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M!! BUDD!3S N B3ST!3 FR!3NDS6/17/08
*4MB3R: W00 H00 ! L0V3 D4T CH!CK...N0 W4T 4NY0N3 S4YS W3 B33N THR0UGH S00 MUCH C4NT SH!T BR34K US 4P4RT...!TS L!K4 SH3 T4K3 TH3 W0RDS 0UT MY M0UTH WH3N !M 4RGU!N W!T SUMB0DY...C4US3 SH3 W!LL K!CK 4SZ..L0L...! L0V3 H3R TH0UGH...L!K3 4R34L.....:) :) ! KN0 W3 W!LL 4LWAYS B3 S000 FR34K!N CL0S3....

*BR3QU!A:N0W TH!S MY CH!CK R!T3 SH3 SEEMS S0 QU!T3 BUT H3R 4SZ JUST !S GU3TT0 4S M3....SH3 W!LL K!CK 4SZ T00 W3 KN0 3ACH 0TH3R L!K3 4 B00K...! L0V3 TH!S GUH...! KN0 W3 W!LL 4LW4YS B3 TH3R3 F0R 34CH 0TH4!!! ! L0V3 Y3W S!SSY P00H....

*D4N!3LL3:SH3 S00 CR4ZY WH3N !M S4D SH3 4LW4YS M4K3 SM!L3....3V3N TH0UGH W3 S0MET!MES H4V3 0UR UPS & DWN....MRS..PR3PPY G3T D0WN T00...L0L...! L0V3 MRS. T00T!3 T00

*LaKiShA:i LoVe hER SoO mUcH SoRrY I fOrGeT buT I kNOw sHe wOuLd UnDeRStAnD I lOvE yEw tOo DeAtH tHiS ChIcK So cRazY nOw SHe wIllL BeAt aSZ CaUsE sHe kRaZy lOOL...i sTiLl LoVE hEr ShE BeEn tHerE FoR Me SiNcE We GoTtEn ClOsER...N THaT i aINt goNe chAnGe...LoVe YeW!!!

*K!4R4:R!D3 0R D!3 CH!CK BUT SH3 H4V3 H3R D4YS N0W BUT ! ST!LL L0V3 H3R F0R3V4..C4US3 W3 B33N THR0UGH H3LL...T0G3TH3R ! G3T !N TR0UBL3 SH3 D0 T00....! L0V3 YOOH!

*ShEuNqUiE dObSoN:sOrRy DoNt knO hOw tO SpElL YOuR naMe I KNo HeR tHrOugH KiShA N ShE A VerY LaId bcK CoOl ChIcK bUT I StIll lOVe HeR No MaTteR WAt....Her n My sIsSy KiShA JUsT AAlIKe...lOl...LovE YEw!!!

* K3N3D!:MRS. D!V4 !F ! 3V4 N33D S0ME FASH10N ADV!C3 MRS.K3N3D! !S WH0 ! N33D T00 C4LL 0N..SH3 S00 CR4ZY...! L0VE Y00H TOO....

*ShAkIa:mY LiL sHoRtY mC ShOrT ShE SoO GOoFy N keEpS Me rOlLIn I LOvE DAt CrAZy siSsY oF MInES i loVe HeR tOo GoT HEr BcK CaUsE fOlkS LoVE Too tAlk...LoVe Ya!

*tOo AlL my sIsSy i LoVE yALl n If a BiTcH fcK WiT yEw ThEy GoTta dEAl wItH aLl Of Us!!!