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Roleplay Rules11/29/10

Text-talking. - Somehow this has become a huge issue for bebo and it?s slightly annoying to us roleplayers who actually try and be better each time we reply. It's not that we think it's gay and hard, we get when you?re on a phone it's hard but text-talking is for mobiles and even then the people on mobiles can reply with full correct words! So why can't you if you have word and Google at your hand when you're not on the mobiles? Hmmm?

God-moding. - Again, a huge problem. The thing about this is that maybe we don't want to do what you need us to do. Maybe we don't want to walk with you, talk to you or see you. Not being mean or anything but maybe we just don't want to do what you have in mind. It's annoying though when we clearly refuse it yet you bringing in control over our characters which makes it not roleplay between too but roleplay by you and you only. >.>

Slang. - This isn't a freaking gang bang, chillax out or get together. This is roleplay. A writing social network where you WRITE not freaking gang talk to each other. It is completely annoying when you have NO idea what anyone is saying using the freaking slang. Nothing against it, just don't understand it; please don't use it on my page thanks.

Pictures. - They are mine. Not me, but mine. I worked hard to find them, worked hard to get the female and male images I am using for them. They took up hours of my time and I would greatly appreciate it if you would ask to take some of them instead of just doing it because I'm a nice person and I would let you take them and even give you the names and help you find someone to use as your image. I have a list of the girls similar to this one I am using but not so keen on the males. I can help you look thought since I am a nice person

Smilies. - I realize bebo has redone there smilies and they are ULTRA cute but please please please DONT use them on my page because you don't use them when talking to someone or writing a paper. That?s how you should treat roleplay, like a story because that?s what it is; a story. No smilies in comments leave it for OOC (Out of character) please.

Roleplaying/FAKE. - Wooo I'm a fake and I'm damn proud to say it. I am not the images of the male OR female, how could I be both honestly? I'm not Anastasia or Christina Aguilera wish I was but I'm not. I'm a girl thank you very much and I will continue to roleplay until they shut the site down. I have been here for 2 years now and it has populated greatly. I know what I'm doing during roleplay so DONT coach me on how to do it. I'm open to helping and giving tips to anyone who may want to learn.

Out Of Character. - So I'm a girl like I said above and I will let you know who I am, but I will give you a nickname people have given me since you need to call me by something when chatting in OOC. :] You can call me * Amanda * in OOC.

Comments & Mail. - I do roleplay in both mail and comments because I hate sending multiple comments at a time so if my roleplay is short and crappy, comments is gay and short. Lol, and mail hides from the nosy gits who need to read comments and shit to get ideas on their characters. :] My characters, my stories. So mail is longer and better for me if you want to see my talent mail me but I don't mind comments either.

Starters. - I do send starters but if you ask most of the time you will end up starting. Don't argue with me if I ask unless I'm in a good mood. I may randomly send a starter when you ask but often I will re-ask you to start seeing how you're so needing to roleplay with me

Adding. - Don't add me then talk to me. If your profile is private, don't comment me; mail me because it makes no sense if I can't reply!! :] If I add you, mostly I will send you a starter but I may not if I'm completely busy.

Have fun. - If you break any of my rules; I will either tell you or not reply. If I don't reply, you may want to recheck this and see what you did wrong. Thank you for reading my rules.
My Characters :)1/13/10
Here are the Characters I roleplay :

[ 1 ]

Name : Anastasia Collier
Age : 22
Species : Angel / Human.
Hometown : Earth.
Sex : Female.
Occupation : Singer / Doctor.
Hair and Eye Color : Blonde / Blue.
Sexuality : Straight.
Status : Engaged, Jeff Collier
Portrayed By : Christina Aguilera

[ 2 ]

Name : FBI Agent Norman Jayden.
Age : 24
Species : Human
Hometown : Lexington
Sex : Male
Occupation : FBI Agent
Status : Single.
Sexuality : Straight.
Hair/Eye Colour : Black Hair / Hazel Eyes
Portrayed By : Daniel Craig.

[ 3 ]

Name : Dr. Adam Trueman
Age : 23
Species : Human
Sex : Male
Occupation : Doctor
Status : Single
Sexuality : Straight
Hair / Eye Colour : Brown / Hazel eyes
Portrayed By : Tristan Gemmill.

[ 4 ]

Name : Matt Sanders
Age : 26
Species : Human
Sex : Male
Occupation : CSI Lab/ Mailman
Status : Single
Sexuality : Straight
Hair/Eye Colour : Light Brown / Hazel Eyes
Portrayed By : AJ Buckley.

[ 5 ]

Name : Matt Bellamy
Age : 28
Sex : Male
Status : Single
Occupation : Lead Singer, Muse
Sexuality : Straight
Hometown : Cambridge
Hair / Eye Colour : Black / Blue
Portrayed By : Matthew Bellamy