Mr.Ferrari <LiamF421>

Danielle sharee warton12/2/09
your amazing. i saw your bebo a long time ago. and i just had an erge to talk to you. :L and its so unbeilevable that im actually with you. when you saay i love you i have the biggest smile on my face. i mean it when i say forever. your just the beautifulest girl iv ever seen. my love for you is so strong. i dont think i could hurt you. and if i do break my neck :L :) . i wake up noow and i have the randomest smile on my face but a true smile aswell all because im thinking of you. i just want you in my arms and me whispering in your ear i love you. some people say love is wrong. but really they just havent found the right. and that right is you. your perfect. my heart is your heart and my fight is your fight. ill always put you first show you what your worth. never let you down. your a girl i could never break. never felt this waay. i trust you with everything. i can tell you anything literally. your my one girl i can go to when something is wrong. i want to be with you forever. and honestly i dont think i can handle me and you never bein together:S.i love you< i am always here for you no matter what ill help you through anything. even if you think im not gonna like it. i dont care. cause all i care about is me being with you. i love you so much daniele sharee warton. forever and a daay. always remember thaat. cause i am.adding on :L i cant stop thinking about you. when i think of you it feels like im floating on a cloud thats how good i feel inside. you complete me. you've changed my life litreally. i dontt care what people saay all i do care about is me being with you. i want you here with me :L . i really do love you more then anything in this whole world. cause you are my whole world. ill always put you first show you what your worth. a fresh start and give you my whole heart. your perfect i love you ! (L)