Ratchet <zero5000>


Ratchet Age: 21
Name: Tom /Nickname: Ratchet
Hair: Was brown now blue.
Eyes: Was brown now blue.
Height: About 5.7 or so.
Weight: Idk what do I look like a scale.

-The story of Ratchet is one that I have been working on for some big time now and well this is it from than to now. Ratchet was a young boy around 5 when his mother and father were killed in a vary big car crash so the more early years of his life are a bit bleary. After the crash his grandfather Chuck took him in right away being alone and heartbroken from the death of his wife and now is daughter. It took a bit but after sum time the two got use to one another and become vary close. Chuck and Ratchet lived in the big city called Skyward for its never ending sky scrapers. It was not the safest city but it was home for them and a good home for it. There house was a workshop as one of Chucks jobs was repairing cars and such so everyone on the block would call it the work shop. Another one of Chucks jobs was at a power plant for a group called nova it was a sum was shitty job but he had to pay for school and all right. Well after a few years or so ratchet was a healthy 10 year old boy going to school and playing games normal kid stuff till one night. It was a stormy night and like always his grandfather was running late for supper witch is never to bad when he is late he get the beast sandwiches at a lil shop down by his work. Anyways this night was vary wired Ratchet was up in his room doing some homework when Chuck rush in holding something under his over cote. The 1st words out of his mouth was "Tom get down stares and lock the door keep the door lock and what ever you hear do not open it". He than handed him a wired rather big gem saying to him "Take this with you keep it safe let no one see it and I love you son." Ratchet nodes softly rushing down the step locking the door and turning the lights off down right freaking out. The next sounds Ratchet would hear would be the sounds of banging than wood braking as shouting started. The only words he could hear was "Not hear" and " Gem" over and over. He looks at the gem some before hearing fighting and grunting. He hid the gem and walk to the door slowly unlocking it and looking out seeing 2 men one was vary big with a cyber tec arm the other was a short skinny man with a scar on his eye. The next thing he would see would be the skinny man pull a gun out and open fire on his grandfather. That night his grandfather was killed in front of him blood hitting the wall and every ware in one shot his family was taken from him. See if it was a fare fight Chuck might have beat the mean back as for a man of 60 he was in great shape bit fat but great shape. Before Ratchet could cry or even scream the skinny man told the big man blow it up. Ratchets eyes widen and he rushes down the step jumping into a tinny closet where he hid the Gem closing his eyes. It was vary still and quiet for a moment or so before it whet to hell. Flames and a loud bang filled the shop Ratchets only home was now gone for good in one night the young boy lost everything.

Ratchet was lucky the blast did not get him that bad but he had to get out of the house as it was on fire burning to the ground. Ratchet rush out up the steps and into the inferno looking for his grandfather finding his body running over holding the Gem in hand as he was crying hard. Shouting "Grandpa, Grandpa Chuck, Wake up pleas dont leave me alone not now pleas". Tears fell down onto his grandfathers body Ratchet was heart scared and alone what would a 10 year old boy do. As he was crying and trying to get his grandfather up sum tears hit the Gem making it glow a bit as he than pulled a bit hearing a sound looking up seeing a big beam on fire falling from the roof heading right fore him this was the end he was going to be killed. Ratchet hugs the Gem tightly closing his eyes whetting for death to come. But it never did the next thing that would happen is vary wired but the neighbors say that from the burning house that was consumed in flames a light started glowing a soft blue light that got bigger and bigger and bigger till BOOM!! It would make a sonic boom pushing out of the house making the flames vanish and pushing the ruble out onto the street. Inside Ratchet was scared 1st consumed by flames than a blue light spreading everything out like a big bubble. Ratchet wanted to run to get out of their to seat things right to make this all right. The Gem would hear this and give this to him witch was the flash of blue light hitting and going into Ratchet turning his hair blue his eyes blue and giving him a gift he did not yet know. Ratchet woke up a moment latter still holding the gem looking up slowly seeing some neighbors walking in calling out to him and his grandfather. They found them they did and could not believe ratchet was alive they took him out of the house away from his grandfather and into the back of a ambulant. At this time Ratchet was crying and hurt and just scared. It was not till later at the hospital he found out where is grandfather got the gem from. A man with a white and Yellow suite came in demanding that he give back the gem as it was Nova property and his grandfather stole it from him. So the cops took the gem back but it was wired it was if the gem was crying out not to go back into that mans arms but Ratchet let it go as it scared him some. Besides some cuts and burns Ratchet was fine beater than ever no smoke damage or nothing. Being that he had no family left he was put into sunny side orphanage a happy place where happy children go to happy people happy happy happy hu....Bull Shit.

So at the age of 10 Ratchet was alone in a new place having lost everything he new about. Life at the orphanage was not all sun shine and happy the kid pic on him for hiving blue hair calling him anime freak and weirdo. Life was not all that bad he even made a life long friend. A young boy names James was his room mate and the two became friends fast like Ratchet he was pic on and beat up but 20 time more so than Ratchet. James was 2 years younger than Ratchet and had only one arm he had blond hair and golden eyes. Seeing this young boy his friend being beat up made him rise up and from than he would get into fights all the time standing up for kids that could not. Ratchet and James or as he calls him now Ace as he was the smartest kid in the hole place and often Ace all of his teats dreamed of a life out of hear. Like Ratchet Ace lost his mother and father in a fire but unlike Ratchet he lost his right arm in the fire. This made them blood brothers in a way it took some time before Ace would come clean saying a big man and skinny man did this. Ratchet than would know it was the same men that killed his grandfather. After finding that out the fire in him started to grow and he wanted to make things right for both of them. After a bit of snooping and all it terns out that the men where working for nova as both party's had been with Nova and Ace seen one the van they had it was Nova. So after years of talking about it at the age of 13 Ratchet and Ace left to make things right of them how and why they did not know yet but they would make it happen. But 1st they had to see the work shop where it all started so the night they broke out they headed right to the old work shop witch did not get rebuild or anything just ashes and all. As the young boys walk around Ratchet would have gotten sad seeing the spot where is grandfather was killed. This took him back to that night making his sit staring there for a long time. It was not till around midnight things got beater in a way as the boys where trying to stay worm and all they would hear a sound of someone walking there way. Ace got scared and hid but Ratchet stood there this was his home no one would tell him otherwise. The next sight he would see would be a old man about his grandfathers age give or take with a missing eye he was fatter than his grandfather and was limping with a cane. As for a moment he did not see him till the moon would shine in and the old man got a good look at Ratchet as the only words he would say is "Oh my god."

So it terns out that the old man with a limp AKA Jax was his grandfathers old friend the two of them had a vary strange past. As it terns out and was a shock to Ratchet was that his grandfather was a thief but not just any thief he was the crimson knight thief. Ratchet heard of the crimson knight before he would take only selected things. Things like gang loot or big big art not lil things but way big things. And Jax use to be with him in the old gang stealing and going on quest to rob from the big gangs and hiding the soles. That is till Chuck meet a women fell in love had a kid and life started so he gave up crime. But even after that Jax and him stead in touch for years after. Witch is why his grandfathers death gave Jax a shock knowing he had him but when he came it was to late. Jax often came to the work shop just to talk to his old friend aether his sprite or ghost or what ever point is he was sad as well. After that the boys told them his side of the story witch made Jax mad and vary scared for the well beings of the world. With this information Jax told them a bit more it terns out that the old gang whit after the Gems that Ratchet was talking about but after meting some monks who told them the ways of the gems and what they are for the world the gang made it the point not to mess with them and left them alone as they are the gems of the world literally. So after swapping more story's Jax than told Ratchet important news about why is hair was blue and that the Gem gave him the gift of life and the power to stop Nova. Terns out Nova stole the Gems but could never be proven for it as well money gits a lot of things in this world. So Jax than told Ratchet one thing and that was run and see how fast he can run. Ratchet was thinking he was crazy but he ran at 1st slow but than he pick up speed running faster and faster soon it felt as if time was slowing down cars and people just where standing still and he ran around. Ratchet did not know how but he was fast super fast vary fast. Jax than told him that the blue gem gives the person what they want Ratchet wanted to run so super speed some of the monks had this power as well. So that night Ratchet, Ace, and Jax become apart of a new Crimson Knight gang to bring back the gems to the temples of the world. From what Jax told them there was 4 Water, Fire, Earth, and Air, these gems gave life to are world and that nova was using them for bad and power well this would kill the earth.

So after a few months of wetting around and non stop training they found the 1st Gem and where it was at it was at. Terns out it was right there in the city at the head nova office so that night the 3 members of the new gang set out. It was hard at 1st but with Ratchets speed and Ace smarts along with Jaxs long time of doing this they got in shutting down the power moving in fast it was touch and go for a bit but at the end of the night they stole the Gem terns out it was the green one. So with the 1st gem down and ratchets new cash from his grandfather will he did what only a blood brother would do and pay for Ace to get a new cyber tec arm witch would in the end help them a lot as now that one gem was gone it was going to get harder and harder so they had to get beater and beater. After finding out the location of another gem they hit the rode saying good bye to the workshop and keeping the city behind them with nova vary piss off. There travels took them far and wide throat the land meeting all sorts of people who have been hurt by nova in some way one who stuck out in there head was a young girl who was apart of a old secret ninja clan that work for nova for some time till her father was killed by a nova man. Her name is Kaohru she had long black hair with soft green eyes and is a wicked swords men or girl. With this she told them about the next gem and where to find it if she could go with them. So reluctantly they agreed and off they go to the city of sand. Ratchet was now 15 Ace was 13 and Kaohru was 14 and Jax was well old. After getting into this hot city they found where the gem was being held at the local water plant so it had to be the blue gym Ratchet hoped. They could make money fast that way. The gem was guarded big time security bots and guards every ware nothing could get in and out right. Well the new Crimson gang could and after sum touch and go and fighting off a rather annoying water boss giving water to the land the 3 left with another gem in hand.

At this time Nova was getting more and more piss that they keep losing the gems and with only 2 left and in big time lock did what they were hopping would be right. Tales of a half demon in a lil town who was touch by the gem of fire spread fast throughout the land. Nova getting wind of this took the task and headed for it getting this half demon who's life was lil to not happy at all. Being a freak among his people who took the opportunity to make a big name for himself and took the job. The young half demons name is Hon? he is a tall skinny young kid with a mask over his face to hid it from his people all he had was red eyes and the power to control fire just from moving his arms. He was set to find Ratchet and the gang who were travailing around working odd jobs and training till one day the mask boy found them. At 1st he just came in blindly attacking Ratchet and the gang his power was great and he easily took Ratchet and the others down. Luckily Ratchets speed saved him a lot and gave him a way to fight back and so the two would fight. But it was not a long one as he beat ratchet down hard. Taking one gem was the only thing he could be as Kaohru almost cut his arm off. This was a big hit for the gang and they now had to work harder to get it back. It would be a bit before Hono would come for the other Gem they had and this time Ratchet and the others where ready and the fight would start. After almost a full day of fighting both sides were tired hurt and ready to be done. It was not till after a moment of reason from Jax about nova and what the gems can do Hono slowly simmered down and after a bit of talking and retaliation of being trick by Nova Hono joined the gang and took them to get back the gem he stole from them.

After a big fight with another boss and getting the gem back Hono gained respect for the gang and went with them to free the land from nova. With this the head of Nova got piss that all his hit men and traps failed so he would take this fight to them before they got any more of the gem. The gang found out about the next gems spot and set out for it but the only problem is that it was in a big underground base that only someone who knows machines could get in and out with a problem. Well that is what they found a teen made the news for braking into a high tech bank and messing with things just for fun. After meeting the young tech genies of 18 she was more than willing to take nova down a few pegs as they took over her mothers life work living them nothing. So happy to help them Jessy joined the gang witch now had. Jess was a green haired punk kid who love metal music and had soft blue eyes with black glass over them. Ratchet 17 Ace 15 Hono 19 Kaohru 16 Jessy 18 and Jax old. Getting into this underground bass suck big time it took them for ever to get in than they had a big boss fight and after that right when they where heading out the head of nova Maximilien Nova showed his face to the gang. See the gang was not just getting the gyms they were also taking down Nova any way they could and freeing a bunch of city's by doing so making Nova loss money. This made Maximilien piss and he wanted to end this now so he attack using only half of his power that he got from strange demonic powers he was super strong super fast and hard to beat. The only way they got out of that place alive was Jax he sacrifice himself so that the young kids could get out and away with the sky blue gem. This made the gang fall deep into depreciation and for months loft around in petty as he help them get out and bout them together and now for the 1st time they were on there own.

After a few months the gang was on the lamb as the hole land almost was after them for Nova put a hit out on them if they are found alive well its more cash than they could count. It was not till one day they met a lone gray hared teen with purple eyes. This teen was known as the 2 shot kid as only 2 shots and he hits his target or Dax for short. He took the task of bringing the gang in witch he almost did. After finding them fighting them almost killing one another it took a bit of perspective for Ace to find out that he was doing it to help his orphanage with this Ratchet and Ace know what it would take and made a plan to not only get him the cash but to get the last Gem as well. So with this the gang set out Ratchet 19 Ace 17 Hono 21 Kaohru 18 Jessy 20 and now Dax age 19. The new gang left for the biggest robbery of they life's. Dax took Ratchet, Ace, Hono, and Kaohru in leaving Jessy outside in the get away van and also to hack into Novas main program. So with this Dax gave Maximilien the 3 gems and the gang over. Needless to say he was super happy at Daxs work and handed him over the cash than shouting to get out witch he did and left. Now the time had come to this Maximilien was talking about how they should naiver have gone agent his will and that they will all be gone soon. After a moment of talking a placing the gems in a big generator as he smirks softly. He could not let them go or live as he would show them and everyone what would happen if they fuck with nova. Just than the top window would shadier as glass fly every ware and the generator just stop working. This was the plan Dax was on the building over with his eyes set on them prize with the cash in hand he would not help his new friends to stop nova for good setting free Ratchet and the others. With this the fight was on. Power was going on and off as guns were going off fire was every ware blood hit the walls and a all out war was under way Ratchet went right for Maximilien as he had gotten strong over his bit of time off and the two would fight but Ratchet was no mach from him on his own. It was at this time Maximilien would retread with the Gems leaving two of his strongest men to face off with them gang terns out it was the same men that killed Ratchets grandfather. This made Ratchet mad and he would fight long and hard agents the men but in the end he could not bring himself to do it to kill them as they did to his grandfather but before he could do that the building started to fall an they had to get out so instead of killing them like he was hopping to do for the last few years he saved them from the falling kingdom in the sky. After that the two men got to talking about thing and how even after all this time after this much bad they have done they wanted to do right by Ratchet and by all who they had caused pain. There eyes were open and now with that they joined the gang to stop Nova from what he will do as they know what he wanted to do with the Gems now. So with that it was now Ratchet, Ace, Hono, Kaohru, Jessy, Dax, and now Solomon a full demon and Lugnut a genital man tank. With this the gang was bigger and the time to stop Nova was at hand.

So with this The gang left for central city and for 2 month they work hard and fast till the night came the night of the red moon. With the red moon and the Gem Maximilien was going to open up a portal to the sprite world and open his true power to take over the world and no one could stop him. So the time came they had to move fast as the moon was just in alinement with the tower they would attack shutting down power taking out guards and century bots moving fast till they reach the top of the tower where Maximilien stood surrounded by the gems smirking he would now half to fight as the 4 generals he had fell and his two top men are traitors he would half to take things into his own hands and so he did and attack the fighting would last long with Ratchet and the others fighting nova but Maximilien was piss now more so than ever so he singled out Ratchet and attacks. Right left punches are flying both Ratchet and Maximilien fighting at full power Ratchet going on speed Nova by power. The tower felt as if it was shaking apart as the moon hit the right spot and Nova did the spell. Soon a big beam of light came from the sky down into the town lighting it up as Nova got his true power turning into a wired dragon demon like thing that busted out of the building screaming lout this was it they had to stop it. As the Gems lay dead on the ground Ratchet grab them putting them in his backpack than rushing after the dragon along with the gang. Demons started attacking the city panic was filling the streets they had to stop him now or they might loss there home. Ratchet and the gang got onto the back of the dragon after fighting off a lot of demons and making there way to the head of the drag. Going in they found Nova attached to the bran stem as he smirks softly and the fight would start one last time. The fight raged on for ever it would seam and from the looks of it the gang was losing. Till Ratchet took the empty Gem shells and wish that they gave him some power any to stop Nova from winning. With that the Gems started to glow bright as the power would seep into him some giving him a big super power bust with this ratchet could fight the dragon his hair turning silver his eyes as well and he could now fly. The two would fight hard and fast till soon ratchet push the dragon back into the portal as the two would fight harder he move back using all the power he had the blast the dragon closing the gate locking the dragon away for ever he hope. With the dragon gone the demons would all be killed who crossed over from the portal and giving power back into the gems. As Ratchet stood on the tower rain falling down washing away the blood and death he smiles saying softly " If you ever want to play again nova I will be hear to show you your place any time."

With the Gems back to the earth temples the gang had nothing more to do but disperse after one thing. They all help fix Ratchets work shop and that is where Ratchet is today and the gang they are great. Ace and Jessy are now dating and working together on some new power source to help the world move on and heal from the scars. Hono is travailing the world enjoying life for a time. Kaohru headed home to become head of her clan and lead them to a beater tomorrow. Dax took the cash and spent it on the orphanage giving them food and a lot of worm clothing helping them a lot. Solomon and Lugnut are now retired travailing across the land fixing what they broke. That was 2 years ago Ratchet is now 21 years old and loving life a free guy working at his work shop loving life and could not be happier. But there is a storm coming a big one at that terns out Maximilien had a son and he is piss off for the gang killing his father Nova will rise and the world beater hold on for the ride.-
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"Movie #1: The Sapphire Moon!!5/14/12
-In this great, vast, and powerful universe filled with suns, giant planets, and asteroids there is one tiny planet. This planet known as the earth is filled with mystery, superstition, and life berth place of the human race. Humans for the longest time have wanted to touch the havens and fly to other places beyond this world to see if other life not just are own could be out there in the deep darkness of space. So for this human work hard on reaching that dream making big machines that spit out fire and letting the humans reach out so that they can touch the havens and go throw space. Or as we like to call them rockets.

For the longest time rockets could only take us to are moon and back and only a few other places after that. That is till scientist found a new power source hidden away deep deep down inside of are moon. This power could make rockets go farther than ever before and along with that it aloud us to make warp holes taking only moments witch would normally take hours. See human kind has always been moving up going from under ground to flying in the sky's to going into space. And now with this new source of power the humans can go farther and higher than before. But with all this humans still had so much questions to be ask like now that they can go out into space and mine for this new type of power what would they find. Some people believe that humans fell to this world from a craft others think god or gods put them hear.

The big questions that had no true answer as no one knows truly how we got hear and what we are going to do on this planet guess that's why humans keep moving up higher and higher. by the year 2086 technology improved giving way to hover cars, ships and even warp gates that let us get to all are sister planets expanding the human race so over population was a thing of the past now. But with the good comes the bad it had not hipped yet but it could some scientist think that with the warp holes it could poke a hole in another part of the universe or another realm in witch life far more stronger than are own might live. And with that the human race could be taken out like blowing out a candle or crushing a bug. But money is power right so a lil scare wont stop anything but a scare like this is where are story starts.

On the earth there is a grope or corporation that is head of the warp gates technology and any space program in the world that grope is called nova. Now nova is into some wired stuff see they own most of the stuff we use ever day cars computers ships anything. Some people even say that nova owns the earth and part of other planets. This being a joke but it is vary close of being true. Now like I was saying nova is into some wired stuff the head of the corporation is run by none other than Maximilian Tsubasa and his family. His wife Kasumi and there 22 year old son satosh who is in training to become the next president of the company. But you see the wired thing about nova is that along with using new technology they have well found a way to use sorcery as well. This dark act that they use is how a lot of there stuff works. People dont know how but always there warp gates and things like that work and no one can copy it or anything.

Now nova got ther sorcery powers by braking a taboo in witch they took the vary sole of this planet and used it to power there greed. When I say they took the sole I mean they took the sole of the planet. 4 Gems that were formed by some say gods others say the planet itself all the same 4 Gems made from. Fire, Water, Earth, and Air people have come to think that the gems gave life to this world some how some way.

Now I beat you are thinking how do I know of the gems well it is simple my name is ratchet and this is my story. When I was young about 7 or 8 my mother and father were in a big ship accident and killed leaving me to stay with my grandfather and for a time it work he had no one I had no one and with that we became vary close. He work for nova as a factory worker and ran about 4 factory's of theirs. One day he found out about what they were truly doing and how they got the gems. Nova stole it from monks who were guarding them and yet were to week to fight back. After finding this out the down right great man my grandfather was he took one gem the Air gem. That night I still remember in my head like it was the other day.

My grandfather came home in a panic with the gem as some of novas muscle had found out he took it and came after him. He gave the gem to me and told me "Ratchet go into the basement and do not come out what ever you hear stay there..I love you." That was the last I heard from my grandfather as after that the goons came in he tried to fight but could not and that night at the age of 10 I lost my grandfather. The workshop we lived in was a mess when I finally came out tears down my face the goons gone thinking he hid it some were else. I found my grandfather laying there dead on the ground blood all over it was truly scaring. I walk over to his body fell to the ground with the gem in my hand and just started to cry and cry and cry. After a moment of trying to get him up and crying some of his blood fell onto the gem. At this time the gem was covered in my tears and the weirdest thing happened it started to glow a big blue light. I did not see it till it was to late.

With that it zap me throwing me to the ground changing my life for ever at 1st I did not notes anything but when I look in the shatter glass window and seen myself I was shock. My hair had trend blue my eyes golden. I did not know what was up but before I could do anything the goons came back. They spotted me and all I could do was run leaving the gem and my grandfather behind. At 1st I could not tell anything I was moving so fast from being scared that I did not know how fast I was going till I almost rain into traffic. I dont know how or why but that night the gem made me fast vary fast super fast. Maybe this was a sign that it wanted me to save them from nova and bring them home. So 10 years old I made it so to bring them back home and save this world are home world from nova and there scaring on this planet.

So for 10 years I would fight and fight and fight till soon I freed the gems and took them back to were they had to go right. well come on I got 3 out of the 4 gems all that is left is the air gem and from what I have hear it is being taken off of planet to keep safe from me steeling it. See over the years I have learn a few things how to steal, how to fight, never ask a girl how old or how have she is, and that to naiver give up on humanity. I've made friends over the years all wanting to stick it to nova as much as I do to do what is right even if it is the wrong thing to do. Now with the last big gem hist and getting my one friend his honor back the team split up for some R and R but me I em going for the last gem.

It was a nice cool night out in the city of Kaon the city of the last known gem and berth place of the warp gates. Like normal the city was filled with people walking and moving around being a Friday night the bars were filled with people. But with all the fun the city was now filled with cop after cop watching the street for anything wired. At this time Ratchet was walking down the street. He was 21 years old now and had changed a lot over the years. His hair was now short spiky blue hair he was waring red and white boots with jeans a white t shirt and red cote over that. He also had fingerless gloves on and a black backpack. He was walking along slowly down the street till he came to the center of the city were in front of him was a vary big tower that had nova on the side of it. AKA novas home headquarters. The time was 9:00 in the morning they would be taking the Gem of world so Ratchet only had this amount of time before he could get to it. Lil did he know that this adventure will take him deeper down the rabbit hole than he would like and the owner of the Gems will come to gems will come to reclaim them as his own.-
Blog #24/13/12
Ok cheek this out vary simple thing to ask.
If you could be a bender in the wonderful world of avatar what tip of bender would you be? Now I em also talking about the links as well so metal, sand, lightning, ice that sort of thing. For me I know what I would be hands down water I can go with the flow and adapt to change. So tell me what bender are you???
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Blog #14/6/12
So we all know that almost every anime has a strapping young man with spiky hair, sex appeal, and a heart of gold. Who bands together with his friends and rivals to stop a bad guy who is going to threaten the world in sum way and no one can stop him. but in the end the hero fight the bad guy wins and more than less gets the girl who he travels around with and all is save and people finally know he is a great person.

Now in a lot of anime the hero is always well I will put it frank hot sexy strong thin and fit with a six pack and so on. So what I em asking is this would you watch a anime if the main hero was over what or fat. And I em not talking about a funny anime I em talking like bleach or DBZ things like that. So would you watch it if the main hero was fat let me know ok?