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Harry Potter And The Order Of The Pheonix.7/22/07
The Movie Is So Cool. I Think Tonks Is Awsome Cause Of Her Hair. I Feel Sorry For Harry I Cant Belive Bellatrix Killed Sirius. Ithink Sirius Was Her Brother. Harry Must Be Sad Cause His Only Family Is Now Gone Poor Poor Harry. :( Ithought The Movie Was Really Cool. I Hope Tonks Is In The Next One. I Hope Harry Finds Bellatrix And Kills Her. Now Harry And Nevile Have The Same Reason To Kill Her LOL
Harry Potter7/14/07
You guyz know that Harry Pptter is cool right?
It is cool!
When I see the new movie it will be cool!
It will be scary aswell!
No I am just kidding! I don't really care...
Anyway... I like Harry Potter!
It'll be cool, like, when the new book comes out.
I think I will dance around my room.

A lot...

I'm doing it now!

Cya HP Fans

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Harry Potter Movie7/5/07
I Cant Wait To See The New Movie It Should Be Really Really Good Cause My Friend Knows Some One Who Lives In The UK And They Saw It And They Said It Was Really Good So Go And See It When It Comes Out. :L :L :L :L