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UH OH!3/7/09

Jaime now has a gf

were fucked....

only messin with u bud!
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Ryte so, 5th year! 31st Aug 088/31/08
Ryte il just give you an update on some stuff going on because i hate you wondering wat were doing nd wers the music you fucking ejits!

Well im happy to say we have a song ready to record, so you can tell us were good or crap! Just to say if you dont like the song i can assure you the rest of music isnt all like it! We have plenty of different musical ideas!
So I will update you on that!

Now 5th year, nigs, its gona be harder coz of da year, And also Dan has left the school so we wont see him as much, but still of course will play for us! i kno its nothing huge but its harder for us

We all cant wait to get out of school!

Anyway tanks for reading

Keep You updated

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What are yizz duin!!?!?!?7/31/08
1 AUG 2008,
Hi, weve been working hard over the summer, recording our material and developing new ideas. FUCKING HELL RECORDING IS HAARRRD! beetween Jaime and Mike being to tired or hungover to record, Dan being away, Mikes drum kit being delayed or the fuking mixer not working properly its been dificult so far!
We hope to have everything wrapped up soon now that we're FINALY all back together again and the drumkit is on the way.
Cheers everyone.
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Well the equipment has arrived! it seems pretty confusing tho but we got a eh... "pro" workin wit us so wel c how things go from there! and as u guys no wel try 2 get something to listen to listen to as quick as we can

Now we are workin on two songs atm, but I just want 2 say wer gona hav alot of differences in each song we make, because of different ideas nd songwriting! so if u dont like r one of our songs, the others mite interest u!

Thanks for reading

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It Has Been Done!2/21/08
Finally the Recording Equipment has been ordered! Were sorry it took so long but u need not worry anymore! When it arrives we will get to work ryte away!

Also songs are gettin written and trying to get put together so bear with us a while!

Tanks for reading!

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The Story Now 14th Feb 082/14/08
Basically the fellas are happy with alot of the covers that we have been working on including "Working Class Hero" and others we have done so we are happy to move on to bigger things. Lyircs are starting to get written by the boys bout various things, we dont know what its goin to turn out like but were just trying to experiment with a few things and see what suits us best! Anyway the recording equiptment money is in and we are going to be ordering this week!

So bear with us because we are trying to get some stuff up as soon as we can!

We will keep you updated as things happen!

Thanks For Reading

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Who the FUCK are Anix + ?????1/20/08
Mike Ruttle

Age: 16
Height: 6''1
Role: Drums, Backing Vocals, Music writer
School: St Andrews, 4th Yr
3 biggest influences: 1- Elliot minor (musically brilliant), 2- The used (working class heroes), 3 - Oasis (fuck'ingg brill-iant)

Started playing drums when I was 10,self taught,influences include Dan Hetherton, Travis Barker,Chad Smith,John Bonham,Keith Moon,Daniel Adair and many more.

Hobbies:music,out with m8s,mma,boxing,gym,rugby,xbox 360, tuborg , jack daniels, noodles in the Anix, burping on dan (priceless)

Where to Next??Record deal PLEASE!!! and obvo keep Gettin better and better at the drums......

Jaime Blennerhassett

Age: 16
Height: 6'
Role: Guitar, Vocals, Songwriter
School: St Andrews, 4th Yr

Basically im Jaime, live in Monktown/Krunkstown. Started Guitar wen i was 13, I've got a Black Richwood Acoustic and a Gibson Les Paul Studio. Listen to all types of music and every type of rock, not indie though. Influences include Bert McCracken - My Hero, Slash, Jade Puget, Axl Rose, Craig Fairbaugh, Claudio Sanchez, Mark Hoppus, Quinn Allman, Dave Grohl and many more

Hobbies: Guitar oviously, Music of course, Rugby, American Football, Footbal, RGPs, The Krunkstown, Tuborg, 4th Yr, Eating and Sleeping. :P

Dan Whelan

Age: 16
Height: 6'1
Role: Bass, Guitar, Vocals, Piano
School: St. Andrew's College, 4th Yr

I play gutar. I'm a self thought bassist and pianist.

Influences: The Beatles, Adam Green, The White Stripes, Why?, The Rolling Stones, Oasis, Bright Eyes, Radiohead, The Cure and Bob Dylan.
What were up to now!? 19th Janurary 20081/20/08
Well at the moment, with the addition of Dan Whelan. The band is getting a few songs together and this week, the recording equipment is being ordered! While waiting for the equipment the band is busy discovering ideas and putting them together! So it will be a while before we can put any songs up on the page! But know that our goal at the moment is to have a song made by us up on this page!

Thanks for reading, we will keep you posted!

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Bassist? FOUND! Dan Whelan1/16/08
Dan Whelan has just joined Anix.He will be playing bass and also will be recording guitar with Jaime. Possible there will be shared vocals. Dan can play piano, so there might be thought o keyboards.

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