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P!nk Big Brother Final!5/23/10
We're finally at the final!!
And the 3 that made it all the way aree....

Emma B
Emma D


Vote in the poll for who you want to win!!!

The poll will end Thursday at 7pm
Task 4 Results5/20/10

Emma B is the winner with the Justin Derrico group :D
And Laura is 2nd with the Jenny Douglas group :)

Emma B will recieve 10 loves, and both Emma B and Laura will get immunity...
Sam has dropped out of the competition, so Shadz and Emma D will be put into a poll and you have to vote for who you want to save

The poll will end on Sunday at 7pm and then the final 3 will go into a poll to find out who our winner is!

Good Luck!
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Task 45/9/10
Ciara has been elliminated!
It was very close!

You had to vote for who you wanted to save and heres how the votes went...
Laura - 51%
Ciara - 48%

Every vote counted!

For task 4 im going to make 5 new groups, each dediicated to members of P!nks band;
- Justin Derrico
- Jason Chapman
- Vivian Sessoms
- Jenny Douglas
- Mark Schulman

I will add 1 of you to each group, and you have to do everything you can to make it a good group (:
You will be judged on everything! Photos, Members, Views, Loves, Comments, Blogs, Polls etc. Be creative and have fun :)

Its quite a big task so i'll give you alot of time to do it. It will be judged in 10 days ... Wednesday 19th.

The winner will recieve 10 loves, and the top 2 will recieve immunity. And then the other 3 will be put in a poll for illimunation.

Its going to be first come first serve for which group you get... Once you've read this just comment the blog saying which group you want and i'll add you :)
If someone else has got there before you, you must chosen a different group, and so on, until theres just 1 group left, and the last person wont get a choice

But I think they're all rather amazing tbh <3

Good Luck!
Task 3 Results5/4/10
I loved all the entries! But I had to choose a winner, and I chose Emma B :)

Katie is the only person who didnt take part in this task and therefore she has been automatically ellimunated.

This is what you have to do now... You all must private mail me on my bebo - you must send me 2 names of the people you want to go up for eviction, I will count the votes up and whoever has the most votes will go into a poll, remember, you cant vote for Emma B, and you cant vote for yourself (not that you would lol)

Your votes will stay private if you dont want anyone to know, and you dont have to give a reason for why you want to put them up for eviction.

You can talk to other "house mates" about who you're going to evict if you want to :)

Dont forget... these are the people you can choose to put up for eviction; Ciara, Emma D, Laura, Sam or Shaday

I will post the voting results as soon as everyone has voted

Good Luck!
Task 35/1/10
Alecia has been elliminated!
You had to vote for who you wanted to elliminate, and here's how the voting went...

Alecia - 42%
Shaday - 28%
Katie - 21%
Ciara - 7%
Sam - 0%

So now for the 3rd task...
This one's pretty simple, all you have to do is draw on the whiteboard on this group :) The person who I think has drawn the best design will win, so get creative!

The winner will be immune to ellimination, and after the winner has been announced you will all have to vote for who you want to go up for ellimination via private mail, the people with the highest amount of nominations will go up for ellimination and 1 person will be elliminated!

If you do not take part in the task.. there will be further punishments!

Entries must be in by 4pm Tuesday

Good Luck!
Task 2 - Results4/29/10
Only 3 entries :/
Why did people enter this competition if they're not going to take part?
But the 3 that did enter are amazing!
I didn't expect the drawing to be THAT good.. like wooow!! :o
These P!nk fans have talent! :D

It was sooo hard to choose a winner so i decided...
Emma B and Emma D both win 1st place and will both recieve 3 bebo loves each :) Also i will use both the pictures as the profile pic for this group, obviously not both at the same time though :L
Laura wins 2nd place, and because most people didnt enter, Laura will get to choose 1 person she want to eliminate and they will be automatically eliminated (You cant choose the Emma's)

After Laura's chosen who she wants to eliminate the remaining 5 will go into a poll and 1 of them will also be eliminated - the poll will be voting for who you want to eliminate

Good Luck!
I dont know if anyones come across this video but I thought I'd share it :D

It was quite a while ago.....

But this is my friend Charli singing hearbreaker with p!nk

It was th 2nd night at Brixton and Charli had met p!nk the day before and begged her to sing it!

P!nk said she didnt remember all the words and she said she sounded shit live singing it (yeah right) So she did a deal and said she'd sing some if Charli sung some aswell

So here it goes.... just goes to show how dedicated to her fans p!nk is to go out of her way to do this!

Anyone got any amazing p!nk expriences like this?
Or any friends who hav had an amazing experience?
Leave comments ;)
Task 24/25/10
For the 2nd task you will all be given a different picture of p!nk and you can choose to do 1 of the following... which ever you fancy the most ;)

- Upload a picture of yourself posing as identically as you can to your assigned picture
- Draw the picture of P!nk (it must be drawn yourself, not copied off google if there already of drawing of that picture out there)
- If you cannot upload pictures for whatever reason you can choose to edit your assigned picture.. use your imagination. But you will recieve more points for doing 1 of the 1st to choices, even if the edits are better than the drawings

Anyone who doesnt participate will risk automatic elimination

Whoever comes 1st place will win 3 bebo loves and will also be safe from elimination
Whoever comes 2nd place will also be safe from elimination

Entries must be in by Thursday 29th the latest!

Good Luck
Eviction 1 Results4/22/10
The results of the first eviction!
You had to vote for who you wanted to save and the results were as follows...

Ciara - 37%
Katie - 25%
Alecia - 16%
Gail - 12%
Lynsey - 8%

Lynsey had the lowest percentage and therefore she will be the first to be eliminated

Now we're down to the final 9
Good luck everyone!
Lets hope everyone takes part in the next competition... which will be posted soon! :)
Task 1 Results4/20/10
Only 4 people posted their entries for the 1st task :o
Sam's entry was late but I'm going to let her off because at least she posted her entry!
Because of the lack of entries, this is whats going to happen now...
Emma B, Emma D, Laura and Sam are all safe and will not be up for eviction :D
I loved all your entries guys! They were very inspiring and honest :) I hope p!nk gets to see this group 1 day, then maybe she'll read them ;)

My personal favourite was Emma D, her story is very touching and extremely inspiring, thank you for sharing <3

So because I call only fit 5 people into a poll, I'm going to allow Emma D to chose which out of the 6 who didnt enter she wants to save from elimintion. As soon as Emma D does this I will put the other 5 into a poll and you vote for who you want to keep, the person with the lowest percentage of votes by Thursday at 7pm will be elimiated!

Good Luck!
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