Mizfits In Action H3RB <understanditson>

"goin on rhyming"

a few more bars!!!!9/22/08
I am the man that they call the jay
Told you before that im hera to stay
Never gonna stop
Jus pop off a rhyme and watch ya jaw drop
All ways jokin around
I can test mc?s pound for pound
No gang just bear slang
Ima keep my shank by my side
And decide who gonna get it first
Ca who eva gonna get it first
Is gonna get it the worst
A Few New Bars!!!!!!9/22/08
Can?t catch a quicker killer on the mic than me
I?ve got lyrics to spare I don?t care
im gonna sell a million copies n be like yeah
Im living life in the fast lane in the cash lane
in the smoke lane high as a crane
Everyday im blessed with some new shit to say
And I got something to say and im gonna say it today
Go to church and pray cus on the mic you no Jay don?t play.

Im armed with talent and I no how to use it never abuse it
Just spit and carry on spittin until the drop then until the end
Police on about there?s a chance I might re-offend
What the police on bout they chat shit!
Rubbin my reputation in to it you twits
Next time im gonna bash you in the face until you have fits