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I made my mark in 2008, but i will take over 2009!!!!!1/8/09
Hey guys

Happy new year to you all!!!
What a great year 2008 was, i feel like i made my mark and now im ready to take over 2009!!

What a perfect end to the year and what a ride it was, from making my mark in FHM (TWICE lol)
to finally filming my first music video as a recording artist!!!
I could not ask for more!!

It did take its toll, and towards the end I was paying the price of hard work. FALLING ILL!!!!!!!
At the moment I am in Canada (Vancouver) with my wonderful family enjoying the Xmas and New Year period. Resting with snow, food and amazing wine!!!!! hmmmmmm
Exactly what i need to get ready for the craziness that will be 2009.

I CANT WAIT............

The music video for "everybody" will b hitting screens around Jan 6th, so keep a look out.
And as soon as i have dates on the tour i will post them up!!

Lets make this year count people. Lets make it the best year so far!!!!!!

Happy new year!!!


check it out mwah!!!!!!

let me know ur comments
Hey Hey Hey and a Ho Ho Ho

Just got back from Norway where I went to shoot the video for Rudenko's new song ' Everybody'(released on Ministry of Sounds's Data Records on February 16th!).

The video is directed by Alex Herron (directed the Basshunter & Taio Cruz videos) and should be out the first week of January. I'm really excited because I will be performing the song live for you all when I hit the road to promote the single all over the UK starting in late January!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!!! (will post the live dates ASAP).

So shall I give u a run down on what happened in makes a killer

Well, so its my first official video as an artist and yes, wouldn't you know it, I got really sick on Wednesday night. Flew out Thursday morning (3am pick up...nice!!!), by this time from sneezing and coughing all night, the nose looked like I belonged at the front of Santa's sleigh.

So from take off to landing to being thrown straight into a dance rehearsal session with my dancers (who may I say, were hot and did a fabulous job), I was a sure mess. By the time I managed to get it together I had under two hours to put something together with the girls. Thanks to my wonderful choreographer, Paul Roberts, we pulled it off.. and can I say with style.

So we all leave the dance studio at about 8 after a final costume fitting, walk about 20 mins through a cold but beautiful Oslo to get dinner at a special restaurant. (but I am FROZEN).

After half hour my sickness really began to kick in . It was now starting to worry everyone. There I sat, head down, hood up at the dinner table...not a good look. Was it game over??????

I was rushed back to the hotel (missing the yummy dinner) to try and save what was possibly left of me. My manager and I arrived back and I was medicated to the brim, wrapped up, heat turned to max, and tucked into bed.

So all is quiet on a cold winters night in Oslo, when all of a sudden I wake up in a pool of sweat, shaking, feverish and almost crying out in pain. It was like something out of the exorcist.
My poor manager was up past 3am trying to get my body temp back to normal, while also trying to get me to calm down and sleep!!!!
So 4am hit, the medicine kicked in, and like a miracle I was finally knocked out. At this point it was a sure thing the video would not be going ahead.

7am, the alarm goes off, my eyes open, I'm still a little hot but slowly get up, I realize that by some miracle I might be ok. I might be able to make it through the day!!

And thanks to my Manager, Lemsip and high doses of vitamin C, I made it through!!

The shoot was amazing, I pulled it off people, and was not defeated!!!
I can't give too much away about the video itself, but don't worry it will be on your screens early Jan!!!!!

It was all worth it, every last bit. Yes, maybe it was a little dramatic at parts, but it is the whole truth and nothing but the truth.
Now I'm back in London and will be bed ridden for the next two days...... while screaming a big 'WOOOOO HOOOOOOOO....... EVERYBODY'!!!!!!!!!!!


Charleene mwah xxxxxxxx
I made it into FHM ’WORLD’s HOTTEST WOMEN’ issue 2008!!!1/8/09

Woop Woop Woop Woop!!!!!!!

I found out that I made it into the end of year special edition of FHM.
Called "Girls of FHM" the hottest women in the world....

wow what a way to end the year.
Im next to women like Megan Fox and Hilary Duff...
Moving up in the

This is my second feature with FHM in the space of two months!!
Can we say "cover next plzzz" lol

It is a two page feature with unseen photos from the first shoot i did with them.
Grap a copy!!!

The spreads are on my page so have a look and let me know what u think...

So watch this space guys, i cant give away too much, but next year is gonna be BIG!!!!!!
IM taking over the wooooooorrrrllllldddddd!!!!!!