BethanyLucy'-X <_Confuddled_Beth_>

"3 words, It's My Life-' ♥"

erm thankyou i guess is what i wanted to say, thanks to the memories, the laughs but most of all the talks. i thought living this life without you would be hard but its not, its easier tbh no arguin, no hating and no tears. we both are happier now and we know it.

as for you hannah, ellie and mollie, you guys are insane but are the best things a girl could ask for. mollie your so dippy but thats why the smile appears on my face when i see you because i know there is a good time in store. hannah your a dick; i love you kiddah i put you through a tough desision and you letting me do it shows how much you cared for me i couldnt ask for a better mate. oh and now for ellie; your a complete biatch =) i love you so much kiddah, your the girl who is so mental she walks into posts but your the girl i cry on when am sad and the girl who goes to batter lads when they break my heart and attack them for the other half of it.

hmmm now for the baree chris pring! this guy is the most annoyin twat i have ever met. but he has this thing about him like you can get so mad at him but not for longer then like a minute he just has a likable factor about him :) nahh i have gotta thank this kid for soo much, the memories he gave me, the times hes been there for me and just tbh makin me laugh by fallin off a chair ;) chris your such a div but thats why we love you, please never change x