Which Bleach Bankai are you <app-bleachbankai>

Sorry... >.<1/1/09
Bebo seems to have replaced the pictures on this app with completely random ones...I'm gonna remake it soon if it doesn't fix itself, sorry for the inconvenience. :|
I almost forgot about these, what am I like...

New one this weekend, will link from both app pages. 8)
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New app done!7/5/08
Made the Bleach male one, I'll probably do a Bleach female one next. However...

If you have any ideas, post them on the forum bit on either app page. If they're do-able, they're done. ;) Look out for the next one now!
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More Bleach quizzes coming7/5/08
I'll be doing a load more soon, for anyone that is interested - which male Bleach character, probably another female one because the other two aren't all that great, imo. Then maybe which zanpakuto, which 'bad guy', which captain...the list is endless. Anyway, look forward to 'em! :)