in nearly 10 years. Which, much to his delight, he wasn't disturbed for the rest of the 9 hour flight.

As their flight came to slow his right eye jotted open like a guard on duty. The lime green monitor holding a mixture of disapproval and displeasure. But of course, with a sigh he looked down to Shaylee who had woken up a while before him and was fiddling with a toy of some sort. Not to disturb her but rather let her know he was up he moved his arm passed the front of her before raising it up to stretch out. Of course, like life would have it he heard a rather annoying ding and a saw a red light turn on over his head.
Chapter 1: Part 2May 16
"J!" The small females voice was more than easily heard as a split instantly went up that made DJ smirk. The ghoul who's claw was less than three inches from him, yet still too far away, and DJ knew that well. Shaylee got to him, and just as quickly as she had thrown the split up, she gave him a look like he was a moron. "What are you doing!?"

"I was getting warmed up.. and when did you start calling me J? I thought you chose DJ." He looked at her with calm eyes and a smile as if nothing bad had happened.

"Is that why you're bleeding so much from your head? You're still a human you know! You.. you could have been killed!"

"But I wasn't, and I'm fine. So let's focus on the now and deal with the current issue."

"Huh?" Shaylee looked around and noticed how many there were, even how many were already dead than looked back at DJ with a puzzled look. "This is an issue? This should be cake walk for you from what I noticed in you."

Her words caused a laugh to come from DJ that put him completely off composure and forced a large smile on his face. After taking a second he looked back at her and nodded. "C'mon, let's just get my seal broken so I can deal with them."

"Yeah." Her hand went on his forehead like it did last time which made her look at the blood stream he got earlier. She couldn't help pouting again about him going off alone but she calmed down quickly and shut her eyes. Taking several seconds before he could feel it break which made the slit retract leaving her between him and the claw that was already so close to him.

Leaning back as fast as he could while moving Shaylee up and out of the way he took the claw in his left arm which made him grunt in his pain but didn't slow him down. He kicked it back and formed his spear quickly turning to his right to block the other one that was headed at him. Ignoring the pain from his arm or the feel of the red liquid that poured down his arm he moved his grip from the middle to the base end of the spear as he let Shaylee go and told her to get to safety. She flew higher up into the sky and noticed the area had turned black the second her split ended instead of normal.

"J! We're inside of one of the higher ranks splits from their faction!" Shaylee screamed out which made him stop his charge.

"How much higher do they have to be to cause one?" He asked in concern since he didn't have all of his power unsealed.

"A lot higher..."

"We need to make the contract now than.. this spear and some of my physical ability won't be enough to take several powerful enemies with these still distracting me... I'm good, but not quite that good. Can't even jump like I could last night." He had said the last bit as he did back flip over one getting his spear head in it and pulling it around with him. Throwing it into the mob that was ahead of him for him to move through.

"But.. alright."

DJ moved a lot closer toward the direction she went while only avoiding the ghouls until he came to a stop. He was in the middle of them now and their numbers had to have at least tripled, but he couldn't hear Chaos anymore to give him an idea of how many. He caught eye of one to his left and used his left hand to guide the spear, hitting it with more power than he was earlier as he turned the spear to hit it with the base even after slicing it open with the head. He hit it towards the others to slow them down a bit while he focused on the front. Kicking one to his side and swinging the spear from the base end at the two that were above him which sliced one open spilling its blood on DJ which made him gag slightly and hitting the other to the side with a large gash in its side. He stopped the spear with his foot when it came down and forced it back up to bring it down on one coming from the opposite side taking it out, than keeping a flow going he took it to side without hitting the ground. The shaft hit the nook between his shoulder and neck as it came full circle, slicing several heads of ones behind him off and bending the shaft enough to get power to swing it back around. Using this power along with his body motion he killed several more and hit a ton away, than took it over his head still spinning it on his one hand. He bent his arm down and made it spin on it to take down two more coming from the side and grabbed it near its head before getting back into his starting stance.

"Okay, so how are we gonna do this exactly?" He asked her as he waited for them to charge again.

"Match your requests with mine, they have to be equal. Not only in number, but personal importance, and burden on the other."

"Okay, since I'm not normally from this place, I request I can come and go as I wish whenever I wish. I've got business going on in other places.."

"Alright, if you'll promise you'll protect me while you're here than."

"Deal. All my powers and skills unlocked with no restraints, even if I learn more in other places that aren't native or suppose to exist in this dimension, same with vice versa - can learn things here and use them elsewhere."


"Yeah well.. like I said, I got business elsewhere."

Shaylee took a second caught off guard before she shook her self out of it. "Okay, my next one is I want to be able to watch you wherever you are, whenever I want. This dimension or not"

"They're making a contract! Stop them! Get the pixie!" A voice came from the distance as several other figures stood around. It was obvious these had to be the ones who set up the split and their command just gave DJ a tougher job.

"Shay, get closer for safety. My next, I can summon you to me whenever I need, no matter where you are, or where I am. Even if it goes against the laws of the place." He hadn't stopped fighting and taking out the ghouls but he looked up and noticed five of the many darkened figures on the buildings around him jumped toward him. It was about time things started to get serious. It was about to.

Shay flew down and into his shirt grabbing his collar to hold on. "If you promise you'll never hate me, no matter what you find out in the future"

"That's an easy thing to agree too. I can promise that wholeheartedly."

"Thank you.. my last is that when you're hear you'll do all you can to keep me entertained." Her voice had changed almost to that of a child's as she requested it which in return made DJ laugh.

"Alright, than..." He was interrupted when a sword came at him, barely dodging it and snapping it away with his spear. He knew this was a higher ranked one, and he saw the other four getting around him. With a smirk he looked at them and grabbed his spear with both hands. As the swords came for him he turned and moved his spear blocking each one perfectly while still simultaneously taking out a ghoul with each movement. He was done just fighting, he felt it was time to really start winning. As he blocked one more his left hand grabbed the base of the spear tightly with his right on the cross-guard. He ducked down to dodge the next and as he rose he threw the front of the spear and spun it with his left hand which caused a harsh wave of sheer force that knocked all five of them and every ghoul back at least ten feet. It was then he took a breath and looked down to Shaylee. "I want to be able to change from this, or any other form I'm in, to a normal human and vice versa at any time."

"What?" She looked up at him and couldn't help but let out a giggle at his law breaking request. "Fine, I agree one hundred percent!"

"I got no more.. how about you?"

"None! So now we have to fuse our spirit's and accept the contract."

"Alright.." He took a second and paused to look as the enemy got up. "How?"

"First, pick which faction you want to join. There's.."

"None." He interrupted her and grinned slightly. "I wish to join none of the factions. I'll hold my allegiance to myself. I only fight for those I care about and what I believe in. I won't fight for a faction, but I will fight here. I have my reasons to be here."

"None huh?" Shaylee thought at first. She continuously thought that with him, that just might be possible. She smiled from her thought and looked up at him before she flew up to his face and placed her forehead to his like she did earlier with her hand. A small gentle light came from between them as she moved back and she smiled as she put her hand to it. "Now, just take this in your hand and the contract is signed."

"Alright, but first, get as close to me as you can and hold on extremely tight."

She listened with a nod and went back to inside his shirt holding onto it as tightly as she could. He looked at the light and grabbed it tightly just as the five of the new enemies got close to him. Each sword came down at him fast but he just smirked over-confidently as his spear disappeared. All five come down onto him but hit a harder force just an centimeter before his skin. There was a distortion just above his skin and as the ghouls got closer he let it loose causing a large outward burst of forceful energy that left a circle around him and made the ground inside seem magnified, as well as pushing everything that was hit by it well over thirty feet in the air. His eyes sharpened with his growing smirk as he looked down to Shaylee to make sure she was okay.

"Alright, it's about to get fun." He said it loud enough to make sure even the ones on the side lines could hear him while several amber coloured hexagons started form in his hands and down toward the ground. There were a couple conglomerates as they made a line toward the ground but mostly broken and all of them moving a small circle. After a second they shattered and out of the yellow-orange dust showed two small Dachi like swords known as Kodachi. Each blade about, but less than two feet long with no guard and a single hand hilt. He lifted both his arms up as he raised his Kodachi, but kept them facing the ground, while he bent his knees greatly and stood only on his toes - Falcon style stance. "Let's play!"

He pushed himself high into the air with his legs, leaving a long trail of wind behind him as the five higher ranks enemies jumped at him together. All of them quickly attacking him but he did a single turn blocking all five than another that also turned him upside down as he struck them all away. He got to his peaking point and his ascend slowed down which signaled him to make his next move. He spread his legs as he began to fall which caused the air to make his turn in circles while flipping him, and eventually bringing him into a front flip that landed him in the middle of a massive group of ghouls. Landing almost to softly he bents his knees and pushed his Kodachi off to his sides causing a huge blast of circling winds that cut all of them into several pieces and pushed them back causing the pieces to scatter.

His eyes opened when he heard a small groan from Shaylee. This was hard on her, but gave him a nod to not stop. Taking just enough time before he lunged himself forward at the one of the higher ranking enemies. They went to block his attack but he used one of the Kodachi to hit his sword toward the air while simultaneously bringing the other to his side and slicing his stomach wide open, spilling out his yellow blood and his green innards. Without even sticking around for the blood to spill DJ rushed at the next closest one who tried to attack, but instead of blocking DJ spun on his right foot that he pushed off to get to thee side side of the enemy and brought his blade in the circle. The edge just barely missing his neck but DJ headed for the next one anyways, and once he got about half way the head of the one he had just been at fell off with a perfectly smooth cut through the neck. Several Ghouls getting in his way as he headed there, each facing the same thing with different parts of their body as he seemed to just miss it but wherever the edge was, the part was cut off.

He got near the middle and nearly stabbed his own neck as he moved one of the blades around over his shoulder to block one the three remaining swordsman's attack. The other blade already inside of this foes chest and soon brought up slicing him from mid chest through his head, in half. He turned quickly cutting down three of the ghouls near his back with the first blade as the other took one to his right down, than inverting his spin to take out four that were than in front of him. It seemed as if he had no pattern of attack, and that was because he didn't. He was just cutting down whatever got too close to him, with whichever one he decided to cut it down with, via whichever part he wanted.

DJ lunged at the fourth of the five and seemed to spin on the ground before he knelt to dodge the opposing sword. Quickly standing after it passed over him DJ brought up his weapons, yet the edges of seemed to just barely miss. Leaving the foolish mutant in three pieces as DJ moved on after the final of the five. Getting to him quickly their blades almost clashed but DJ moved his down like he was cutting the sword, just before they touched. Quickly moving with his arm to avoid actually being sliced. DJ pointed one sword at the last one and the other to the side, to be matched by a knights stance that left the last one humiliated as his blade fell in half. But before he could even realize it DJ's Kodachi's were already in his neck, and his head soon came off.

As the body fell DJ looked up at the many shadows still standing in the distance making most vanish but two stayed. One of which jumped from the top of a building at him only to be matched by DJ jumping at him with a spin. As the Giant came into view so did his titanium mace but even with his strongest swing he had missed completely but DJ didn't. The large mace hit the ground and the head flew out into one of the mirrored building leaving the giant man stunned. Eventually realizing DJ was still in the air he looked up with wide eyes. DJ's legs spread out, he spun into his front flip, and before anyone could realize he was on the ground below the titanic being he fell into pieces. Cut at each joint and both a cross and an X on his body.

Standing up straight and taking a deep breath he looked at the final shadow who had moved to the street and was walking toward him. Once in sight of one another DJ could see his weapon, a long and skinny sword with a double edged blade. His hair was long and raven black, his body almost that of a normal humans but his legs were still animal-like and his left arm was large, bulky and looked almost like it had a shell on it. Half his face looked melted but the other half was decent, almost looked like a teenage male Asians face would.

"You're good. I'd like to have a go at you. Mano ay Mano. Agreed?" His voice was scratchy and starting to fade but as par to his word he rose his hand and made all the ghouls move back and leave.

"You seem honourable enough. I'll agree to it. But I'll need a second." DJ replied with a surprisingly respectful tone. "Shay, get yourself safe. And you, faction kid, you don't go for her."

"It wouldn't be worth it, you've already made a contract. So, it's time to add you to my kill count, pretty boy. But I'll wait until you're ready"

"Heh.. is that so? You know... I've been waiting to say this all night since I saw these guys gathering." He smirked and both the Kodachi disappeared the same way they had appeared, with several amber hexagons. Taking a second as he asked his whole body grew a white light around it. After that single second passed he was shot backward, his body slowly changing from the silhouette it had became to full colour. Instead of bare handed he had formed his spear he was using before and held it the same way he did when he killed his first ghoul. His stance was the same and all, the only difference were that his eyes were closed and his head down. "Try me!"

The second DJ had spoken the distorted male lunged at him with a powerful downward strike. DJ easily blocking by turning and putting his spear between the two of them but still being pushed back several feet. The male jumped for him again, a repeat attack, mainly because he wanted to double check what he saw, but being countered as DJ spun once and let the spear go from his right hand. The force of his spin launching the spear in a circle with his left hand to add to the power. Several sparks coming from the metals clashing before the dark male was forced high into air, followed close by DJ. He brought his sword from his side to strike DJ before he could get to him, but was evaded as DJ spun toward the side the blade was on. DJ used the wind pressure to bring him to the outside of it as it would have hit him. Using the wind force around his opponent to get behind him DJ moved his spear to his right hand and swung it down clashing with his opponents sword but winning the contact as his opponent shot toward the ground.

The male was able to regain his balance before he hit the blackened concrete, now fully sure of what he saw. DJ had fully healed himself, there weren't even traces of holes in his arm anymore. Quickly he placed his sword sideways above him expecting another downward swing from DJ, but finding himself very surprised as DJ landed several feet away from him. His eyes narrowing as they affixed themselves back on DJ and a drop of sweat escaping the side of his scalp when he noticed DJ's eyes had been closed this entire time. There was something strange about DJ's stance that aloud him to react accordingly to every movement his opponent made. He rushed at him and used another sideswipe that was knocked upward when DJ spun his spear into the bottom of it. Taking a step back before another strike. The enemy brought his sword back down toward DJ only to be deflected again by the spear master. DJ couldn't help his everlasting smirk growing as he ducked down avoiding his opponents next move before it even began. The opponents diagonal strike going right over DJ's head as he built power into his swing. Once the sword made its full swing DJ's spear found itself in the male's stomach with incredible force that was even more painful and powerful since he was still moving forward some. After a half a second of contact the male was shot back into a building causing a large blow of damage to both him and the building.

DJ walked up to the building and looked at him with a gentle smile though his eyes were still closed. "You weren't half bad. May I have the honour to have your name warrior?" He asked as his spear vanished in amber and golden dust.

We of the shadows have no names, and only our highest superiors have titles." He replied back with a groan of pain trying to stand.

Finally opening his eyes DJ spoke. "Than you aren't too different. From this day warrior, your name given by I, one whom was much like yourself when I too was young, will be Swalviar. A title that means `swift blade' in the land I come from." DJ looked back at Shaylee not long after that and held his hand out. "And you must be very tired."

"Yeah.." She couldn't help but to reply as she flew over to him and rested in his hand. She was practically already asleep and very exhausted. It was evident to DJ that she wasn't use to this, so he knew she'd be asleep for a good while.

"Spear-man, tell me something, please." Swalviar spoke from the spot he was stuck in, still attempting to stand.

"Name it, I'll answer it."

"Who are you? I've never met someone so powerful with only physical movement."

"Heh, me... I'm no one. Just a wanderer." DJ was smiling gently but turned around while moving Shaylee slightly closer to him.

"No one huh? Than return me the honour wanderer, what is your name?"

"It's DJ9K. Call me DJ or J, most do." After replying he began to walk away, headed back for what was his apartment room.

"I will, if we ever meet again."

The split had begun to retract as another figure of a man jumped down to where Swalviar was kneeling, almost back on his feet. A look of shock and some fear filling his face as he looked on the new figure that stood there before him. After a second of terror filling his eyes the split retracted entirely and Swalviar's head rolled off his body. Both the body and the head turned to smoke before the silhouette jumped to the top of the building he crashed into, though all the damage that was done in the split had repaired itself. Looking back at DJ through the rooms window just before the shaded dropped, the figure clutched its fists tightly than vanished into a light that it created in front of itself.

Once morning finally came Shaylee woke to find herself back on his pillow and him there asleep on the floor. She stretched out before flying down to him and sitting on his chest with her arms crossed. Being taken off guard as one of his eyes opened and a small crooked grinned formed on his lips. His hair was brown again and his skin pale with signs of dehydration and exhaustion.

"You were up all night weren't you?" She asked with a concerned tone but a demanding look on her face.

"If I say yes?" He returned his demanding look with a raised eyebrow and a cocky voice. He was in the mood to play even with all that was going on.

"J you jerk! I was worried about you and you're going be a meanie?!"

DJ couldn't help his laughter as he replied back to her. "Calm down Shay, I stayed up to make sure you could rest safely. I'll get sleep later, but for now we should head to the main land right?"

"Umm yeah I guess. You're tired, so why don't we take a plain yeah?"

"Sure, but how? I don't have any cash or a way to get it either."

"Hehe silly." Shaylee flew over to him and threw some pixie dust in the air. As the purple glitter disappeared a black wallet with a chain on it appeared in front of DJ. "Open it! Inside it'll have an ID that changes to whatever the ID's in the area are suppose to look like, a passport that never expires and will change to however the area's passport should look. And the money part will automatically give you however much you need in the currency of the area you're in!"

DJ's eyes widened with surprise and a small chuckle as he nodded. "Holy crap Shay.. I wish I would have met you sooner."

"He He! I'm glad you like it. You're paying and finding a way to sneak me in on the plane!"

"Heh, alright. Show me to the port." DJ smiled as he sat up and let her in his shirt to direct him. But he quickly realized he couldn't. His hair and skin were still stained, and his clothes completely wrecked. More over than that, he stunk! Completely reeking of rotting flesh and blood.

Looking up to Shaylee to only get an empathetic look before he sighed and looked down. He needed to change and shower before anything, but that was something he was hesitant to do. What if they followed the scent in the drain? Shaking his head he gave Shaylee a rather serious look and sighed.

"Oi, they followed last night by the scent, I'm sure of it. Will they come again because of it?"

"Hmm? The scent? No, that wasn't it. You weren't the reason they came here, I was. I broke something here to make them unable to roam freely anymore so they wanted to take me out."

DJ's rose in interest. It wasn't often his mind was so wrong, but being that this was only the second of the many worlds he was to visit, he was still very new to how things worked elsewhere. Even he could tell he bound to lose his ego very quickly at this rate.

"So, that's why you were here?"

"Mhmm. Normally I don't leave the mainland since I was bound there, but I ran away to deal with this since none of the warriors would listen to me."

"Okay.. okay.. wait." DJ took a second and closed his eyes. He was getting confused, and that was pretty hard. He was over thinking things, and more so, losing track of things. He needed some sleep before he went into all this. "Explain all that later. Since it's safe, I'm washing up and changing."

"Sounds like a good idea. I'll keep watch!" She yelled out while bouncing into the air and raising one of her fists.

DJ simply chuckled and walked to the bathroom. First things first, he grabbed his shirt and lifted it up off his body. The black cloth falling to the ground but vanishing in a pattern of the amber hexagons that he used last night. His body a soft manilla once again and the thick green in his burgundy hair caused a heavy purple to show. DJ simply looked toward the mirror as he let his jeans and plus fall to the ground, followed by his shoes getting kicked off. Still no reflection, meaning chaos wasn't there anymore. What in the world was this planet? DJ simply shook his head violently and dismissed his socks right off from his feet before stepping in the terribly made cheap shower.

His mind wandering off as the gentle drops of water fell over his tensed body. Slowly fading back to be just a normal human, a soft smile washing over his face. His eyes closed but seemed soft with the way he smiled. He entire face seemed simply content as it was now. So much so that his mind went blank for the entire 42 minutes he rested under the water. By time he awoke from his little rest his hair was mostly clean with just a very thin layer on it, and his face clean. Shaking his head he smiled, crooked as always, and chuckled. So quiet and calm, but he needed to head out. Finishing up his hair with his hands, making due with the lack of shampoo. Shutting off the water and stepping out once he was done, his body turned once again so he could use the strange hexagons to call himself some new clothes.

A pair of black pants that were almost like dress pants but slightly longer and a much softer fabric, and a simple white T shirt. Though he also summoned a comb and the knife he used the night before. Sticking the knife in his back pocket and combing his hair straight back. It would go in position once it dried anyways. Kicking up his old pair of jeans so they could be disbanded while he called a pair of socks and stuck his comb in his pocket. Walking out the bathroom with a nice look in his face as if he were in heaven and sitting on the bed to get his socks on.

Shaylee soon after flew up to him and resting on his shoulder. "You took your time. Feel better?"

"Much, but I think we should go soon. By the way, see anything of concern while I was in there?"

Shaylee's eyes narrowed slightly in anxiety as they looked off to the window. But she shook her head and pulled off a cheery voice. "Nope! Nothing at all."

DJ only smiled and nodded as he finished getting his socks on and stood up. Walking back to the bathroom to slip his shoes on before he headed out of the room and to the front desk. Soon after he had got out of the door though Shaylee dashed into the room again. Grabbing the wallet and flying back to him which made DJ laugh at himself. How could he forget it? He really was out of it. Slipping it into the same pocket as the comb and attaching the chain the the belt loop in the very back. Shaylee on the other hand going to the free pocket to hide while they made their way.

Checking out of the hotel quickly and heading down the empty streets of the morning he slowly turned back to a normal human and resting his arms behind his head. Unknown to him that they were still being watched by the same figure from last night, one that watched closely with tightly gripped hands and a plot running through his head as he observed DJ's every movement. Right down the amount of distance he took with each step.
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Chapter 1: Part 1May 11
Chapter 1: Contracted

Late on a clear but dark night a small child was wandering the city streets alone. The young one had been scared and when they went to their parents bed for comfort the parents weren't there, so the child naively decided to go out looking for them. It was now that a dark monster of a terror that had disappeared ages ago decided to appear once again. As the child turned to look in an ally way the beast-like monster that hid in the shadows of the city night had jumped down from the fire-escape route of one of the buildings behind the kid. This caused a blood curdling scream to come from the child as it grabbed them up and swung its large long-clawed hand down on the child's head, murdering them on the spot and carrying them away to its den to feast. But unknown to it, the scream had caught the attention of another person who had noticed and watched the shadows, and even saw which way the beast went. Choosing to follow it the young brunette haired male chased after it. His long legs carrying him fast as his blue jeans became blurs in the dark night.

His fair skinned arms seemed to reflect some light though his pale face did not. As his arms moved back and forth with his legs they resembled ravers glow-sticks but disappeared as the light got to his black t-shirt. His black shoes somehow moved without making a sound like his necklaces and almost baggy jeans. Even with as fast as he had sprinted after this monstrous beast of the night he had lost it as he got to the outskirts of the city. Tired from trying to chase it he bent over putting his hands on his knees to try and catch his breath while he looked around to see if anyone may have seen where it went. It had been three miles and he was surprised that he made that far before running out of stamina, but it also easily explained why he had lost it. Obviously this thing must not have been human, or at least fully human, so it should have been obvious it would be much faster and able to run much farther without getting tired. Yet, that logic didn't seem to apply to this males care for the matter.

"Crap! Where did it go?! Why does it have to be so late when no one could see it to tell me which way it went...?" He was whispering to himself as he looked around for signs or other people. He knew this was like a wild goose chase, it was just past 3:00 A.M in the area so it was way too dark and late to be doing this. He clutched his knees tightly with a firm and strong grip that caused his pants to wrinkle a lot at his hands while he let out one final breath before standing up straight again. "So.. now what do I do? Man, and that was just the kind of excitement I was looking for out here too.."

He had eventually turned around to walk back into the city when he noticed a small light flying around. Normally he'd go straight to the assumption it was a firefly.. but a firefly the bigger than his hand? To him it was just a little more suspicious than he could allow to pass by, especially if he wanted any chance of getting out of this place. Having made up his mind he started to walk up to the light hoping it'd lead him to something, or at least give him a clue, but by time he got there it had flown away. This causing his brow to twitch which made one the hairs of his eyebrow to fall to his eyelashes that were a little longer than most guys - though he couldn't help what his genetics gave him.

The remnants of brow fell through the hairs of his eyelashes and past his forest green eyes that had a lust coloured ring around the pupil that was surprisingly still fairly contracted, even in the dark night. He was about to chase after the light when he noticed a shadow that was exactly like the one from before moving through the ally ways. His feet instantly kicked into action as he headed toward it, already in a full sprint again but still able to cut the tightest corners and fitting between the tighter spots like he knew where they were. Eventually after about another two minutes of a cat and mouse type chase the monster had stopped. It was at this moment he was able to lay eye on it good, with the mixture of moon and street lights giving him enough light.

His eyes took in the grotesque look of the creature with good detail, even if he didn't want so much. It had greyish brown skin that seemed rotten on a large body that was mostly skin and bone but had muscles on the chest and sides. A long neck wrinkled and twisted as it looked up at a window with glowing red eyes on its human-like head. Long thick fangs and sharp teeth that had a thick mucus of spit dripping from them to the cheek than the ground and a nose was jammed to look like it went inside its head. And if that wasn't any less human the male noticed the jaw was split in the middle. Small spikes made a trail down its body on its spine until it got to its animal-like legs that were extremely long and skinny. The only muscle was at the thighs that connected to the body the rest seemed like the skin had fused to the bone. Its arms were skinny with traces of muscle and veins, and had large rounded hands on them. Hands with boney fingers that were just like claws only to hold nails that were at least 5 inches long on them.

Taking the sight in full he gulped and clenched a fist trying to keep his stomach inside of him, and his heart out of his throat. He reached to his back pocket with his right hand and pulled out a slender black metallic object that he clutched tightly. A slight glimmering came from the side facing away from his hand before he flicked his wrist causing a blade to flip around. It couldn't have been any longer than three inches but it was his only weapon at the moment so it's what he would have to use. As he did this the creature had moved closer to the window it was looking at and eventually shattered the glass breaking in. Acting on impulse there was only one thing he knew to do at this point, so he ran towards the fire escape and jumped. Managing almost 5 feet he reached out and grabbed a bar on the end of it and pulled himself up while putting all his weight at his side allowing him to swing his feet over the safety rail and onto the stairway.

He was ready to face it, locked or not. He knew he was fully human right now but it wasn't going to stop him. He already decided in his heart he was going to stop that thing from claiming another victim. He only got out one step before he felt a shift in everything that made him stop against his will, as if he was caught in a web of some sort.

"Wh-what's going on?" He asked to himself without realizing the words actually came out.

"Oh you silly, don't you know how to identify a foreign split?" The female voice that had asked was kind and playful but he could have sworn he was the only one there.

"Who's there? And.. what's a split?" His questions started to pile up as he grew more and more curious with the realization that he knew nothing of this place anymore.

"How about this; you tell me your name and I'll show myself to you." Her voice was higher in pitch which made the echo greater and harder to pinpoint which left him no choice but to accept, but he wasn't about to give in and answer the first question. He could tell he was being played with like a toy, whoever this was - was getting a kick out of this.

"Sure, I'll tell you my name, if you'll take care of that creature first so no one else gets hurt!" His voice was calm at first but got irritated and almost angry as he neared the ending which made the female give a small meep before giggling.

"Silly don't you know? Right now that little ghoul is completely stopped. You really are clueless aren't you "Mr. Deep Commanding Voice Guy"?" she was starting to mock him, and had done a very bad impersonation of his voice when she called him by the name.

"Oh.. I'm sorry I raised my voice. I was just concerned.. I go by DJ9K, DJ or J for short."

"Well, I see you finally swallowed your pride Mr. DJ. My name is Shaylee Oscellia, and do you really not know anything about what is going on right now?" After she asked she flew a circle around his head once before stopping in front of his face. This causing DJ to soon realize that the large firefly like light he saw earlier was Shaylee.

"Not a clue... and.. please... please oh please... say you're a sprite and not a fairy..." He had seemed to have forgotten completely he was frozen in mid step at the sight of Shaylee. Than again, many would.

"Both wrong! I'm a pixie!" She spoke with great pride on being one and spun around once in her joy. "So, if you don't know anything than are you just a human?"

"Well... that's better than a fairy at least..." He spoke in an almost whisper while looking to the side with his eyes. "And sort of. I'm human, but I'm not like your normal human."

"Oh, I see. That explains why you're inside of the split."

"Speaking of which; what is a split? And I'm taking an educated guess but, normal humans can't be in splits can they?"

"You're absolutely correct! A split is when you make a certain area shift from the actual world to the mirror world. When a split is activated you go to a world that is exactly like the world you know but it forces all those who are a part of the factions into it as well."

"Okay, so it's like a way to make it so those who belong only in actual world don't get harmed."

"Yep! We have a smarty pants here!" Her voice had grown louder making it obvious this was exciting her but she was soon stopped when he asked another question.

"So.. how do we stop that thing up there?"

"Hmm.. well we need someone from one of the opposing factions to kill it."

"How about me? I mean, I'm pretty sure I count as an opposing force nonetheless."

"Well..." Her voice had gotten a bit less cheery as she flew a small distance from DJ. Looking down for a second. "You see, a pixie split is different from a normal split. Ours can shift into any other split, but when we make the first split than only pixies can move in them. So you'd have to fight in the actual world.. and you don't seem to have any actual chance against it."

"Chance or not, I aint watching another one claim someone! Besides, I'm kind of use fighting..."

"That's not some normal ghoul! It's hundreds of times stronger than some human! You'd need some kind of power to fight against it!" When she had looked up she noticed a grin on DJ's face.

"Than... Shaylee, do you know how to give, or.. release powers?" He had asked in a very calm and gentle tone.

"I..." She was caught for words so she just nodded and flew back over to him placing her tiny hand on his forehead. Noticing there really was a lock on him holding back power he had inside she hesitated for a moment. "I can. But.."

"If you can.. than trust me, okay? I'll be able to win, I promise." When he spoke his voice grew a bit husky. But not only that, it dropped and grew a firm confidence in it.

Unsure if he was really on the creatures side or not she was caught doing just what he asked. Trusting a complete stranger that seemed even weirder than a normal human chasing after a creature, which he actually did while still a normal human, wasn't a simple task for the small pixie. But after a short moment of hesitation she finally decided to trust him and unlocked the seal.

It was different than one would expect it. Not like a piece of paper being pealed off, a lock being opened, or a chain being broken. It was a window being shattered. And in the same moment that the lock had been broken the split Shaylee had put up retracted. This let him loose, but it also did the same for the creature that was obviously already after its next victim. "Okay now! Imagine a weapon for me to make you to fight against it with!"

But by time she had even gotten half way done with her sentence there was a long spear in his hand. A black pole that was longer than his body which stood at 5'10, a 6 inch long dark red spear head that connected to a black cross-guard that was two 2 inch rods on the flat sides of the spearhead. He held it tightly in his manilla hand and behind his back firmly. Making the rod mess with the back of his hair that had changed to a burgundy. His pale face turned a manilla along with his hands and arms and his eyes became a golden-green with the lust ring now a scarlet red squiggly ring in the middle of the iris.

With a quick smirk on his chapped lips he jumped up toward the window leaving a trail of wind behind him that continued to trail behind him even when he flipped into the window the creature broke into. His eyes took a second to focus in the dark room and noticed there was a small girl that couldn't be any older than the other child must have been. She was to his right with the creature nearing her as it rose its hand up which sent the memory of what it did to the other child through DJ's mind. This caused his impulsive behavior to act and made him jump between it and the girl, blocking its claw with the dull end of the spear shaft. He acted quick turning some and kicking it in the side to knock to the other side of the room. He returned to a stand before he moved his feet closer together, putting the right foot behind his left where the right foots toes touched his left foots heel and held the spear near the tip, a few inches under the cross-guard, which left the pole sticking high above his head and at a gentle angle. Slowly he turned his head to the side the pole wasn't on to look back at the girl.

"Don't worry anymore. There's nothing you need to be scared of, you're going to be safe. I'll protect you." He said this directly to her and meant it. Even though she couldn't see him well she knew she could trust him and nodded with an "Mhmm" before curling into the corner near her bed.

It wasn't long after he told her he'd protect her that the creature attacked again, giving a crackling high pitched growl before a loud screech as it charged at DJ. But it didn't get far across the room, DJ bent over putting the base of the spear in front of him and turned counter clockwise quickly which pushed it out of the window it broke into. It hit the fire escape on the next building but before it could fully get on its feet DJ had already finished a 270 degree turn and lunged at it putting his spear through the creatures neck. Forcing the spear to his right causing a splatter of greenish-brown blood to cover the side of building as he sliced the neck open and the head half way off, and within the same second moved the spear back to the left to finish taking its head off.

After a few more seconds he heard the parents of the girl rush into her room to check on her, this in turn made Shaylee panic. Flying up to his side she put her hands out and caused another split, using the time in the split to make the monster disappear with her pixie dust that she threw at it. It was just a small amount but the shiny purple dust glimmered even in the gray mirror world. She then turned to DJ and gave him a smile as it retracted. Once it had they could hear the girl talking to her parents about what happened.

"It was scary mommy! Some mean monster tried to hurt me! But... before it could some man came in and saved me!" She sounded on the verge of tears but also slightly excited as she explained it though what her child eyes could see.

"Honey.. I don't care how cheep this place is.. it's putting out daughter in danger. I want to move, NOW!" the mother said which caused a "Yes dear" from her husband instantly just before a gust blew into the window.

DJ wasn't a fool and knew this would lead them to check the broken window so he lifted himself in the air with his toes, doing a back flip onto the roof of their apartment. Shaylee wasn't too far behind him as she followed and eventually sat down on his shoulder while he looked down at the parents who were shocked and disgusted as they looked upon the huge blood stain that was still on the side of the building. Waiting until after they went back in to help their daughter get back to sleep before he jumped down to the ally bottom again and looked over to Shaylee.

"So.." Was all he could get out before he felt his power locking away again, his body turning back to how it was before and his eyebrow twitching once before he spoke, somehow keeping a calm tone. "Let me guess.. it was only unlocked until I killed it."

"Y-yeah.. I'm sorry.. you have to sign a contract to have them permanent.." Shaylee answered with an apologetic tone as she looked down. "And.. it's only usable inside a split or if the one you contact with unlocks them for a little while."

"It's fine.. I understand it's part of the rules." He lifted the hand opposite of the shoulder she sat on and tapped the tip of her head with a finger gently and gave her a smile. "C'mon, cheer up Shay. I like the happy you."

"Huh?" She looked up at him and giggled slightly with a nod as the smile came back to her face. "Okay! But what are you going to do if you see another one of those things? There's no guarantee you'll find another pixie or fairy, and even if you do they're not likely to release your powers."

"Hmm.. that could be a problem but," He took a second to pause and looked up at the sky. "We can always make a contract can't we?"

"A.. contract?" Shaylee's eyes grew big and she let out a squeal in excitement before hugging his cheek. "Yes! Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes~!"

"Whoa! You sure like the idea. So how does it work out?"

"Well, we each state what our requests are from each other, then you accept that you become a part of the conflict on one of three sides. After that we fuse our spirits together and the contract is signed!"

"Our requests huh? Well, why don't we do that after we get inside yeah?"

"Sure!" Her voice grew happier and happier as she flew around him excitedly.

"Oh.. and I have one more, very very important question for you." He turned out into an empty street and started to walk down it, headed for a hotel.

"Yeah sure, anything."

"Did you... say fairy? So.. there's fairies here?" His voice showed an obviousness of irritation in it as he gave her a helpless look.

"Oh.. ummm.. yeah.."

DJ had several seconds of silence before a "Crap" come out of his mouth and a total silence fell between them until they got to the hotel. After a second of thinking about how the hotel people would act to a pixie he looked over to Shaylee and sighed. "Let me guess again.. to them you're either non-existent or a legend, or some kind of imaginary creature, yeah?"

Although he asked she just flew down into his shirt near his stomach where fewer people would notice if he had something in his shirt. He took it as a yes and walked in to the counter where he asked for a room, payed in advance and rushed to it. After getting the door locked and sitting on the bed he spoke to her again letting her know she could come out but she only rolled out and onto his lap. He figured she was sleepy, likely had her energy drained from earlier, so he move her to the pillow to rest.

While she rested he headed to the bathroom and leaned against across from the sink. He looked in the mirror of the bathroom, even though he had a great antipathy for them, and stared into it with an even greater anxiety. He kept his hands in his pockets and a both serious and hateful look on his face like he could smash it at anytime. It took some time but after about 15 minutes of him staring at it his reflection closed its eyes with him still looking, crossed its arms and gave a sinister grin. It eventually opened its eyes which had turned completely white and seemed to suck the person into them, and the body instantly turned a pitch black that seemed like it was made of smoke. Several more seconds passed and the new form moved forward and came out of the mirror, leaving him without a reflection in the mirror.

"You wanted to speak with me kid?" It spoke, but nothing could be heard. It was like DJ was thinking its words as it moved closer to him and puts its face that still resembled his own to a degree right in front of him.

"Yes, I did as a matter of fact. You didn't even make a notion when we saw the creature kill the kid, or mock me as I chased and lost it. I know you're not gone with just because I become human, so what's been making you behave? What's got you silence Chaos?" He spoke with hatred but also gratefulness as he stared into the eyes of what seemed to be his counterpart.

"Unfortunately I have to say I don't know. The negativeness in the spirits of the inhabitants of the normal, spiritual, and even mirror worlds here are huge but for some reason... I haven't been able to do anything of my own will." He seemed to be indifferent to the fact that he didn't have some kind of hold over DJ here, something that normally would upset him even more than when he was told "Thank you" by someone.

"So, you can still do everything else as normal, but you can't speak or move of your own free will anymore. It looks like there's something keeping you sealed." It was strange how they spoke about it, like they were trying to solve it to release it. Even DJ was, despite the fat that he always wanted to find a way to seal him up and keep him caged away somewhere he couldn't effect anything he did or thought. "And you came out here to get some air I take it?"

"No..." It seemed as if the answer was forced out of him, like he had to tell the truth only even though normally he'd never admit it, this was making DJ really think.

"DJ..? DJ is that you talking?" the voice had came from the other room which made him look to check on Shaylee who seemed to have woken up now. He gave her a smile and nodded before looking back toward Chaos who had already disappeared.

"Yes, I'm sorry Shay. I'll be quiet so you can get sleep. I bet you used a lot strength today releasing the lock on my powers without a contract." It was becoming confusing to Shaylee how he could just change the tone of his voice from how it was when she heard him to one so gentle and caring, and how his emotions almost changed instantly. She was getting suspicious of him just faking the happiness and kindness, but she was to tired to bother with it now.

"Yeah.. so I'm going to get some sleep. Tomorrow we'll make the contract, and then I'm taking you to the mainland to start teaching you about everything. Nighty night J!" with that she had nearly fell asleep instantly.

DJ walked out and sat down near the mirror and looked outside with an ominous feeling as he watched the shadows. He couldn't use Chaos to tell him where the entities with the strongest and most negative feelings were, and that put him at a serious lacking in his usual amazing tracking ability. Even worse, he was completely human so he couldn't use any of his own powers to aid him right now. Several hours passed by and his thinking hit a halt when he saw a shadow move across the street, one that was much like the one from earlier. There were still many of those things around and he knew it, and he could see their movements well. He didn't need powers to tell what they were doing; watching him while surrounding the building.

They weren't following him, or Shaylee would have noticed the presence like she did earlier when he was following the one. So there must have been something left on him that could lead them to him and it was than he noticed his reflection in the window. He had several drops of the ghouls blood on the right side of his hair, and when he looked down there were traces of it on his right sleeve. They followed the scent, which meant they were here for him. New thoughts filled his head as he thought to himself why they would come after him. Creatures like that never cared for vengeance in the others places he had visited, but he remembered what Shaylee said; "One of three sides." so they must think he's a part of one of the opposing factions to them since he killed it. Which meant they were here to eliminate the threat.

DJ looked over to Shaylee who looked sound asleep and didn't want to wake her for this. He needed to find a way to either last until she woke up or get them to leave but he knew all to well they weren't going to leave and they would attack as soon as they were done surrounding him. He shook his head and barricaded the door in case someone were to try and enter before walking back to the window. He looked out to get another count but he couldn't see well enough so he just opened it and jumped out, silently closing it again. In his mind he made a hypothesis that he was hoping would be correct; even if he was still human he should be able to last at least 15 minutes, by then with a large activity of them all someone of one of the opposing factions should sense them. He might make it out if one did notice and got there before they got him.

He made it to the middle of the street where there was enough light for him to see well, but in an area where he wouldn't risk being seen by other humans, and grabbed his knife that he instantly opened from his pocket. The metal of the blade shone brightly in the light as several of them moved from their spots toward him. He was starting to get a count, and was already at thirty by time he finished counting the ones directly in front of him. His thoughts were changing from 15 minutes to five at best.

"I know you can still hear me." DJ spoke without words, only moving his lips, but he knew the one he was speaking to would still hear it. It was for a couple seconds after that he got a reply, and by then he was already surrounded by over sixty creatures.

"Yeah I'm here... now." He got the same voice in his head from earlier, Chaos's voice. "What do you need?"

"Can you sense them?"

"Yes, but it's not really emotions they're giving off so it's hard to tell where they are like with humans. It's more like they are the negativeness themselves."

"Tell me the direction they're gonna attack from, that's all I'll need." DJ sounded very sure of himself as he spoke. Like he had already came up with a plan to get through it easy.

"Okay, let's start than. It'll be letters and numbers. L, LB2, B, RB3." Chaos was going constantly and rapid. And as he did DJ reacted perfectly, dodging each of them as they continued as if he knew where they were coming from. This was a common practice for them though so he should be good at it, and he obviously was. It wasn't until after almost two minutes that he started to try and strike back, but to no success. Every attempt at a strike he tried missed like he couldn't get on balance.

"Just a little whiles longer Chaos, we're doing good. One of them will notice I'm sure." He spoke as he got a moment to stand and catch his breath, the stress was obvious in his eyes and on his body.

"What are you doing you disgracefully weak nothing?" Chaos struck at him instantly. "You're missing all those on purpose! I know your thoughts, I can see it in your mind. Every one of those strikes you pulled back. What are you doing?"

"They weren't.."

"Yes they were!" Chaos interrupted him almost instantly. "Why are you doing it? And don't lie to me, we both know you know exactly why."

"I said I'm not.." But as he spoke he had to dodge, and on his own accord. His feet barely missing each other as he took several steps to the side and ducked to avoid a strike to the head.

"Yes you are! I know why so are you going to admit or make me say it?!"

"I said.."

"You're scared! That's why, now isn't it?! You're scared to really get in a fight with these things you worthless crap. Scared to kill them, scared to get hurt. You're just a big scared child!"

"SHUT UP!" It was rare, but he actually spoke. His voice echoed out on the now quite full street. Though his eyes opened quickly as he hit the ground and pushed forward. It was getting hard on him to continue dodging like this, but he was, and he was doing well.

"No! You know it too! Now admit it, just admit to yourself!"

"Shut up! I'm not!" He looked up as he said that and jumped to the side rapidly to avoid yet another one. It had only been a few seconds, but the more Chaos tore at him the more his sense of time swayed.

"Yes you are. You're weak, you're scared, and now you're angry. Angry at me aren't you? You hate me don't you?"

"Shut up! I may be scared but I'm not angry!"

"So you do admit it! You are scared!"

"I said shut up!" He had actually screamed this time, still trying to avoid them on his own and just barely managing to do so. "Just... shut up.. and keep telling me where they're coming from."

"No. Why should I help someone that's not even going to try to save himself. I thought you were actually going to try, Reoite."

"Chaos.. shut your worthless parasitic mouth right now, and tell me which way they come form. Do you understand me, freak show?" DJ's voice had changed, it was smooth and deep with a cruel tone that held a very demanding voice that made him seem like he thought of himself as superior. Along with that his eyes were sharp when they looked around. His knife clutched tight enough in his hand that it caused his hand to turn red.

"Make m.."

"I said do it!" His interruption was match as one in front of him lunged, only for the claw to be dodged and the knife to be instantly inserted in its neck. Moving from the stab and forward ripping the knife out the side of its neck as he charged for the next one.

"Above! R2, B" Chaos had began to listen again as DJ charged them. His knife was slashing them open and spilling their blood as if they were the humans and he was the monster. But it was only lasting so long, he was still human and his stamina was dropping quick.

He kept moving ignoring the green slime on his body that was suppose to be their blood as he slashed another ones neck open. Twisting around and ducking to avoid another one while slicing its stomach wide open. He was working perfectly with Chaos for the time being but as he looked up he took a leg to the head. One of them kicked him and it hit hard causing his whole body to fly back well over fifteen feet from taking the sharp and hard boney leg to his forehead. He stumbled to get up and was back handed by another one that knocked him several feet away again. Still managing to stand up he grinned and looked up. Feeling the red liquid trail down his face between his eyes and down the left side of his nose to his mouth. He fixed his eyes on the claw coming straight for him knowing it was far to late to dodge it. He ran out of stamina, completely, and couldn't even move. But he just shut his knife and slipped it his back pocket. The claw drew closer yet he stood there, putting his hands in his pocket and accepting that the claw was most likely going through his head.
Inspiration from walking my dog. 4/29 11:43pm(23:53)Apr 30
So late at night, as the clock struck twelve. It was so surreal, yet so tangible. The dark cloudy night covered in a light mist encompassed my body like no other night had before. With only 2 street lamps that could be seen to light up the gray brush and separate the blacktop from the concrete sidewalk. Everything tricked into giving off a feint aura by the full moon that shone above, denying the clouds their right to block out the light.

It was different, that chilling feel that ran its liquid hands down my bare arms. Not one of a fear, but one of a draw. To sweat so much in such low temperatures I knew that the air was taint. The pollution even stabbing at my tongue with every breath. I could taste the dirty air and water like a drink. So much that my breathing was heavy and my eyes blurry.

And out of all that, I could only stand there. Stand in awe of the sight I saw.. a car on the side of the road. No lights, no driver, just the radio. Corrupting the sound of the wind on the bladed plantlife with white noise that could distract a fly from buzzing. What was this world I had just walked in to.. was it earth, was it even real? The answered I knew were yes. There was only one thing left to do. Explore this unknown world that hid itself from us all.
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