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"Fuck Trance"

Year Single

2001 My Style From The Darkside
2001 Within The Darkness
2001 Cannibal
2001 The Number
2001 Killerfist
2002 Fuck Off
2002 Kid Morbid - No Escape From My Wrath
2002 It Never Stops It Never Stops
2002 Menace II Society - Chronic Disorder
2002 Menace II Society - Fear Of Others
2002 Menace II Society - Son of a bitch
2002 Criminally Insane (met een sample uit Rammsteins Sonne )
2003 BAMM (Bonified Alkoholik Musik Making Muthafucka)
2003 Maniac Killa
2003 Audio Waste
2004 Raise Your Fist
2004 Break Society Down
2004 Too Weird To Die
2004 Ultra Rebel
2004 Shattered Hope
2004 Krazy
2004 Menace II Society - Alkoholik
2005 Take U Back
2005 Penis Enlarger Vs. Akira
2005 Dortmund '05
2005 Life
2005 The World Will Shiver ( Masters of Hardcore anthem 2005)
2005 Stainless Steel
2005 Chop Chop
2005 Yes
2005 The Fast Lane
2005 Dance With The Wolves
2005 My Critic Fetish
2005 With The Fresh Style
2006 The EP Towards isolation.
2006 Pissin Razorbladez
2006 Sting Like A Scorpion
2006 Megamix
2007 Broken chain (versus crucifier)
2007 Twisting my mind
2007 Silent Notes (versus Predator)
2007 Right Trough Your Head
2007 Alles Kut Enter (versus Tomcat & Rudeboy)
2007 TNT (versus Tomcat & Rudeboy)
2007 Skinrash (versus The Navigator)
2008 Put It Up (versus Tomcat & Rudeboy) )
2008 Megamix #2
<onbekend> Vato
<onbekend> Loser
<onbekend> Superior (feat. Outblast & Predator )
<onbekend> Kid Morbid - 50 Years In San Quentin
<onbekend> Menace II Society - True Menace Menace II Society - True Menace
<onbekend> Menace II Society - Madmans Utopia Menace II Society - Madmans Utopia
The year is 1997. Danny Masseling is 16 years old, and his first experience with music production has entered his system. After buying a simple piece of software, he started off using 4-beat programmed loops and ready-to-go breakbeats. However the possibilities were limited, his creative mind had finally found a way to express itself. Instantly, a severe addiction to music production was born. It became an absolute obsession, while school and social life had to pay the price. Danny worked on his beats day and night. And how clich� it might sound, this actually became a way of life. Only the one interest constantly mastered his brain. After a while of connecting loops and simple beats, the limits to this way of producing started to irritate. He decided to start using different software, and the first serious beats were born.

In 2001, Danny felt it was time to make a move into the hardcore scene. After sending a demo out to BZRK Records, Mark Vos (aka Buzz Fuzz, owner of this notorious record label) contacted him to do some serious buzzinezz. After a while of mastering and editing, BZRK033 was born. Under the alias ?Menace II Society?, the ?Son Of A Bitch EP? entered the market. Almost at the same time, the first ?Angerfist EP? was released on Overload Records. However the track ?Chronic Disorder?, made ?Menace II Society? a well known name, ?Angerfist? would grow out to be one of the biggest names in the scene. Traxx as ?Criminally Insane? and ?Fuck Off? were immediately recognized as relatively big hits. Danny had set foot in the scene. After releasing an EP under the third alias ?Kid Morbid?, he chose ?Angerfist? to be his main project.

Still heavily sedated by this sudden rush of records and enthusiastic hardcore people, the traxx kept coming. In 2003, the ?Sons Of Satan EP? was released on Masters of Hardcore Records. The idea for an Angerfist ?act?, to bring the vibe to the parties would soon appear. Danny asked some of his best friends to join him in these weekly performances around the country. MC Prozac, the twisted MC making the crowd go insane ! Being capable of turning even the lamest party into a hit, he?s an essential member of the crew. And the third dedicated member, Crucifier, makes sure the sounds keep rollin? and the beats keep bangin?. Three guys starting something, what would turn out to become a brutal combination. Bringing the wicked beats, wearing a hockey-masks and a hooded sweaters, was an instant success. Every place they visited, the crowd went wild and dancefloors filled up.
The Angerfist name grew with enormous speed. A year of insane parties and performances went by, as Danny worked on a record that would turn out to become his biggest hit. In 2004, the time had come to release the ?Raise Your Fist EP?. Every party they visited, the crowd actually raised their fists to this record. A bizarre phenomenon, that is still done to this day.

Now, the year is 2006. Angerfist is one of the leading acts of the scene, with a massive number of fans. Not only did the beats poison their home country, it has also spread beyond the boarders. They visited countries as Switzerland, Scotland, Russia, Austria, Germany, Belgium, Spain and Italy.
Beside the live-act, Danny also decided to start playing as a dj at the parties. His first real dj gig was at the number one hardcore event ?Masters Of Hardcore? in Den Bosch. However different both styles of performing may be, the dancefloors always explode.
2006 is also a year of experiment. Different styles, and insane collaborations are done.
Working together with producers like Outblast, Akira and D-Spirit resulted in big party hits as well as evil hardcore beats.
Also the solo record ?Towards Isolation EP?, is a record where the experiment is centred.
The only thing missing was an album and a party, to celebrate the last 5 years of Angerfist and to look forward into the future. Therefore, the ?Pissin? Razorbladez? double CD + DVD album was released.
Fresh rugged hardcore beats and the hits of the past, is an effective description of this massive album. The first time it was available for the people, was at the sold out release party at the ?Hemkade? in Zaandam. A truly amazing event, with an unforgettable atmosphere.

We don?t know what the future might bring, but we do know that the Angerfist beats will never stop. Dedicated to the sound, the music will continue to spread the globe and the masked freaks will keep on rocking the parties.
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