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"Invite your friends to parties with animated customizable invites!"

Hot New Invitations8/3/08
Hey Partygoers and Party throwers!

The heat of summer is here. Celebrate by inviting your friends to a barbeque or a water balloon fight ? we?re sure they would love an excuse to see you and stay cool.

Hot New Invitations:

Mamma Mia! is here
We are excited to announce the launch of our Mamma Mia! invite. Join the party by inviting your friends to see Mamma Mia! Our invite is the perfect way to gather friends on a summer evening and take a trip down the aisle you'll never forget.

The Dark Knight is the most talked-about movie of the summer! Use our cool new Batman invites to throw a screening party and celebrate the movie?s opening.

Party On!
New stuff added to the app on Friday! (2/8/08)2/12/08
Hey Partygoers and Party throwers -

On Friday night, we updated Party On! with some cool stuff we hope you'll love.

You can now:

--Set up a party as "open" or "closed". An open party means that anyone on Bebo can check out your party, RSVP and get all your updates. So for all you party throwers out there, get the word out now!

--See who has opened your invitation. Just open up the Guest List on your Party Page and look for the opened envelope next to your guests' names.

--Send a Thank You card right after a party. Just look on the Party Page for the button to send a cool, animated and customizable Thank You card.

--More easily find out about the new parties you've been invited to - just look for the big "New" indicator on your Profile or on your My Parties page to see which invitations you haven't opened yet.

We've also improved the speed of our application a bit - we hope this makes your experience even better!

Let us know what you think!
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Send a Card!1/7/08
We now have another great application up on Bebo. Send a cool animated card to your friends with a few easy clicks using Cool Cards. Just like with Party On, you and your friends can share comments, pictures, etc.

Tell a friend Happy New Year now!
A big thanks to everyone for making PartyOn! one of the top apps on Bebo! So far hundreds of parties have been thrown and with the holidays and NYE coming up we expect many many more. Please let us know if you have any problems or issues.
Finally stay tuned for some great promotions we are doing with our partners which will include great prizes and even having your party sponsored!