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Hi! can anyone looking at this please join Yugioh fanatics' group?

And read the comment if you wish to become a moderator

Mrs Y.
My Special friends11/1/07
My Husband/Boyfriend= Yugi Mutou
My Mother =
My Father =
My Daughter =
My Son =
My Twin = Adra
My Big Sister =
My Little Sista =
My Big Brother =
My Little Brother =
My cousin=
My Best friend forever =
My Younger best friend forever =
My Older best friend forever =
My Best Friend =
My Body Guard =
My Guardian Angel =
My trainer =
My Secret Admirer =
My enemy =
My enemy's slave =
My Barber =
My Massager =
My Drinkin Partner =
My Partner In Crime =
My Back up =
My Stunt double =
My Teacher =
My Stalker =
My Master =
My apprentice =
My best mate =
My fan =
My Hero =
My Side Kick =
My Friend =
My slave =
My Pet =

If you wish to have a place, please let me know.
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