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do it lol it will be fun lol8/12/09
1. Name?
2. age?
3. Would You Date Me?
4. Wat Do U Like About Me?
5. Wat Would You Do If I Wanted To Go On A Date With You?
6. am i weird?
7. Am I Attractive?
8. Do You Want My Nuber Or You Got It Already?
9. Wat Would You Do If We Had My house Alone?
10. wat was your first impersion of me?
11. Lol If You Got Me Pregnant Would You Saty With Me?
. Say A Good Bye Message?

Love You All
do it please5/28/09
Who are you?
Are we friends?
When and how did we meet?
Do you have a crush on me?
Would you kiss me?
Give me a nickname and explain why you picked it.
Describe me in one word.
What was your first impression when u saw me?
Do you still think that way about me now?
What reminds you of me?
If you could give me anything in tha world what would it be?
How well do you know me?
When's the last time you saw me?
Ever wanted to tell me something but couldn't?
Are you going to put this on your blog and see what I say about you?
do this please1/24/09
Are we Close:
Single or taken:
do yu love me:
would yu love me:
would yu date me:
would yu dance with me:
would yu sleep with me:
would yu kiss me:
would yu hug me:
would yu ever hurt me:
lie to me:
hate me:
hangout with me:
hold hands with me:
would yu wanna kill me:
will yu give me your number:
did yu wanna tell me something
that yu wanted to tell me?
what did yu wanna tell me?
Have yu ever been my gf / bf Before:
Did yu ever think we could be more then friends?
your good bye message:
Do This Blog Ok Haha Thankx10/18/08
1. What?s your Name?
2. Are we close?
3. What do you think of me?
4. Describe me in 3 words?
5. If u had me for 30 Minutes what would you do?
6. What was your first impression of me?
7. Do you still think the same?
8. What reminds you of me?
9. If you could give me anything what would it be?
10. How well do u know me?
11. What do you like best about me?
12. Could you ever love me?
13. Give me a nickname and explain why?
14. Anything you want to say before you go?
15. Am i good friend?
16. Will u miss me if i moved away?
17 If yo loved me will you move with me?
18. Am i nice or mean?
19.Am i kinky?
20.What would you do if we can be alone together?
Do This Blog Ok Haha10/4/08
Your Name:
[ wOuld yOu... ]
Kiiss Mee??
Hug Me??
Let Me Sleep iin yOur Bed??
Stand Up fOr Me??
[ Can ii... ]
Kiiss yOu??
Tiickle yOu??
Sleep Wiith yOu??
[ Am ii... ]
Aye gOOd Friiend??
Gf/Bf Materiial??
[ Have yOu... ]
Kiissed Me??
Chiilled Wiith Me??
Had A Dream About Me??
gOt My Number??
[ Are yOu... ]
gOnna Ask Me Out??
Ask fOr My Number??
Are You Going To Come SeE Me??