XxjamiexX <Xxdixon_boixX>

"Jaammiiee bwooiii"

do this plz ppl on ly girls tho11/4/08

go out wiv me?
give me your number?
kiss me?
let me kiss you?
watch a movie with me?
let me take you out to dinner?
take a shower with me?
be my gf?
have a fling with me?
take me home for the night?
Would you let me sleep in your bed?
re-post this for me to answer your questions?
have a relationship with me?
Dance with me?
Spank my ass?
kiss me to death?
Let me fuk you?
Stick up for me if i was being put down?
Carress my body?
Play strip poker with me?
Say yes if i asked you out?
Get wasted with me?
Greet me in public?
Hang out with me?
Bring me around your friends?
anythiing to say b4 you go xxx?