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me samuel and josh are house sitting for rowan this weekend, that should be fun!
well it has arrived. yes, the day when the hit ups and gem BATTLE. its guna be soo fookin cool yeerrr with the wurzels and cider!! its ellie's birthday too so happy birthday even if you dont have a bebo, other people will know its your birthday and that its worth mentioning!! soooo.....
i think that the hit ups will win personally but then i am biased to the extreme so hmm. anyway everyone come to pensford tonight!
i hate that fucking woman who sings that song, somthing about punk rockers with flowers in their hair BECUASE PUNK ROCKERS NEVER HAD FLOWERS IN THEIR HAIR. grr that woman drives me crazy and how on earth did that song get to number one anyway? i think that about pretty much all songs that get to number one though thinking about it.
it is ealry and im tired1/16/06
bebo isnt really the big thing it used to be is it? aaah well, its super early and im fookin tired....and i have to go to college soon. i had a verr good weekend, it was sebs bday on friday, and we went to the loui. i made a bit of a fool of myself...and ended up in the ladies loo an hour after closing with katie, charlie and robbie, robbie had a condom on his head....
then saturday night i went out to go to the croft but they were IDing everyone even people who looked about 30!! so we went to the arc bar, which everyone said was shit but turned out to be an amazing night and we all danced etc...apparently they were playing psy trance which is meant to be shit but i quite enjoyed really.....but i was a little bit wasted (nothing in comparison to friday though, thank JESUS)! oh and mine and joshs dancing was so incredible people wanted to join in....yeh
love y'all (haha i just wanted to say ya'll like a G)
hangovers dammit!9/11/05
how the hell do u cure them? i never used to get them but now i find im getting them more and more often! any suggestions welcome!
hello blog, hey kids....welcome to my exiting world of fun n stuff. i dont really have much to say. im having a fucking cool summer but i miss my rozzy....sigh...ive been getting lots of lovely emails from her though. i have been going to work occasionally, something many of u might find hard to believe! but its true...i have a job...go me. anyways...hows everyone elses summer going? bye for now...
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your probably wondering why we (roz n eleanor) are being so angry(actually you probably haven't noticed) but you should have!!!!!! cos we could kill you and beat you to the ground!!!! anyway there is no reason we just secretly have terrets.
The Legend Of Newquay7/9/05
The caravan of broken dreams- THE NEWQUAY YEARS

basically we got wasted every night, most days...passed out, pretended to be sick, got evacuated....robbie got arrested for causing �5000 of criminal damage and carrying a lethal weapon (he was shaking a tree with a penknife in his pocket) there were riots, there was laughter....we went from being the caravan of weed with clouds of smoke, to the alco house, to the rehab centre....we got piercings....fliss amd roz pulled....andy probably pulled every girl on site....i scabbed a patato....it was all so good. it was really RAD. andy yelled 'FREESTYLE ON MY FACE' alot. aww i'll miss that caravan

until next year...

following the lyrics trend

Me and a couple of old school friends
We're going out to drink
You can come along but leave your girl at home
It'll give you time to think

But you called at the last minute
Said that you were staying in
Well this is not a joke old friend
I'm a-getting sick of this

Oh remember me when she leaves you
And you come and knock on my door
Well I can nurse your broken heart
Cause that's what friends are for
hi its roz6/19/05
hi it's roz i'm sitting under eleanors bed and she told me to write in her journal so thats what i'm doing. Today we had a french day and ate baguettes and boursin and salad wiiith french dressing. It was litrally like we were there (in france)! then we revised some french and some medieval medicine and now shes making her self look sexy for josh, it's hot in her room as damn it it's a hot day, and even though we have both windows open, it won't cool down!!!!But in herkitchen she had a fan and that cooooled things down, even though rose was being a liiitle crazy and telling us a random story about a guy with a lisp,ooo rose what is the crazy lady like. well i'm gonna go as why the hell shouldn't I. bye and I love you all. hmmm well maybe not all. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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