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Save lives this Mother's Day3/11/10
Pregnancy is not a disease, yet it kills one woman every minute. Almost all of these deaths are preventable and 95% of them occur in developing countries. Poverty, violence and a lack of education all contribute.

It doesn't have to be this way.

That's why we're asking the next UK Government to make every day Mother's Day and ensure that every pregnancy is wanted, every birth safe and every child healthy.

We need your help to achieve this. Upload a photo, or send an email, it's vital that we all do what we can to stop millions of women dying each year.

Play your part now:
Portishead sign to Amnesty International!12/10/09
Today is Human Rights Day and to celebrate Portishead are releasing a brand new track "Chase the Tear" for Amnesty International.

We are thrilled that Portishead have chosen to work with us and have delivered this great track. Amnesty is already lucky to have the support of some incredible artists in all fields and now Portishead?s involvement is launching us into a new area of work with musical artists.

The track will be available as an exclusive download single from 7 digital (, with all proceeds going towards Amnesty?s human rights work.
Is your bank funding cluster bombs?12/7/09
One third of all recorded cluster bomb casualties are children. Yet despite efforts to ban these indiscriminate weapons, 138 banks and other financial institutions continue to invest over US$20 billion in companies that produce them.

Cluster bombs are large explosive weapons that scatter dozens or hundreds of smaller submunitions over a wide area. They cannot distinguish between military targets and civilians. Many submunitions fail to detonate on impact and, like landmines, continue to kill and maim people long after the conflict has ended.

A recent report* finds that UK high street banks are lending or providing investment banking services to cluster bomb producers to the tune of:

? Barclays: US$274 million
? HSBC: US$657 million
? Royal Bank of Scotland (includes NatWest): US$64 million

That could be YOUR cash. And if there?s one thing banks can?t do without, it?s customers: tell your bank to stop this shameful practice once and for all. If you?re not a customer of these banks you can still contact them to let them know that you find their investment in producers of cluster bombs totally unacceptable.

Send an email to stop this now:
Live webchat with Shell - today!7/23/09
The time has come - At 1400 BST today, we are having a live webchat with Shell.

We need to ask tough questions about Shell?s human rights and environmental practices in the Niger Delta - and we want you to take the lead.

Get involved and register now
Make Shell come clean7/3/09
How would you feel if an oil spill ruined your garden, polluted your water supply and meant it was much harder to make a living? This is the reality for many communities living in the Niger Delta.

Shell's damaging practices in this region have resulted in decades of pollution, killing the rivers and farmland that locals depend upon: Keeping them in poverty.

We want Shell to come clean about this, to stop the leaks, clean up the mess and publish data about their human rights impact in the region.

We need your help to make this a reality, so if you want to get involved and do your bit then head to
Refugee Week 20096/12/09
Once a year, every year, Amnesty International and a whole host of other organisations get together to celebrate the contribution of refugees to the UK. It's important that we overcome some of the misconceptions those already in Britain have about refugees and that we find ways to share each others experiences and culture.

There's a lot you an do during this week to get involved, from going to an event to taking action online. Here's a few to get you started...

1. Do something really small to make a big difference. From reading a book about exile to playing a game of football with some refugees, there's something that everyone can do at

2. Attend an event such as a photo exhibition or a play about refugees. Full listings can be found here:

3. Tell us what the word ?refuge? means to you. Loads of people have already done this, you?ll find one of them in the video below, and a bunch of others on Wordia.

We have a full list of stuff to do here:

Let us know how it goes!

Stop the imminent execution of Delara Darabi in Iran4/17/09
Delara Darabi is due to be executed on Monday for a murder which took place when she was 17 years old and she claims she didn't commit.

In the past, Iran has commuted death sentences after international outcry, so we think this campaign could really make a difference. We?re urging people to take action and spread the word about Delara?s story.

So, share this link with your friends, send an email, and attend our vigil in London if you can.

Full details:
Executions on the rise3/26/09
This week we released our annual death penalty report. It revealed that in the last year 2,390 people have been executed around the world. This is over 1,000 more than in 2007. China was responsible for 72% of these killings, whilst Belarus is the last country in Europe to still use the death penalty.

If you find this as worrying as we do, then make sure you take action at and join us in making this cruel and inhumane punishment a thing of the past.

We're calling for a moratorium on executions in Belarus, a fair trial for Japanese death row inmate Hakamada Iwao, a halt to 128 imminent executions in Iraq, a re-trial for US citizen Troy Davis and for China to stop putting its citizens to death.

The more of us who speak up to stop executions, the more chance we have of succeeding.
Share the love on Valentine's Day2/13/09
Do your bit on Valentine's Day and show you care by checking out our heart-warming animated film; Love is a Human Right.

Alongside the video we're applying pressure to the Chinese government asking for the release of human rights activist Hu Jia.

Since his arrest, his wife, Zeng Jinyan, has been harassed and placed under house arrest, but this has not deterred her. Committed to seeing her husband freed, as well as continuing his work, she kept a blog of their struggles until the government shut it down.

The Chinese authorities have now stopped her from even visiting Hu Jia, and confiscated the letters he has been sending to her. Act now to help re-unite the family and ensure love beats all the odds.

Please share the video with everyone you can and send a letter that really matters this Valentine's Day.
Follow the 100 Days campaign2/2/09
For a daily way to help and all the latest campaign news you can also follow us on Twitter (, or grab our 100 days widget! :-)
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