William James Ross <captain_careless>

"Change is Good"

Heavy Eyes4/5/10
My eyes are heavy, the aching pain set in, my weathered face gazing into.
the comforting glow of my inhuman companion.
i have not slept for many a passing moon and i now feel the full extent of my
self imposed exile from the sandmans grip.

many nights have passed and i now embrace the ravages of age.
my once lively composure has been reduced to an ashen face, worn and tired.
i wish only for rest and solitude, i have no lamplight to follow and no goals to achieve.
i wander aimlessly, treading carefully as i go.

i do not wish to upset or cause harm, i only hope to pass the hours until i find my final resting place.

if i can find the strength to shut my eyes again...
The Solitary Man4/1/10
The Solitary Man.

As the minutes turn to hours, the hours turn to days,Your weak and frail body withers and frays.
Your mind becomes nothing more, nothing less than a ruined cathedral of meaningless words.
Your deep, pessimistic thoughts, like vultures, pick at the last scraps of your soul and your sanity slips through your fingers, as if they were the very sands of time themselves.
Logic, Reason and Purpose, are the crumbling rocks of the cliff face upon which you stand, perilously.
You look down towards the earth below, there is nothing, no sound, no colours no life. You ask yourself, ?Who will be there to catch me if I fall??
As a new flood of thoughts collide like waves against the fragile rocks that you desperately cling to,
you realise, no one will be there to catch you. You are alone now,
you are the solitary man.
Turbo Frisbee6/26/09
aim of the game is to land the Frisbee in your opponents court with a legal throw

court size to be decided, blah blah blah

two teams of three people, or one on one matches, serve from back court, once the Frisbee has been handled the player cannot move, the player can pass between team mates only once, then a shot must be taken,

if a player commits two illegal shots in succession from serve then they are deducted a point, if the player throws a legal throw which lands in the opponents court then they are awarded a point.

League Games are played over a time period, two halves of 10 minutes

Cup Matches are played to a set score limit.

player statistics are recorded during the game, and are administered by the association, to work out market valuations for players.

Individual Points Scored (IPS)
Team Points Scored (TPS)
Dive Catches (DC)
Saviour Catches (SC)
Shots Dropped (SD)
Fouls (F)
Points Assisted (PA)