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NEW Group Albums

Going to upload certain peoples artwork into photo albums on the page, if anyone is against having their work in a photo album leave a comment and you won't go in.
Competition Guidelines11/6/07
These are the guidelines for the competitions. If you have any questions about them comment at the end.

Each entrant may submit one entry, it can be any media, unless otherwise stated in the competition, and relate to the theme set in the competition.
Entries will be added to an album on the group page and then a poll will be created with the images for voting by group members.

Important: You must tell me where to find your entry on your profile so I can add it to the competition album or you can add it to the photo stream and it will be added to the album from there. Please tell me if you've added it to the photo stream and title it with the name of the competition so I select the right image. You can message or comment my profile with this information.

As only 5 options can be added to a poll, multiple polls will be made if the number of entries exceeds 5 and the winners of these polls will then be voted on against each other.

Competitions will run for a maximum of 3 weeks
Voting will run for a maximum of 1 week

First competition will launch in one week.