Cream filled Locket. <CreamFilledLocket>

To Charlotte from Lucy,x12/6/08
Oooh girl you're good. I love how I can be my absolute self around you and you just don't care what I do, you like me for who I am and that is really important to me. I can't remember ever arguing with you and I don't think it's physically possible, you're so bloody lovely I can't find any reasons to argue with you! You are so sweet, so kind, so beautiful and I'm so glad we are as close as we are, I can't imagine it being any other way. I swear down you make me laugh more than anyone! You're so friggin' funny and we have the best times, evereverever :D I'm so glad I've found someone to sing and dance with, I'm so glad you let me sing and dance with you :L ! We've had irreplaceable times, and I love how we can take the piss out of so many people and not feel bad about it, that's skillz ;) I adore it when I'm really excited, I turn to you in class and realize that you are just as excited, and oh god the way our bladders are synced is fabarooni! It's great being able to have a friend as close as you who is a girl, you are one of the few girls in my life I can honestly say I strongly love. School would be a fuckin' bore if I knew you weren't gonna be there, you lighten up my lessons with your brilliant-ness. I sing a line, you sing along, it's mint :) Charlotte Rose Breame, you are spectacular and I couldn't be more happy that I have a friend like you. You + me = funny shit, I love you,x
To Lucy from Charlotte. (:12/5/08
Where do i start? well, at the beginning would be good yeah? :L Lucy Mckinlay, you are so amazing! no matter what the situation you make me laugh. and the fact cream filled locket now exists just makes me smile, must look something like this --> :)
we haven't been that close for long but now we are it seems like we've been this close for ages. i've never met anyone quite like you and i'm fucking glad you came along. i swear your awesome-ness passes through your family, i mean c'mon, you're dad for instance! wow. Kat=21 :L :L i love doing all the stuff with you that i wouldn't of normally done. like i would never of put that girl's phone (however nasty this may sounds) down the sink in the toilets if you weren't around, and who would be my photography buddy if you weren't here? well Emily would, but thats not the point! i love performing our songs, whether its to ourselves or to our wonderful audiences, it really means alot to me to have a friend like you, and i mean that. :) i love how when one of us starts singing, the other just joins in straight away. the memories i have with you are just amazing and i always crack up laughing when i think of them, likeee.. Hannah's drunken sleepover ;) :L and our amazing p.e lessons. and of course cream filled locket. xD you really are sooo perfect and amazing and i wouldnt change anything we've done even if i could. i love you and our friendship means fucking everything to me. :D i love you xxxxxx