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ADAM & PAUL11/16/07
Friends since they were small boys, Adam and Paul ? and we never learn which is which ? have withered into two hapless, desperate Dublin junkies, tied together by habit and necessity. A stylized, downbeat comedy, the film follows the pair through a single day, which, like every other, is entirely devoted to the business of scrounging and robbing money for drugs.

The difference today is that Adam and Paul ? already near rock bottom ? have finally run out of luck, credit and friends.

When car thief Stuart Sinclair Blyth is run out of Belfast by paramilitary vigilantes he visits his cousin in Dublin
only to fall afoul of the local master joyrider Gavin Kelty.
After some facing off, the two plan a Belfast to Dublin car race with a �1200 prize for the winner.
Six stolen cars, six teenage couples, one goal, many destinies