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i was sitting under a few black rocks for shelter i had found tht nite. just feeling the cold wind feircely rushing through the trees. howling like a black hound with no home, i felt as though my weeping wouldnt do any good. i tri too sleep but the constant cry for help, and the murmers of disolving souls kept me awake, almost ripping the flesh off my bones, i felt the blood rushing thruu my body as the agony of self hate struck for my unforgiving sins.

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No I didnt write it :P I Wish.

And jess its not shit.
Thou Shalt Not Make Generic Repeditive Pop Music.11/19/07
Okay.. Just putting this out there.
Is it just me or do these pop artists all seem vaguley similar:
Mariah Carey

And people.. PLEASE tell me if you spot a 50 cent clip that doesnt have any of the following:
Some sex refrence
Dancing black women
Some refrence to cash or bling

And name ONE 50 Cent song that doesnt show him as one of the main part of the clip.

not trying to diss anyones taste... Like I always say:
Your entitled to your opinion, as long as its not a crap one.
Atheism Arguments - Taken from the Bebo Atheism home page9/28/07

1. Religion is an outdated concept in many ways. Now, there are alot of far more logical ways of explaining things that religion tried to explain many years ago, and these have evidence to support them.

2. The basis of theistic religion is faith, which is belief in something without evidence. If every religious person says they believe because of faith, they can't all be right.

3. Some people follow their religion because they fear nothingness after death. If the reason for their faith is simply fear, then their faith can't exactly be very strong.

4. In the Abrahamic religions, God is depicted as all-knowing and all seeing. So God knows what has happened, what is happening and what is going to happen. Apparently, we all have free will, and can choose to do good or evil. This contraditcs itself. If God knows the future then the future is pre-determined. Simply put, we can makeany choices if the choices are already known.

5. For the same reason as #4, there can be no Heaven or Hell.

6. God's omnipotence, or total power. Could god create a stone so heavy that he could not lift it, or make a chilli so hot that he couldn't eat it?

7. Religious faiths don't believe in any gods except for their own, so we're just doing the same thing as them when we say we don't believe in any gods. Except we're going that little bit further, as we don't have a god of our own.

8. At the time God supposedly destroyed the earth in a flood, the Egyptian civilisation was in full swing, and I don't think they were mermaids.

9. It's fair to say that alot of people who were brought up Christian would not be Christian if they weren't brought up like that, and thought about their beliefs.

10. The bible shows the "direct" line of adam. And if you take it literally, which most Christians do, then you believe the earth is a few thousand years old. Due to carbon dating(which is a theory which has actual proof), this is evidently incorrect.

11. Back to the age of the earth. Rocks are a pretty closed system you'd agree? Not many ways we can tamper. Yet uranium/carbon dating shows the earth is many billions of years old. There are numerous different elements that back this up(as in rock elements - not just relying on carbon).

12. Cave paintings? Adam and his friends I suppose.

13. Morality: I could, according to most religions I could live my life, being a good person. You know, not kill anyone, try to love my neighbour and lead a moral life. But I'd still go to Hell for being atheist. However, I could be a murderer or worse, but repent and go to heaven?

14. Another point on morality - Doesn't someone, even though they do not hold theist beliefs, who sins then sets out to put what they did wrong right, deserve better than a religious person who sins then merely prays for forgiveness?

15. Killing someone for STEADYING the Lord's covenant box (where is the justice in that?)[2 Samuel 6:7], condoning rape -[deut. 21:14] says that the woman was forced to have intercourse. There are far more than this, but if you want to know what they are, read the Bible.

16. People before religion - did they all go to hell? What about mentally disabled people, or babies who cannot be taught about God? Do they go to Hell as well?

17. The very idea of faith - Belief in something without logical thinking or evidence, acceptance of something that you have no idea about in the slightest.

18. God's promise not to interfere with the choices/lives of man . [Gen 2:16 and 4:7, Deut. 11:27 and 30:19, Josh. 24:15, 1 Kings 18:21, Prov. 1:29, Isaiah 66:3, Jer. 8:3, I Cor. 9:17]

However, the very fact that he sent his "son" and delivered his word (not to mention flooding it and killing everyone) rather rubs against the claim that he doesn't interfere. Indeed, if (by this line of logic) he can interefere, then why does he not strike people who worship other gods/atheists down where they stand?

19. - The bible has been edited throughout time by the Romans and the Catholic church. Can you really believe something that has been extensively edited for the sole purpose of influencing the beliefs of common people to make them easier to rule?

20. The unbelievable amount of hypocrisy, for example the hoarding of wealth - Vast amounts of money are spent on elabourate churches and statues, and many members of the Church live in luxury, yet the amount spent on helping the poor is nothing compared with all of this. Another example is the amount of genocides and homocides which are commited against 'enemies of God'(ie - anyone with a different belief) in the Bible.