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Java EE Project Using EJB 3, JPA And Struts 2 For Beginners 10/10/09
This book aims serving students, developers, technical leads and to some extent project managers or consultants by demonstrating a structured documented modestly sized project. Learning the project development and documentation is done through the construction of an Online Car Rental System [integrated with a payment gateway] using MySQL Community Server as the data store with Java Server Pages as the delivery mechanism, Struts 2 as the framework, JPA as the Specification and Hibernate 3 as the Implementation [the Object Relational Mapping library].

What You'll Learn?

Online Shopping
Google checkout
jQuery Validations
Session management Search
Sending emails
Images in BLOB
Entity Beans [Annotations]
Stateless Session Beans
Access based user management
Display Tag
Restricted page access protection
User authentication interceptor
Custom error pages
Double form submission prevention
Java Transaction API
Java Persistence API
Connection Pooling
JNDI Data Source
Named Queries
Check Username Availability
Password Strength
Resource Bundle

ISBN 10: 81-8404-806-8

ISBN 13: 978-81-8404-806-3

Edition: First


Understanding The Framework
Enterprise Java Beans 3
Java Persistence API
Struts 2
The Project Case Study
Process Flow
Software Requirements Specification
Software Design Documentation
Project Files
Running The Project
Data Dictionary
Setting Up The Development Environment
End User Manual
Google Checkout ? Payment Gateway


Setup files for JDK 6
MySQL Community Server 6
MySQL Connector/J
Struts 2.1.x
Hibernate 3
Source code for the project, SQL Import Script for MySQL
Java Persistence API In EJB 3 For Professionals - Covers EJB 3.1 using GlassFish v3 Prelude 6/3/09
Designed for beginners and intermediate developers, this book teaches JPA from the ground up with an aim to get the reader up to speed with JPA as quickly as possible. It delves deeply into the core of the JPA, providing a sound understanding of the components that make up the framework and the way they interact with each other.

This book uses the learning by doing pattern with a lot of ready-to-use examples. This pattern has proven to be the best approach for learning a new technology. Most [if not all] of the concepts that you will find in this book are demonstrated using well described and easy to understand examples, yet sophisticated enough to demonstrate JPA in a real-world context.

This book demonstrates a step-by-step guide to developing Web as well as Enterprise applications [using EJB 3 ] which re-enforces all the learning that takes place throughout the book. It also teaches how to integrate an enterprise application with Struts2. Not only this, the book also introduces EJB 3.1 [a part of Java EE 6] and demonstrates developing a IPA based EIB 3.1 application with the help of Glassfish v3 Prelude.

What You'll Learn?

Building Web Applications

Using JSP/Servlets, DAO, JPA using Hibernate 3, Ajax, Glassfish v2

Using JSP, JPA using TopLink, Glassfish v2

Building Enterprise Applications

Using JSP/Servlets, EJB 3 - Session Beans, JPA using TopLink, Glassfish v2

Integrating an enterprise application with Struts2 [An extensible framework for creating enterprise-ready Java Web applications]

Building Enterprise Applications Using EJB 3.1

Using JSP/Servlets, EJB 3.1 - Session Beans, JPA using EclipseLink, Glassfish v3 Prelude

Using the NetBeans IDE to develop JPA based applications
Reverse Engineering POJOs and Mapping Documents from Database tables

Pagination using JPA

To ensure that the focus remains on understanding the technology, we have adopted the simplest and most customary domain models such as Customer, Authors, ContactDetails, Books, Subscribers and Guestbook.

ISBN 10: 81-8404-709-7

ISBN 13: 978-81-8404-709-7

Edition: First


Persistence, Object/Relational Mapping And JPA, Introduction To Java Persistence API, Writing The First Application

Core Components Of JPA

Entity, Entity Manager And Its Factory, Transactions, Persistence Unit

Getting Started With Metadata, Database Identity, Associations, Collections, Inheritance, Defining Metadata Using XML

The JPA Query Language

The Basics Of Java Persistence Query Language, Joins, Query Interface, Pagination, Named Queries, Native SQL Queries

Web Application Development

Customer Database Web Application, Subscriber Management Web Application

Enterprise Application Development

Introduction To EJB 3.0, Customer Database Enterprise Application, Integrating Customer Database Enterprise Application With Struts2

Enterprise Application Development Using EJB 3.1

Introduction To EJB 3.1, Customer Database Enterprise Application

Installing The NetBeans IDE, Customer Database Application Using Different ORMs


Setup files for JDK 6

NetBeans IDE 6.5

Hibernate Core 3.x

Hibernate Annotations 3.x

Hibernate EntityManager 3.x

Struts 2.x

MySQL Community Server 6.x

JDBC Drivers

Library files for:

Display Tags




Source code for the examples covered in this book