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beckie + lori + elia + rob + jimmy: playing knock knock ginger on the mans house then he comes out running after us shouting 'oi you pricks get ere.!' + ' you best fucking run' lmaooo. and having a metal pole in his hand some scary shit lol. then on our waay to noggins and rob taking the piss cuz he wouldnt get his chips till everyone went and there was like only 2 people in there then on our way to kingshill park on the swings hahha funny,(: then it was 20Q for rob : pmsl. lori laughing at her jokes even if they went that funny lmaoo. funnest daaay ever (: loveeuu load x (:
what would you do..x??11/2/08
?hat would ?ou do if...

*I committ?d suicid?:
*I said I lov?d ?ou:
*I kiss?d ?ou:
*I liv?d n?xt door to ?ou:
*I start?d smoking:
*I stol? som?thing:
*I was hospitaliz?d:
*I ran awa? from hom?:
*I got into a fight and ?ou w?r? th?r?:

?hat do ?ou think about m?...

Fill this in please..x10/17/08

1. wats ur name?
2. go out with me?
3. Kiss me?
4. Fuck me?
5. Have a shower with me?
6. Sleep with me?
7. Love me?
8. Die for me?
9. Do anything for me?
10. Hit me?
11. Fight me?
12. Cheat on me?
13. Kill for me?
14. Defend me?
15. Hold hands with me?
16. Hurt me?
17. Take away my pain, if u could?
18. Marry me?
19. Live with me?
20. Lie for me?
21. Do u find me funny?
22. would say im pretty or ugly?
23. wats my best thing about me?
24. would u go for my looks or personality?
25. wats the sexysist thing about me?
26. would u walk me home?
27. If i was cold would u give me ur jacket?
28. Sing 2 me?
29. go out on a date with me?
30. tell me tht u love me?
? x10/17/08

who ?re ?ou -
how o?d -
do i ?now ?ou we?? -
when + how did we mee? -

wou?d ?ou;
?iss me -
hug me -
go ?o s?eep wi?h me -
?ur? me -
?i?? me -
???e ? bu??et for me -
he?p me -

do ?ou ?hin? i'm;
fi? -
sex? -
ug?? -
g?? :] -
? shi? f?ce -
what would you do?! x10/5/08
would you;

let me kiss you?
sleep in the same bed as me?
love me?
be my boyfriend?
take a shower with me?
dance with me?
look after me if i was drunk?

what would you do if;

i said i love you?
i went missing?
i was dieing?
i needed a place to stay?
i turnt up on your doorstep?
i kissed you?

what do you think of;

my personality?
my looks?
my eyes?
my hair?
the whole of me?

have you ever;

done/said something to me you regret?
wanted to tell me something but you didnt?
seen/been with me when i was drunk?
wanted to go out with me?
felt something strong for me?


have you wanted to do with me?
is your best memorie with me?
do you think of me?
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