What kind of alcohal drink are you <app--rainababes-2008>

"hey do this quiz x"

Alcohal drink x Put an X for wot one yooh like x7/11/08
What do you like better -
[] Vodka
[] whisky

What is better
[] vodka with cola
[] vodka with irn bru

what is better
[] whisky on the rocks
[] whisky n cola

do you prefer ...
[] Beer
[] Bacardi breezers

How many vodkas does it take yooh to get drunk?
[] 1-5
[] 1-9

Are you a nice drunk
[] yes
[] no
[] depends

Can you get into pubs
[] No
[] Yes
[] depend on how i do my makeup n what i wear

Are you old enough to drink?
[] Yes
[] No

Do you smoke
[] Yes
[] No
[] only when im drunk

Have you ever woke up the next day after drinking n sed 'what happened'
[] No
[] Yes

Are you gonna write a comment
[] Yes
[] No
[] Cant be bothered

Thank you xxxxxxxxx