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"Long Time No See.! Lls."

My Girly Quotes8/22/08
God made men. Then he had a better idea: Women!

I'm so glam, I sweat glitter.

There is nothing pretty about skin and bones.
You need to have some junk in the trunk.

Don't follow my footsteps i run into walls!

I don't have a library card...but can I check you out?

These hatas be hatin me - but lovin my style
And the guys go crazy - cuz they lovin my smile.

My names not Elmo, but you can tickle me anyways.

Do you believe in love at first site, or should I walk by again?

Once upon a time, something happened to me, It was the sweetest thing that could ever be, It was a fantasy, A dream come true, It was the day that I met you.

Dont call me a GODDESS, don't call me a QUEEN, just call me the cutest

PRINCESS you've ever seen.

Diamonds are nice and so are pearls, but there's nothin like us Pretty Girls!

Whoeva told u 2 take a pic it will last longer iz totally wrong cuz u could loose da pic.
They just shoulda told u 2 back off stalker, stop lookin' at me!!!

Girlz Like 2 Talk Sh*t They Just Wanna Get Hit I Just Sit Back And Smile Cuz Talkin Trash Aint My Style!

Im So Glamorous, I Sweat Glitter!!!

Keep Lookin In Dat Mirror, Eventualy It'll CRACK!!!

It's A Breeze Being U, But It's A Sweat Being ME!!!!

Luv Me -or- Hate, I Don't Give A Crap!!!

U Kno When I Have Entered The Room, It will begin 2 get hot, Your Hands Will Start Shakin' and by that time the room will be bakin'!!!!
by:Krishanna Prince
idream: about fantasies, like a Cinderella story!
idream: about scary things, nothing nasty and gory!
idream: about my life, but at the same time I live it!
And sometimes when I dream, I?m not even in it !
idream: about sad things, which makes me cry.
idream: about funny things, which makes me laugh!
idream: about weird things, and I don?t know why!
And idream: about me and the love of my life. I can see his face.
And at the end of my dream, I know I?m in a safe place.
Once upon a time at a camp was a girl named Zion and a boy named Deonte'. They we're boyfriend and girlfriend. They went out for about 3 weeks .( i really don't know!). But when that 3rd week came Zion started 2 loose her interest in him. She kept trying 2 find a good moment 2 break up with him but each time she tried there was something in the way. What made it even harder was the fact that he all of a sudden broke his leg. Zion felt so sorry for him. he was already hurt, she didn't want 2 hurt him more. This went on 4 awhile. But the perfect day came when she had the courage. She pulled Deonte' 2 the side and said 'It's not working out and it hasn't been from the start. I think we should split and go our seperat ways." He said is it b cuz of my leg. Zion said "No it's not cuz of your leg. It's just not working out." He said okay .All of a sudden Deonte's mom came to pick him up. She asked was he alright cuz he looked kinda sad. He said "I lost something today." His mom said "It's alright honey i'll buy you whatever you lost. " He said "But you can't buy what I just lost!!!!"

Real Story!!!
Im Me!!!!7/8/08
Im Me

Im completely cute and fly! It's completely true (don't lie)! Boys agree. Why don't you?! I don't know why but it's completly true! Sexy is da thang goin' on with me. It's not goin' on with you so just let it be. They like me and you don't like it. They don't like you so just get over it.
(just playin')