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"A Book of Songs"

Writing the songs9/18/08
As I've said before, some of these I wrote many moons ago, and others are as recent as today. I wrote "girl crazy" when I was 12 but I wrote "I need music" less than 5 minutes ago.

Some of the songs I write are inspired by real events or emotions, while others just come to me as a good rhyming scheme. I generally will write songs that I would like to listen to. I also write in more than one style. I mean music style. I could write country songs all day, but I love to write poppy songs, even a few duop or dewop or however its spelled. I also love rock music, so I write that style as well. Some of my songs would be more r&b style, I can't really write rap because I do feel that people automatically judge it too harshly sometimes. Of course they might just suck.

At anyrate there are times I could just sit and write all night, and other times when I can't think of a single rhyming word.

The song "freak out" is a little cheezy I know, but it sounds great when I sing it, and it took me about 5 re-writes to get lyrics that didnt sound completely juvenile or atleast not to me.

Some of my favorite songs I've written aren't even on here yet, and may never be.

You can find some of my poems and songs on under "Sheena St. Charles"
or by visiting though it hasn't been updated in ages. Maybe if some of you subscribe to it though or at least visit it, I'll keep it more upto date. Just a suggestion. Also I believe is the other link I had. It's been a while. You can find me on Myspace though under

At any rate the one promise I make, is that I really did write all of this on my own. I may be inspired by the things and people around me, but I would never steal someones material. I couldn't do that. So if anything I have is even remotely close to something else you've heard, its complete coincidence, or they ripped me off. *(in which case tell me) :) Oh, one other detail, I'm using a Wii to write on this, so please forgive gramatical & spelling errors as I don't have spell check on here.

So anywhoo, plz remember to comment, review, subscribe, all that good stuff!

I will post pix on my books as soon as time permits
Please checkout my other books too!9/18/08
If you like my songs you might like my other books aswell.

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