Alice. <barbiesgirl123>

"im proper in love with barbie, she is like my dream girl."

Heather- ur soo gay. without you i wouldnt surrive your the other half of me. love all the fun times we have had and shared and the best thing is we can do anything cos we dont give 2 fuks love you babe till the end .

sam -love you. the best boyfriend ever i have never felt so strong about any one . you bring out the best in me and i can tell you anything love you 4eva bbes

laura b-crazzi girl part of the water fight crew and mii very special form buddy and even thought she put poisonous nail stuff on my arm ewwwww always will love the orange face slag illy

josie - love you babe we have benn throught the up and down s i know i can always talk to you i trusted u with my life love you mills bbe

jess- errrrrrrrrrr love her really about as crazii as me don't care wot we do as long as its fun . might be classed as slightly insane and weird but who isn't mad she rules.

amy -even though ur ginger i can always find a place in my heart for you .

charly - love you bbe benn friends for eva now and still we stay close always love you (ps me and heather will still bully u )

Bob Roy Hayley Danielle Nicki Quack-ace mate he is well cool and i would instantly give up mi life for this duck

Leigha-a very strange girl who just get stranger every cuddles n stuff.but.bewear maybe i a lesbian needs further investigation ..... o.j
love you pube head

lily-a true escaped person who after 2 years of life in a mental intuitions she killed the guards and has escaped if we tell were she is hiding dudder doom on us all so be-wear.Apart from that she pretty normal dude

everyone else love u