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"Eat Fresh !"

1st Week- The Devious Deli Discrepancy4/22/08
This Week We Find Our Devious Adversaries Mcdonalds Have Hatched A Sketchy Plan To Take Control of The Sandwitch Warfare With The Infamous 'Deli of The Day'. Fear Not, However, Faithful Subterrians As Some Of Our Best Officers Including Giant Red Onions, Jelipenemoff And Italian Herbs & Grant Are On The Job To Make Sure No Real Threat Is Caused By This Humble Plot. The Confrontation However Is Sure To Result In An Inter Galactic Battle In Which Only One Creed May Come Out On Top...

...And The Moral To Our Story ? Eat Fresh !
In The Name of The Father, And of The Sub...4/21/08
Our Subway, Who Art In Heaven
Hallowed Be Thy Tray
Thy Footlong Come, In Thy Footlong Bun
On Earth, Though Should Be In Heaven
Give Us This Day Our Fresh Made Bread
And Forgive Us Our Trespasses
As We Forgive Those Who Refused To Serve us
And Leave Us Not In Our Thirstation
But Begive Us Our Refill