Daisy <macabreluliaby>

Playtime gone awry4/22/12
Shhhhh. You'll scare the poor thing to death Dollydearest"

The head of that tattered porcelain doll was gently pet before the thing was put down and grey blues focused on the struggling male tied to the chair before her. Bleached white crown slowly tilted off to the side as that wicked grin tugged onto pale lips.

"Oh Daddy, don't look so sad. It won't hurt. I promise."

Milky white thighs straddled that wiggling lap, giggling like a schoolgirl as fingertips crept up along the male's chest, gently tugging on the flimsy piece of fabric that was seperating perfectly manicured nails from chest. She did have plans for him, big plans, but if he didn't stop making that god awful whimpering noise she'd have to take some drastic steps. Like grabbing him by the chin and forcing that head to stop flailing about. Dead gaze met his, pretty head tipping forward just slightly as she leaned in, gently squeezing that jawline with nails until skin was threatening to break.

"Now, now. The more you struggle.." his chin would be forcefully pushed to the left as free hand grabbed his hair and tugged that head like a ragdoll, exposing that throbbing neck. "The more Dolly enjoys it." With one last look at that tattered and bloodstained doll, even a giggling wink tossed her way, did that batshit crazy elder sink her fangs into the now screeching male. Hand clamped over that open mouth to muffle the noises as hips rolled down, pinning the male in place while draining him bone dry.

"Oops. Sorry Dolly. We'll just have to find another boy to make a playmate out of... "