Ashleigh <Chicken_Joe_xx>

Summer '09 Rogueing!!!7/7/09
Rap this shit....
We are the Roskill roguers and we work for Tim,
We work alongside Andrew, John and Slim Jim,
We start at 7 and finish at 4,
With little breaks, please give us somemore,
We sit and eat our sandwiches and pies,
Waiting for our visit from the hot Gruar guys;)
When he arrives the sun comes out,
We all smile and start to pout,
He drives along with his shirt in the back,
He's not like Tim, whos getting the sack,
We sit and have our lunch by the dual,
Jimmy flies by, he's wasted his fuel!
Angela is leaving and being replaced by Titch,
Rachel's not with us, she's with fat bitch.
We wear waterproof jackets and our leggings slung low,
Jennie SHUT UP with your stupid "camel toe"
We miss out rows for the crack,
To be honest, "who gives a fuck?!"
"We fuck this shit" day and night,
Im not going to lie, this job is fucking shite.
But we are walking along and who do we see?
Its our bin men buddies that stopped for tea!:D
We gave them a smile and gave them a wave,
Then LOLed at the reply they gave...

To 'Fire' - Kasabian

Take me into the field, and let me rogue the oats.
Pick them out of the ground, and shake the dirt away.
Emily gets a text, you hear the wolf whistle sound.
Its only Rachel Matheson, and shes with Tim the prick.

Tim pulls up in his truck, Ashleigh's heart stops.
We all are equally socked, cause Tims as ugly as fuck......
(to be continued)


Battlefield- Jordin Sparks
Fly on the wall- Miley Cyrus