B A B Y. <DemiJAIDEx>

=) ♥8/28/09
For Starters..
Name: Demi
What Does It Mean: earth mother :L
Gender: female
Are Your Parents Still Together: nope
Religion: Juche ^o)
Single or Taken: taken
Is That A Good Thing: Yes(L)

Perfume: ghost
Beer: stella
Alcoholic Drink: anything that gets me drunk (:
Quote: I'm so loud, as if I know what I'm on about, but deep inside, I'm so insecure. Just a little girl.
Katie Price

Feature of the Opposite Sex: Hm well ;]
Team: Derby (y)
Pair of Shoes: Heels
Junk Food: Urm
Gum: green extra

Have You Ever...
Been In Love: sort of "/
Been on a Blind Date: nope
Ran Out of Gas: ^o)
Been Called a Tease: yeah
Been in a Major Accident: yeah
Had Alcohol Poisoning: not yet
Been in a Fight: yeah
Cheated: Hm :/
Been Cheated On: yepp

Your Most Unusual Obsession: cider :)
Your Most Missed Memory: duno had loads of memories :)
Your Greatest Weakness: Hm :L
Your Biggest Fear: my mum dying (n)
Describe Your Personal Style: normal i think
Your Best Physical Feature: You tell me ?
Do You Love Yourself: no
Who's Your Bestest Friends: Laila & Nathan (yn)
Any Tattoos/Piercings: ears
How Do You Want To Die: asleep
Your First Thoughts Waking Up: fag
What Are Your Pet Peeves: labels stickin out of clothes, hair sticking out, labels of the bottom of shoes
Any Vices: vices ??
Where Do You See Yourself in 10 Years: Urm gettin drunk probss :L