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Main Characters In Troy:8/25/08
Male Characters.
Achilles ? Famed Greek warrior, son of Peleus and Thetis, who dipped him in the River Styx, so that he was invulnerable, except for the heel where she had held him. When the Trojan War began, the lure of fame, and his name living on through History draws him there, although, with a brutal hate of King Agamemnon, it seems as through he's as likely to attack the Trojans as the Greeks.

Hector - Prince of Troy, and next in line to the throne, after King Priam, his father. Fiercely loyal to his family and his country, a national hero, although he knows he risks his life for Troy, every day. He loves his wife, Lady Andromache, and his baby son, but knows, inside, that he won't live to see him grow up.

Paris - Prince of Troy, and Hector's younger brother. He stole Queen Helen of Sparta from her husband, King Menelaus, although never realises the seriousness of his actions. He regularly tries to be as brave as his brother, although he still has a lot of growing up to do.

Agamemnon - King of the many tribes and nations of Greece, commanding a large army of many thousands, and a force to be reckoned with. He hates Achilles with a passion, although he knows that having him fighting is the only way they can win the war. The Trojan War began by family pride dictating that an affront to Menelaus, Agamemnon's brother, is an affront to Agamemnon himself, although it swiftly turns into the Grecian King wanting more power and territory for himself.

Menelaus - King of Sparta, along with his wife, Helen, allegedly the most beautiful woman in the world. Menelaus is King Agamemnon's brother, a proud man, and, having never asked for anything from his brother before, he requests use of Agamemnon's army to attack Troy to return Helen to him.

Odysseus - King of Ithica, one of the Kings united under King Agamemnon's rule. The only man, other than Patroclus, than Achilles will listen to, and Agamemnon plays to that... Odysseus is also the hero of The Odyssey, and he first came up with the idea of the wooden horse.

Priam - King Priam is the King of Troy, and loved by his subjects. He does what he can for the city, as well as respecting the Gods, including Apollo, the Sun God, the patron of Troy. He is distraught when Troy falls, although he knows there is nothing he can do, for the Gods willed it...

Patroclus - Achilles' cousin and, in some translations of the Iliad, his lover, although that is not portrayed in the film version of Troy. Achilles trained him in sword fighting and other fighting disciplines, and Patroclus wants to fight alongside his cousin and the Myrmidons, although Achilles constantly tells him he is not ready. Patroclus respects his cousin, knowing of Achilles' strength and loyalties, although that does not stop him being fiercely individual and independent.

Female Characters.
Helen - Queen of Sparta, then a Princess of Troy, as Paris takes her from Menelaus, her husband, and King of Sparta, back to Troy, sparking off the whole Trojan war. Helen was considered the most beautiful woman in the world at that time, and Andromache and Briseus soon accepted her into the royal family.

Briseus - Paris and Hector's cousin, a beautiful young woman, or marriageable age, although she chooses the life of a virgin priestess, serving in the Temple of Apollo, the Sun God, but is taken captive when Achilles and the Myrmidons raid the temple. Her oath of virginity is broken when she learns to love Achilles, her captor, but accepts his offer of freedom, when Priam takes her back to Troy.

Andromache - Lady Andromache is Prince Hector's wife, and mother to their baby son, Astyanax. She doesn't want her husband to go to war, although she knows he must. She consoles Helen when the Greeks arrive, and persuades her not to give herself up, and Helen does the same for her when disaster strikes upon her family.

Thetis -Said to be an immortal goddess, Thetis is Achilles' mother. As a baby, she dipped him in the River Styx ? The River of the Dead ? Proclaiming him immortal, except for the heel by which she held him. Achilles goes to see his mother when the offer to fight at Troy first becomes apparent, and Thetis tells him of the consequences. When he left for Troy, he never saw home, or his mother, again.

Gods and Goddesses.

Athena - Goddess of Wisdom and Battle, and a daughter of Zeus. She shares the patron of War title with Ares, although her fort� is tactical advantages, whereas Ares' approach is much more violent. According to legend, Athena and her forces sided with the Greeks during the Trojan War. She can also change her form, into that of a white Owl, her symbol, and the sign of Wisdom.

Hera - Hera is the Goddess of Women and Marriage, and also the wife of Zeus, God of Thunder and Lightning, the Sky and King of the Gods of Olympus. The animals of the Cow and the Peacock are sacred to her. Hera would usually be seen as the most mature of the Goddesses, although legend says she was jealous and vengeful.

Aphrodite - The most beautiful goddess out of all the Twelve Olympians and beyond, and Goddess of Love and Beauty. Dove, Sparrow and Swan are sacred to her. Although Athena?s half sister, both fathered by Zeus, she plays the major role in the story of the Judgment of Paris.

Zeus held a banquet to celebrate the marriage of Peleus and Thetis (Parents of Achilles), but Eris, Goddess of Discord, was not invited. During the celebration, she threw a golden apple into the group, with the inscription ?To The Fairest...? Three goddesses claimed the apple: Athena, Hera and Aphrodite, although, to end the quarrel, Zeus remembered Paris as being the most beautiful of mortal men, and told him to choose. Each goddess tried to bribe him with an offering: Athena offered to make him wiser than the gods themselves, Hera said she would make him a great King, but Aphrodite promised him the most beautiful woman in the world. Helen of Sparta. Paris awarded the golden apple to Aphrodite, and so started the Trojan/Greek War.

Of course, there are more people than this in the story, including:

Cassandra (kass-an-dra) ? Daughter to Priam and Hecuba. Has Psychic powers.
Clytemnestra (kly-tum-nes-tra) ? Wife of Agamemnon and mother of Iphigenia.
Hecuba (hek-yoo-ba) ? Queen of Troy, wife of Priam and mother of Hector, Paris, Cassandra and Polydorus.
Penelope (pen-ell-o-pee) ? Queen of Ithaca and wife of Odysseus.
Polydorus (poll-ee-door-us) ? Priam and Hecuba's youngest child. Brother to Hector, Paris and Cassandra.

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