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Opinions please10/6/12
For reasons on my own im researching possibilites and ideals of the afterlife, either it be ghostly encounters or based on religion, i want to know what everyones idea is of the afterlife! So comment into this blog and tell what you believe in, it will help me greatly =)
To people i add or add me7/21/12
Hello and thank you for recieving/adding me, i would like to point out a few rules or request if you wish to continue being on my friendlist:-
1. When i comment i expect a response if there is a delay please bring it to my attention otherwise i will delete you.
2. Upon roleplay, no-oneliners unless there is a reason and please follow the story, no godmodding.
3. No explicit pictures or pictures of harming yourself it is disgraceful.
4. No spamming on pictures or on my feed unless i allow it.
5. In the term "i scratch your back you scratch mine" i do pay attention if others are upset, i do lend my shoulder to cry and offer advice if it is what is wanted but i expect the same courtesy shown.
6. No drama statuses, they annoy me.

Well that is all, thank you for reading =)
<i>My perception on friendship online and real6/21/12
We can all agree that the internet is truly remarkable, its brings with it all types of marketing, advertising, games and social sites. Its common to form a friendship or bond over the net with many around the world, yet are relationships sustainable? Yes and no, friendships to me is rather mystifying because finding what i certainly characterise as a "true" friend is like finding a fragment of a historical find in your garden. In my life i catagorize my friendships from acquaintances to colleague to friend to true friend! I can certainly tell you that throughout my lifespan ive had nothing but colleagues and acquaintances. I did mistakenly identify some in my life as true friends but it backfired and ive learnt from it. Can we all really trust another with our darkest of secrets and that theyd be dare always, i think its a bit foolish to do so really, as i totally agree with family being the true people to stick with, this is generally my train of thought, feel free to talk bout your concepts on this here
Updated...might as well11/27/08
1) Your gender: Female..
(2) Straight/gay/bi?: Bi
(3) Single?: No >___>
(4) Want to be?: Kinda do
(5) Your birthday: Its da september da 7th
(6) Age You Wish You Were: 5...
(7) Your height: 5ft 4
(9) The color of your eyes: light Blue
(10) The color of your hair: at the moment its black
(11) Piercings?: My ears
(12) Tattoos?: Yes, just the one at the moment

D O Y O U . . .
(13) Smoke? Yep..
(14) Do drugs? Nope
(15) Read the newspaper?: Yep when they are around
(16) Pray?: forget too lol
(17) Talk to strangers?: Yep
(18) Take walks in the rain?: Sometimes...dares jus somethin bout it dat i
(19) Drive?: Nope
(20) Like to drive fast?: In a field wit no one to run over lol

H A V E Y O U E V E R . . .
(21) Hurt yourself?: Yep..
(22) Been out of the country?: Yep..i sure have
(23) Been in love? who hasnt
(24) Done drugs? Zip...nope...nudda
(25) Gone skinny dipping?: dont want too lol
(26) Had a surgery?: noope
(27) Ran away from home?: tried to...didnt work out since i was like really
(28) Played strip poker?: yep
(29) Gotten beaten up?: Emmmmmm...noooo :D im a nice person
(30) Been picked on?: Yep...wen i was in primary skool.
(31) Been on stage?: Yep...and it was fun :D :D
(32) Slept outdoors? yep
(33) Had a best friend? Yep, but they come and go like everything
(34) Pulled an all-nighter?: Yes
(35) If yes, what is your record?: 30 minutes of sleep durin da week of my art exam lol...well i did get sleep anyways :P
(36) Talked on the phone all night?: Sort of
(37) Slept together with the opposite sex without actually having sex?: Yeh
(38) Slept all day?: I LUVVVVVV my sleep ins :D :D :D
(39) Killed someone?: nah
(40) Made out with a stranger?: if alone and on very drunk nights yes
(41) Had sex with a stranger?: well i guess i did...i was very drunk
(42) Kissed the same sex?: yep
(43) Done anything sexual with the same sex?: Not yet but its hard to find ones interested..
(44) Been betrayed?: my heart dat is...oh yea and wit sum people
(45) Broken the law?: Everybody breaks the law so dares no point in askin..:P
(46) Met a famous person?: Vic Mignon (i tink dats how you spell it!)..he so fine oh and dat guy who playd da boy in the Butcher boy..cant remember his name!!!
(47) Been on radio/TV: Nope....and i wuldnt want to cos i get really nervous
(48) Been in a mosh-pit?: Yea...and i neva want to experience it agen..i nearly got trampled seriously!
(49) Had a nervous breakdown?: Kinda...
(51) Had a dream that kept coming back?: Yep...
(52) Shoe brand?
(53) What are you normally wearing to school/work?: My least i dont have to worry on wat to wear da whole tym :D
(54) Wear hats?: Sorta
(55) Judge other people by their clothing?: No...everyones entitled to wear wat they want to wear
(56) Wear make-up?: Yep...sometimes...never leave anywere without eyeliner :D
(57) Favorite places to shop?: Dvd stores and music
(58) Favorite article of clothing?: My black ski pants and my baggy tops...well it depends on my mood really :D
(59) Are you trendy? i try

B E L I E F S . . .
(60) Believe in life on other planets?:im haunted by my dreams wit aliens in it :L :L
(61) Miracles?:Emmmmmm....i duno
(62) Astrology? Astro-wat lol
(63) Magic?: nah
(64) God?: Sure...since our religion is based on him...yup
(65) Satan?: Well you cant get da good witout da bad..ying and yang...yup
(66) Santa?: nah
(67) Ghosts? Yeh....sorta.....i had dem experiences wen i was young but who knows i culdve been mental den :L :L
(68) Luck?: Yep....and im always out of it....breakin mirrors yikes no thanks...
(69) Love at first sight?: use to but not anymore
(70) Yin and Yang?: Yep...its included n da circle of life
(71) Witches?:.yep
(72) Easter bunny?: Yea....riiiggghhhtttttt - _-"
(73) Believe it's possible to remain faithful forever?: if your inlone then yes.
(74) Believe there's a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? no
(75) Do you you wish on stars?: Yep....but sadly im still in dis stupid place :L :L :L

L O V E . . .
(76) Did you get frightened or uncomfortable seeing that as a section title?: Noooo
(77) Do you remember your first love?:..yeah
(78) Still love him/her?: yes but im happy being friends
(79) Do you consider love a mistake?: yep
(80) What do you find romantic? i dont know
(81) Turn-on?: dominance, bondage lol
(82) Turn-off?: indecisiveness, egotism
(83) Do you base your judgement on looks alone: nope.
(84) Have you ever wished it was more "socially acceptable" for a girl to ask a guy out?: It is but id like to feel like da girl in da relationship by bein asked and such...
(85) Have you ever been romantically attracted to someone physically unattractive?: Of course.....cos its not dare looks its dare personality dat i like more :D
(86) Do you think the opposite sex finds you good looking? Emmmm..yea wen hell freezes over :L :L
(87) What is best about the opposite sex? i guess its the thing that same sex dont have
(88) What's the last present someone gave you?: perfume
(89) Are you in love?: yes but its rather complicated...
ANIME CONVENTION :O:O:O:O after da experience....11/17/08
Omg......dat was da best experience of my life!!! I got a signature and a photo taken wit Vic Mignonan and i also took part in sum cosplayn!!!! Ive meet loads of cool people dare and well i didnt quite get dare names but i made names for them myself :L :L LUV YO SCOTTISH rock :L :L :L even though nobody knew dat you were dressd as the captain, Gin Ichimaru in Bleach and well you looked more like Aizen den ever...but you still rock!!! "Bye-bye" :L :L :L ...I finally meet Martina and her friend Niall and we spent sum good auld fashiond lolly gaggin around da DCU...(Hiya Martina....still cant get over your face wen you met Vic rock though!!)...I however dressed up too...although i didnt get a wig and da gloves like i wantd complete my outfit but people still knew who i was meant to be and dat made me happy!!! Hee-hee...i had to laff at the girl who dressd as was like a scene out of Deathnote wen we talked to one another!!! Her outfit was brill tho cos she lookd alot like him...she started hauntin me, once she saw my deathnote but once i said i had no apples she flutterd off :L :L :L :L dat was soooooo funny!!!! I also met welsh man Jay (i called him Jay cos he was dressed as Jay from da movies jay and silent bob) at da back stage with all of the other characters wen we were goin up to role play!!! Hes a very cool guy!!!! I was really impressed wit everybodys costume like Da staff member who dressed as Ichigo Kurasaki from Bleach in his Bankai Form...and another staff member dressd as Jiraiya from Naruto...or Pervy Sage as hes always calld dat in da series LOL!!!! I had to laff at sum costumes like one guy came dressd as Luigi from mario....XD classic and anutha dressed as Snake from Metal gear solid...he even came wit his own box!!! Lmao xD They also sold loads of Anime stuff so of course i nearly became broke becos of it anime overload hee-hee!!! Dey were also screenin anime shows dat i never heard bout and held some games in places!!! I never enjoyd sumthin so much in my life...and i sooooooooooooooooo am goin to it agen no matter wat!!!!!! :D :D :D :D Thats all now..and ill b puttin photos up soon Scottish Dude or Gin Ichimaru wuld say *bends a lil forward wearin a fake smile on her face holdn one hand out in a wave* "Bye-bye"
Swedish fun :P:P9/20/08
Yep..i actually went somewer besides my lovely home!!! Lol:L :L It wasnt a veyr adventurous one but hey it beats being in ireland!!! :L :L I arrived at nyt time so i couldnt really see da country from da airplane to get a gud view of it!!! Wen i did get dare, i was in Skatsva airport, which is not really ya know big and businessyyy lookin :D :D more like a shabby hotel look to it, hahaha :P but anywho i went wit my bigger sister and we met up wit her fiance Magnus at da airport, who rentd out a car for da week!! We eventually arrived back to his apartment and dont ask me where becos all da signs lookd like gibberish to me, and it was in a very homely area!! His apartment was big and very cozy...except 4 dat fat cat in dare Lol!! Dat cat seriously needs to go on a diet...mwahahaha...ah no she was cute :D :D By way.. you wouldnt want to b an irish driver in sweden becos you'll b drivin on da wrong side of da road....not dat we dont already wit a couple of drinks in :L :L :L dare very strictd on da rules! Anywu, i pretty much went to stockholm central everyday...visiting da old town...sight seein and all dat!! Did some shoppin and ate some of dare special cinnamon buns....yum :P :P During da one of da days in da week, da celebrated world day!! Basically every nationality was representd by a stall dare...from da english to chinese culture!!! And of course i didnt miss da chance to pick up sum tings...are you mad??? :L :L On da day before our flight, Magnus drove us into da city to show me most of da tourist spots but we ended up goin to a funfair which we jus spotted...and forgot to mention dat dare was one in da city all week!!! Damn dem Lol :L :L :L :L and we pretty much had a really fun tym dare!!! Wen we did was a lil bit bright so i got to c sum of da country side to it!! We finally got dare and we were going through security, not b4 my sister and her fiance had to say gudbye!! Jeez i nearly needed a crow bar to break dem apart frm another and blind fold my sister so i could get on da plane...dey took agggggggeeeesssss to say gudbye Lmao :L :L :L :L ah well, its understandable :D :D and well i had to laugh wen everybody boarded da of da flight attendants called out an announcement!! "Attention all passengers, one of passengers on board is allergic to nuts!! I would like to ask dat everyone to not eat any nuts while on board dis plane!!" And everyone burst out in laughter....LOL...i mean had culd you not!! Its not like we are goin to run up to da person and open a bag of nuts and start eating in front of his/her face and say...your not gettin any!!!....Lmao....well dats preetttyyyy much it....twas fun and all dat!!! Next stop is putting up da photos lol :L :L :L gonna go eat sum plopp and have a glass of Pucko now lmfao (those are actually names of a beverage and chocolate over funny :L :L )
It was okay bt it wasnt brill! At 9am we set off, evry1 was giddy 4 paramre! We also watchd a bit of auld father ted!:-D We arrivd at 11am an spent 4 hrs waitn n one line, anutha 2 an a half n anutha! By da way it was sunny an hot outside whilst waitn all dis tym an i gt sunburn, rage! We gt nside an waited anutha hr or two until we finally gt n! It was a nytmare, i nerly gt trampld on an i lost my shoe!We saw da first two bands which wer very gud! Den dey came n an fin at 11! I didnt gt home til 2am!

Come on do da quiz, im curious to kno????1/27/08
1.Whats your Name?
2.Are we close?
3.What do you think of me?
4.Do you hav a crush on me?
5.Would u kiss me?
7.Describe me in 3 words?
8.If u Had Me for 30 Mins wat would you do?
9.What was ur first impression of me?
10 Do u still think the same?
11.What reminds u of me?
12.If you could give me anything what would it be?
13.How well do u know me?
14.What do u like best about me?
15.Ever wanted 2 tell me something u could'nt?
16.Could you ever love me?
17.Give me a nickname and explain why?
18.R u gona put this on ur blog and c wat i say bout u?
19.whould u let me give u a baby?
20.Anything 2 say b4 u go?