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"I Love Daisy!"

Goooood Times!!!!2/24/08
1) Citenzship, 2006, Drugs and Alchohol, Roleplay:
Ben was drunk and goes to bed in his cupboard, the morning comes and Rathe walks out!

2) Walking home, 2007, Play Park on blackman Avenue:
Jake finds a porn magasine lying on the ground and picks it up, we look at it 4 a while and suggest giving it to Annie, we headed towards to playpark and spread all the sheets or the porn mag acroos the floor and walk off. People come in afterwards and find it :P

3) French Trip, 2007, France, In some crappy hotel:
Max and Steve were settling into there hotel room on the first day, u no how it is putin everythin were it needs to go etc! ... and Steven got a bit tired but instead of sittin on a bed or chair he decided to sit on a shelf. and the inevitable happened and the shelf collapsed ... and the was coffee and broken mugs and shit everywhere!!! ... and Max and Steve got in alot of trouble!

4) In Town, 2007, Hastings, Centre of Town:
Jake had bought a 2 litre bottle of cream soda from morrisons and headed towards the centre of town outside subway and by the guy hu always sells crappy cds. We all stood around for a bit while Jake went and put the bottle down on the floor and we all went off and left it. Roughly 2 hours later we returned to the same spot and Jake went over and picked up the bottle of the floor and statrted drinkin out of it. and every1 in town stopped and started a Jake who was pickin up a bottle of the floor and drinkin out of it!!!!
6 Reasons Why U Shud Date A Rugby player:8/3/07

1. We can do it 80 minutes straight in 15 different positions

2. We?re used to scoring big and taking pain

3. We aren?t afraid to get dirty

4. We?ll make you scream for more

5. We like to show off our moves, and don?t stop till we score

6. We'll play anywhere, anytim
a few facts bwt males nd females =P6/30/07
Guy Facts:

When a guy calls u
he wants to be with you

When a guy is quiet,
He's listening to you...

When a guy is not arguing,
He realizes he's wrong

When a guy says, "I'm fine," after a few seconds,
he means it

When a guy stares at you,
he thinks you're the most beautiful thing in the world

When you're laying your head on a guy's chest
he has the world

When a guy calls you everyday
he is in love

When a (good) guy say he loves you
he means it

When a guy says he can't live without you
he's with you till your done

When a guy says, "I miss you,"
he misses you more than you could have ever missed him or anything else

Girl facts:

When a girl is quiet,
millions of things are running through her mind.

When a girl is not arguing,
she is thinking deeply.

When a girl looks at you with eyes full of questions,
she is wondering how long you will be around.

When a girl answers, "I'm fine," after a few seconds,
she is not at all fine.

When a girl stares at you,
she is wondering why you are so wonderful.

When a girl lays on your chest,
she is wishing for you to be hers forever.

When a girl calls you everyday,
she is seeking for your attention.

When a girl wants to see you everyday,
she wants to be pampered.

When a girl says, "Ill love you forever,"
she means it.

When a girl says that she can't live without you,
she has made up her mind that you are her future.

When a girl says, "I miss you,"
no one in this world can miss you more than that
yh or no1/30/07
Ugly? :
Quiet? :
Loud? :
Shy? :
Weird? :
Selfish? :
Sexy? :
Nice? :
Immature? :
Rude? :
Cool? :
Brat? :
Stupid? :
Caring? :
Mature? :
A friend? :
More than a friend? :
Talkative? :
Boring? :
Beautiful? :
Smart? :
A flirt? :
Fun to hang out with? :
A psycho? :
Athletic? :
Confusing? :
Sweet? :
Mood swings? :
Attractive? :
Annoying? :
Funny? :
Hyper? :
Laid back? :
Perfect? :
plz do dis1/6/07
Y= yes
N = no
M= maybe
D= dunno
[_] Go out with me?
[_] Give me your number?
[_] Kiss me?
[_] Watch a movie with me
[_] Be my gf?
[_] Have sex with me?
[_] Let me buy you a drink?
[_] Would you let me sleep in your bed?
[_] Re-post this for me to answer your questions?
[_] Have a relationship with me?
[_] Take advantage of me?
[_] Dance with me?
[_] Slap my ass?
[_] Say yes if i asked you out?
[_] Get wasted with me?
[_] Hang out with me?
[_] Bring me around your friends?
D0 Y0U...
[_] think im gorgeous?
[_] think im hot?
[_] want to hold my hand?
[_] want to cuddle with me?
[_] want to hook up with me?
AM i...
[_] smart?
[_] cute?
[_] funny?
[_] cool?
[_] loveable?
[_] adorable?
[_] sweet?
[_] annoying?
[_] great to be with?
girly bt im gonna hav it neways lol
do this plz1/1/07
??? ?? �????:
????? ? ???? ??:
????? ? ???g ??:
???? ? g?? ? g?/??:
???? ?? ???? g?? ??g?????(?g???/1?? ????):
??? ??? ? ???g??:
???? ??? ???? ???? ?? ?????:
???? ??? ???? g?? ?? ?????:
???? ??? ???? ?????? ?? ???? ?? ????????g:
???? ??? ???? ???? ?? ? ??g ???:
???? ??? ???? ????g?? ?? ?? ?? g?/?? ????????:
????? ??? ???? �???? ?? ??:
????? ??? ???g??? ?? ?? ? �?????? ?? ???:
????? ??? ???? ????? ??:
????? ??? ???? ???? ??:
????? ???? g?????? ?????g?(??? ???? ?? ??????g????):

honest plz12/31/06
I died:
I kissed you:
I told you i loved you:
I was hospitalized:
I stole something:
I lied to you
I told you something really bad:
I asked you to marry me:


All over looks:


Help me hide a body?
Keep a secret if I told you one?
Hold my hand?
Take a bullet for me?
Try to solve my problems?
Love me?
Date me?


Lied to make me feel better?
Wanted to kiss me?
Wanted to kill me?
Broke my heart?
Kept something important from me?
Loved me?