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do this pleasee.5/3/09
whats ?our name?
are we close?
what do ?ou think of me?
?ou feeling me?
would ?ou kiss me?
if ?ou had me for 30mins what would ?ou do?
what was ?our first impression of me?
do ?ou still think tha same?
what reminds ?ou of me?
if ?ou could take an?thing from me what would it be?
if ?ou could give me an?thing what would it be?
how well do ?ou kno me %?
what do ?ou like best about me?
ever wanted to tell me something ?ou couldnt?
could ?ou ever love me?
give me a nickname +. explain wh?!?

anything to sa? befor ?ou go.#xxxx
wha you wanna bee ?12/24/08
m? bo?friend;
m? girlfriend;
m? truest chiick;T?rishaa bab?
m? owner; sha?.
m? whore; douglas
m? bab?;
m? hubb?; liam'scull?
m? wiiffe??; kelsiie.
m? oldaah; kieshia.
m? mummz?; serean.
m? daddi?oo;
m? daughtaa;
m? son;
m? big brother; lamarr
m? partner in crime; evie.
m? jokahh; montell.
m? big sisterr; thea.
m? lil brother;
m? lil sisterr; imogen
m? bab? boii;
m? bab? gurl; imogen.
m? bab?cake'z; cace?.
m? alwa?'z & forever bestfriiend;
m? biatch; elan
m? gumm?bear'z; lottie
m? neice;
m? nephew;
m? guardian angel;
m? sugarplum;
m? personal shopper;
m? fair?; evie
m? shopoholic friiend; paris
m? sexy bitch;
m? lil cutie pie; suheeda
m? god-mother; keannah
m? god-father;
m? twin; natasiia.
m? valentiine;
m? chatterbox; evie;
m? hot admirer;
m? superwoman; evie (mixedrace)
m? sweatpea; kase?.
m? sex??boii;
m? dinosawrr;
m? darlin; kelsie
m? superma?n; shaquiel
m? textwhore; bethan
m? priincess; imogen;
m? priince;
m? stupid motherfucker; douglas
m? state friend; montell.
m? showah one; jodelle
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