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"BaabbyCakkesss'' ♥"

TOP 50 =] x Memorys of melissa and becky ;) 2/16/09
1. moaning
2. foot massarger
3. dribbling cows
4. chased by cows
5. 999 , 5 scars on the line
6. The man in the dark
7. comdom and coke bottle
8. Gobstopper
9. Josh
10. Dance comp ( roll in )
11. Danny :L
12. House Fone fit (BUTTONS)
13. Pissed 1 (callum)
14. pissed 2 ( Mike)
15. Will (Pinky)
16. Baby Arm (dads fone)
17. come give me big hug
18. Deont .. "i cant see it "
19. sliped and striped in de fild ( WARNING wear nappys)
20. calmore dont get gobby with the boy :L
21. the hand ( oh look ur heaters hot)
22. Day & Night Good Song Becky ;)
23. on cam ( look how flexy i am ) :O :L
24. cumbiar my lord :L
25. mc , melissa n becky ;)
26. mexican hats and pj's mann ;)
27. burn ur arm or whatt :L
28. my hampster , dont sit on it :L
29. the mixtury with backing powder OMG !
30. yes we are sad we still play with magic sand :L
31. hyped in town FACE PAINTS
32. Pizza ;)
33. head wars (yes we craeted)
34. suzie licks toungs :L
35. happy cheese in lynd , ermm bbz der aint 1 :L
36. asda trolly :L
37. old lady BUMMING :L
38. she got her perc nikked ;) :L
39. bus .. the man has sumit in de bag
40. the man has now pissed himself
41. the baby touches the bag :O ooohhh no u didnt
42. i like how much .. oh shit he a pakii :L
43. washing hair dwn the fone
44. sunbathing dwn ford lake , the men in the car , becky in the tong LETS DANCE :L
45. Puby ;)
46. Bee .. BUZzzzZzzz ... GET IT OUT :L ( no il jus hit it ) :L
47. fake tan harry ;)
48. abi mel bexi simone n pubi ;) OIOI an STopps... RUNN
49. Lost The FlipFlop :L
50. Bubbly Bubbly Bubbly .. babe u got taretss :L

all these mamorys .. thats not all .. thank you huni .. uv made my life so worth while ... LoveYou So Much Baby Sis xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

love you always bex

love melissa x
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