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"Even In Death May We Be Triumphant"

my New Assistants: -

* Haruhi - i WILL get you to safety and with Darren and myself i hope you will be happy. ;)

* Kanzou Cross - I know you will make a fine Vampire. Converting from Vampaneze and will my specialties you will be the best in our clan :)

new Years Resolutions.

1 - Look after my new assistants.
2 - travel and add to my maps.
3 - Make new friends not enemies
5 - Think of more resolutions
Vampire Mountain halls8/26/10
in case we might roleplay in Vampire mountain here are some names and how to pronounce them ;)

PERTA VIN-GRAHL -- The ice-cold showers of Vampire Mountain are no place for those who enjoy the little comforts of life. But if you're stinking, in desperate need of a wash, it is adviced PER(rhymes with "fur")-TA VIN (rhymes with "win")-GRAL(rhymes with "pal").

OSCA VELM -- OSS-KA VELM(rhymes with "helm").

KHLEDON LURT -- we'll probably spend a lot of time here, eating, drinking and socialising, so it's best to get its name straight It looks odd, but it's quite easy to say: KLED(rhymes with "sled")-ON LURT(rhymes with "hurt").

BASKER WRENT -- BASH(rhymes with "cash")-CUR(rhymes with "fur") RENT(rhymes with "tent").

RUSH FLON'X -- His first name rhymes with "flush". You pronounce his second name: FLON(rhymes with "on")-EX.

OCEEN PIRD -- OCK(as in "rock")-EEN PIRD(rhymes with "bird").

STAHRVOS GLEN -- this one's pronounced STAR-VOSS(rhymes with "floss") GLENN.

All of these hall names are named after famous vampires either for their bravery or of their investure like me.

also here is a couple of "Curses" or "Sayings" we cry out instead of "Oh My God!"

CHARNA'S GUTS! -- this is hugely popular and widely used. It's basically a vampire's way of saying "Bloody hell!" or "Stone the crows!" or "I'll be damned!" Charna was a vampire who had most of his guts clawed out in a fight with a vampaneze, but who carried on fighting and won!!! You pronounce his name (when you're suitably riled!) thusly: CHAR(rhymes with "car")-NAH.

BLACK BLOOD OF HARNON OAN! -- this was once a key vampire curse; less fashionable these nights, though it still gets used on occasion. Harnon Oan was one of the very rare vampire traitors, who used to sell the whereabouts of other vampires to vampire hunters. His name's pronounced HAR(rhymes with "car")-NON(rhymes with "on") OAN(rhymes with "bone").