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YMI tour11/9/09
Well We recently got an offer from YAP to go on a tour which originally was 3 dates, one in stirling, one in glasgow and then one in good ol' livi

We were obviously excited about this so decided to go for it. then another date gates added this was motherwell. So as time has went on we decided to gear up write some new material and just generally get our asses in gear. and we pulled it off :)

Unfortuently sophie had trouble getting to the motherwell and stirling leg of the tour so we drafted in Ally Stirrit from Talisman Rise. So we got together jammed out some stuff and practiced with him for only 2 hours.

So we wnt to motherwell at the starka bar which is a tiny venue, Unfortunently the on stage sound was horrible and i feel we played alright but we knew we could do better.

We then went to stirling the following night and Put on one hell of a performance i would say so myself. Even though we had a temp drummer we came on and kicked ass and compared to the below average gig the night before this was day and night, everything went better than expected. We kicked ass and felt the atmosphere at the tollbooth in stirling. This Definently was a good night.

So we then went home that night and the next day awoke to a brand new day :D . we made our way to glasgow and sophie had returned from a bad case of Tonsilitis as well as a bunch of other stuff. That night we played an epic set and seemed to go down very well in glasgow having the croud pay attention and even throwing medals into the crowd as well as using silly string on them mwahahahaha. We threw out some Cd's as i do feel we need to get a fanbase outside of Livingston and need to definently expand into the glasgow and edinburgh scene and perhaps get a foothold there. However hopefully that will come soon enough

The crowd in Glasgow seemed to like us and really seemed to enjoy themselves. So on came the saturday in livingston. We had advertised constantly told everyone and advertised alot unfortunetly the turn out didn't seem as good as i had hoped and had definently tried my best to sell out the place but alas I'm glad for the people who did come.

So all the bands seemed to go down really well with the livi crowd and i thought we played a kick ass set to the end of a very long and amazing tour :) . Definently check out all these bands State of mind, 4 Day weekend and Aid N Disaster :)

remeber guys, Keep it metal and support your local scene :D
So... Sup?10/24/09
Hiho guys, Coco here :D

Well i've not posted anything up on here for a Long while. However it currently is 5:54am after a long shift so forgive me if something slips my mind :)

Well after Armadale and Deans and such we've just been doing the usual. Taking gigs as they come one at a time just doing our thing. We won rock platform which was very tough and we didn't actually think we would win it but o well we must have done something right :D Since then we have been trying to expand to other places and playing different gigs, as well as all trying to help out Yap music and Fuse music (check out both of them). Just all contributing in ways we can.

Currently we're looking to play brand new places and some new faces. and maybe even keep seeing those Beautifull new faces. :D We currently are going to play in linlithgow in a week, as well as being part of the Youth Music inititive tour. which will take us to Motherwell, Glasgow, Stirling and then back to craigshill :) We will be playing with some really cool guys, and some really talented bands. These include: State of mind, Aid n disaster and 4 day weekend. After the workshop yesterday i really think this is gonna be a laugh and some really good fun.

As well as that we've been writing some new material. Hopefully you guys will enjoy them and maybe even think of new and creative ways to entertain us as we entertain you. As the audience makes the gig and seeing people just enjoying themselves because of us makes me very VERY happy.

A well I feel i've spraffed, Keep it metal, Keep safe and keep supporting your local music scene.
Deans battle of the bands 3/10/09
LOL Smiley We played well, But seriously worst gig ever XD

9 bands (as far as i remember) with 10 minutes each.

PA was good so i was sorted as for equipment wise for the rest of the band shambles :S utter shambles. Because the school didn't let whoever organized the event use any of the equipment most of the bands brought in whatever amps they could which eventually failed on the night due to stress.

So we were third on and as soon as we come on the first amp of the night seemed to break. Not good trying to get an amp sorted while 200 people stare at you waiting. Eventually we ended up using one of several small amps and continued to play.

Atmosphere seemed to be killed due to everyone being seated. An entire Theatre of people staring out at you as your running around trying to make everyone atleast move and seem to enjoy themselves is extremly tough. So Grabbing the wireless mic and running up the stairs into the crowd just to sing/scream at people. Hooray Grin The set went well and nothing was mentioned. We played Lunar Cry, Punchy Facey, and a medley which consisted of tails of Meowth, Scurvey Dog and Domination (By pantera) which all 3 songs went down very well and the medley atleast worked and i enjoyed the gig except for crowd seated and technical difficulties.

A band called A simple outfit won 1st place. Must say very tight band and looking forward to seeing them again at rock platform on the 19th Cool. An Acoustic act who's name was Dale (can't remeber second name) came second and i can't remeber third place's name since the weekend has now officially passed. Also really enjoyed grace of aces!

Now heres the part which has actually got me a bit Pissed off unfortunently. I find out the next day we were disqualified which to be honest doesn't bother me, What did bother me was they didn't say it at the time or on the night. Which really really really bugs me. The reason we were disqualified was due to me standing on the bass drum which i can see why if i had damaged it but i had not. They classed this as a "Dangerous Stunt" which i find rediculous but maybe the forum will disagree who knows :)

Ah well atleast names been spread to more masses of people. Hopefully people enjoyed the night and hopefully remember us :)
Battle of the Bands!11/26/08
Hey dudes nd Cumdumpsters! It was really stiff compitition at armadale but our hearts and bodies, souls and dicks prevailed! It was a really close call between us, KYOKUDO, and this other band, but we out cheered them so thanks to our old fans and the fans we made at that guys know who you are, thanks especially to Joe mother fuckin Vaslot and Flame Hat CHRIS for helping out.

not pleased that we had to cut our oncore short for time reasons buuuuuuuuuuuut...

shit happens and it seemed to have been enough to win the hearts of the crowd XD

That trampoline was aweVsome
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Summer is here7/5/08
Summer is here and we currently can't perform because we are without members of the band for three whole weeks :'( it will be ok and we will keep on the eternal quest to perform for all you lovely people :)

Due to the recent name change we have had alot of people saying that we shouldn't have changed it and we do agree but at the same time disagree. We did love being called the constipated hobo's but since the start we all loved the name then slowly realised if we get bigger who's gonna put up with that name, so best change the name now and we will hopefully get some stuff organised for you lovely people and make sure we get better and better everytime you see us.

Going to possibly organise a gig at the end of the summer maybe a week before school. need to really get it organised but if i do any bands interested
if you are get in contact with me and i'll organise it when i've got time, which currently i have loads off.

also i notice a lack of feedback from the gigs so please feel free to comment about gigs it would really be helpfull and we love criticism so do it :P

From coco :P

WELL FIRST (kinda) GIG3/30/08
Well our first official Gig :D :D :D :D :D :D

Riverside primary school organized by gordon and the Y.A.P

went well using a magic short straw technique we got put on first (god damn jonathans luck :P ) which i thought might happen so we had planned for it. still a little annoying :) crowd was dead when we started but we warmed em up so much that the fire alarm went off >_> lol

we played threw "a battle with myself "song and heard it and i kinda asked if we should do something (at the end of the song naturally) no responce so kept playing (come on very rock and roll :P )

half way threw "lets run" (with the fire alarm still going off i might add) amps and mics got cut and we kinda went erm wtf? but we had to go out because of fire brigade. after about 5-10 minutes outside in the cold with everyone else went in picked up from where we left off.

the last two songs - "highway to hell" and "rebellion" went down a treat :) got crowd singing along to highway and a moshpit to rebellion :)

other bands that were playing that night where
- The bridges
-Nikki (our bassist) doing a solo act
-the Phsycs
- Fragments Of Faith

overall a VERY good night and more to come from the constipated hobo's :)
P.S. (any videos or pictures please send to my email or msg me bebo for me to steal them from your bebo)