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Verify Email Fix12/11/12
Hey Beboer's,

The verify email link is back in working order.

We apologize for the brief maintenance issue, but everything is A-OK again. Give thanks to the engineer team for working around the clock to get this issue fixed.

Much Luv,

Team Bebo
New Feature On Bebo!!12/5/12
Exciting News Beboers!

As the holiday season approaches, Bebo has added a new feature to the website to make your holiday shopping much easier.

SHOP.BEBO is our newly launched online store with over 30mm physical and digital goods that are growing weekly! That is A LOT of potential presents to choose from for that one stubborn relative who you can never seem to pick the right gift for.

Store Items include:
- Video Games
- Software
- Music, Movies
- eBooks
- AudioBooks
- ALL Consumer Physical Good Categories

This will be a place where social network meets cloud commerce. The store will continue to expand with transcendent features not available in the market today. With that being said, the store is being built around our users, so we will need your help and input for the store to reach its full potential.

Other features for the store include:

? Permanent Cart - Any products added to your online cart remain there until you remove them, or check them out.

? Address Book - We can now deliver your products to another address other than yours! This is perfect to send birthday gifts direct to the birthday-person themselves.

? Order History - View your history of purchases that you have made with us.

? MyWishList - Request gifts from your family and friends through all the social networks

? MyLocker -
- Easily organize and access all of your previous video game and software
downloads and serial keys
- Manage and play your music and movies
- Read your books
- Reinstall your media from any internet connected device.

? Products Reviews - Share your opinions on products with our other customers.

? Digital Tools and Features - Device Agnotic Players and Readers for all devices

? Product Details and Videos -
- Over 50,000 full length music videos, movies and video game trailers.
- Screenshots of video games and software
- Trial Downloads

We are looking forward to your reviews over the next 90 days as we implement our 2nd version of the store and client applications for mobile, windows and mac. Thank you in advance for your participation.

For help with any of our online services, please email the store-owner:

Much Luv,

Team Bebo
Season of Giving11/20/12
Hey Beboers,

As the season of giving approaches, the Bebo team has decided to spark the season off with a bang. We wanted to give thanks, appreciation and of course our luv. Did I say luv?

Yes I did. From November 20th - 25th there will be unlimited luv for all of our faithful Bebo Users.

In addition, we wanted to give thanks to the AOL users that have been patient while we've been working through some small technical glitches. Team Bebo arranged a feast with AOL and we came together to resolve our issues by sharing with one another. Well not exactly, but it sounds cooler comparing ourselves to pilgrims.

So continue to spread the giving, spread the thanks and most importantly spread the luv.

Much Luv,

Team Bebo
The Weekend of Luv Has Ended...8/1/12
Dear Bebo Users,

Unfortunately the unlimited weekend of luv has ended.

However, the popularity of the event on Bebo has persuaded us to extend the unlimited luv for the duration of the Summer Olympics!

I know, I know we are too kind. The activity of Bebo Users over the past weekend was just too exciting to cut short. We hope you continue your enthusiasm for the rest of the Summer Olympics and keep sharing the luv.

Also continue to check out our Facebook and Twitter pages for more updates at and @Bebo _ Official respectively.

Enjoy the Luv,

Team Bebo
Start Time For Unlimited Luv7/27/12
Hey Bebo Peeps,

We are starting the weekend festivities at the same time of the Olympic Ceremonies, 9 PM BST. So try your best to wait patiently for the Olympics to begin and you will be rewarded with a weekend of unlimited luv.

Good luck to all countries and enjoy the luv!

Much Luv,

Team Bebo
Sharing The Luv For The 2012 London Olympic Games7/24/12
Ladies and Gentleman of Bebo,

The 2012 London Olympic Games are finally here! How will you show your support for your respective country?

Make a group page or customize a new skin. We at Bebo encourage all users to be as creative as possible in showing their support for the Olympic Games. It's the Olympics people. Why not have some fun with it? The thing doesn't come back for another 4 years.

To spark even more enthusiasm for the Olympic Games, Bebo is giving unlimited luv for the first weekend of the Olympics from July 27th to July 29th. That's right people UNLIMITED LUV for the entire weekend. Tell your friends, tell your family, tell the first person you see after reading this.

We hope you enjoy it and Bebo wishes all athletes and countries participating in the Olympics good luck!

Lots of Luv,

Team Bebo
News! Updates! And More!6/25/12
Hey Beboers,

Have you missed us?

Sorry for the brief hiatus, but we can assure you we haven't been asleep behind the wheel. The Bebo team is still very active and intent on developing the best environment imaginable for the users.

We fixed the small issue with the notifications and we wanted to thank all Bebo users for their patience as our masterminds did their work. The notifications that weren't sending were hiding in a queue and our engineers found a way to fix this problem so it won't happen again.

The team over here has been putting all of our efforts into developing exciting new features that we know will blow you away. At the same time, we are finding solutions to every issue we encounter to make sure every Bebo User has an enjoyable experience.

As we continue to make Bebo a better place, we encourage you to keep doing your part and giving us feedback at Our team continually checks this forum and it influences many decisions for future improvements of the site.

In the meantime, feel free to contact our customer service team with any questions or issues you have and we will respond to you as quickly as we can.

Much Luv,

Team Bebo
We Messed Up... And We're Sorry!2/1/12
Dear Bebo'ers,

As you probably noticed we were out of commission for a while starting on Tuesday. We have been fortunate that in the nearly seven years that Bebo has been in operation, these glitches have been few and far between. Still, we work hard every day to keep the site constantly working and we heard from many of you -- loud and clear -- how much your lives were affected by the outage. We are both profoundly sorry and profoundly moved by the outpouring of comments on blogs, Twitter and elsewhere.

Once we had everything back up in perfect order, we realized we needed to explain what happened so Nigel from Marketing went back into storage and pulled out the Big Book of Website Excuses (2012 Edition). Among the options considered:

1. "Occupy" protesters took over Bebo.
2. Another internet company was protesting against SOPA/PIPA.
3. Time to get a new server... That Amiga 500 has gone as far as it can go.
4. Huge spike in traffic exceeded our server capacity and brought the site down.
5. Time off for the staff to watch a Harry Potter Marathon on Blu-Ray.
6. Just a publicity stunt to get more attention.
7. Government-mandated program to get users to spend more time outdoors.
8. Too many cute cat photos causes our servers to run out of disk space.
9. New policy: turn the site off one day per week to reduce greenhouse emissions.
10. It was all just a dream.

But in the end, we thought it best to just be honest and tell you the truth: we were working on some new features (pretty cool ones, I might add) and in the process we crashed the site. Embarrassing, but true. And we worked as hard as possible to restore everything as fast as we could. Unfortunately, on a site as complex as Bebo, with as many users, these things take time.

We're not going anywhere. (And even if we were, we wouldn't just disappear into the night without even saying thanks, right?) The fact is: Bebo has a fantastic future ahead and we've been working on some new things that we're truly excited about. We can't wait to share them with you, but of course we'll be a bit more careful as we roll these things out.

In the meantime, if you haven't already, check out these comments. Some are funny. Some are touching. Some are frankly kind of mean. But that's Bebo users in a nutshell, isn't it?!/search/realti...!/search/realti...

Lots of luv!

Adam (CEO)
Big News! iPhone App! Contest! and More!12/1/11
Hey, Bebo'ers!

Got some huge news to share with you all today. As many of you may recall, Bebo was one of the first social networks to put out a spiffy little iPhone app. Sadly, the app disappeared earlier this year, a casualty of the transition from AOL.

But today we're announcing that very shortly you'll be able to get your hands on a brand new Bebo Mobile App! Developed from scratch for iPhone and iPod Touch, and compatible with iPad, the Bebo Mobile App was built to make it easier, faster, and more fun to do the things you do on Bebo everyday -- wherever you are.

Here's a few sneak peeks to whet your appetite: !

You'll see the app's home page and notice that you can change your status right from there.

You'll be able to keep up with your friends' posts and comment with ease.

You'll check out your notifications, photos and more -- all on the go.

But perhaps the coolest new feature is our mobile photo uploader. Not only can you take a picture and add it straight to one of your portfolios, and not only can you upload photos from your iPhone photo library -- but you can customize those photos right on your iPhone! Add stickers (like glasses, hats or cuddly animals), jot text straight on the photo, or draw your thoughts with your finger. We've been having a blast with this here at Bebo HQ!

Pretty cool, huh? And best of all, we're launching it on December 24th as an early Christmas present to all our users. So check back here on Christmas Eve for all the details!

But wait...

We're doing it again! Our Summer of Bebo sweepstakes was such a hit that we convinced the powers-that-be to let us run one more contest before 2012.

Announcing the 25 Days of Bebo Sweepstakes! Just like last time you'll be automatically entered to win cool stuff just for doing the things you already do on Bebo. And just like last time, the game changes every day. One day you'll receive entries for every photo you upload. Another day it might be for sending friend requests or receiving Luv!

Check out all the details here: !

The contest kicks off TODAY (December 1st) and runs through Christmas (December 25th). And to celebrate the launch of our mobile app, each week we'll be giving away a brand new iPod Touch. But there's more. At the end of the contest, one lucky user will win a brand new iPad 2! So try to enter as often as you can.

Whew, that was a lot of stuff to share. More soon!

Lots of luv,
Team Bebo [b]
Bebo Users Have the Control Over Their Community11/27/11
Hey Bebo'ers!

Let's talk about bullying and bad users, for a second. Bebo wants its users to know that it is all of YOU who have the power to prevent bad users from remaining on Bebo.

Here?s how to stop bad Bebo users in their tracks:
1. Click the Report Abuse link on the misbehaved user?s profile. The Report Abuse link can be found on either the lower left-hand link bar underneath a users default picture OR if the user has their profile set to private, in the grey box on the user preview window. You can also report Bands and Groups who are in violation of Bebo rules as well.
2. Be specific! Bebo will ask you to provide both the reason WHY you are reporting and an EXAMPLE of it, as proof. (Everyone on Bebo is innocent until proven guilty, so users can?t just go making stuff up about each other.) Try to provide as much information about an example of abuse as possible.
3. Info info info! Items like member usernames, URLs to profiles or pictures, etc. are the mot helpful to the Bebo Customer Service team. Even if an account is private, a URL leading to a misbehaving member?s profile is more helpful than nothing at all!
4. Always report abuse! Even if you have reported abuse on a user before, reporting them again helps build a case against a user in the system. This allows the team at Bebo to see any history of abuse a user might have and can help separate the problematic users from a random user who happened to be a totally jerk for a day.

Bad users suck and Bebo wants you to help us keep our community clean and clear of these kinds of users!

Lots of Luv
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