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Until when would this ends9/2/09

At times poeple wonder, why were we born
why are we here is so much worries. but I guess
the question is who do we actually live for


Thinking: Is it worth it or does those worrying times just never seem to give
you what you have earned and long for

Let it go, dont just force it to be yours when it doesn t belong to you
or maybe it should but it disclaim you

Maybe its good to just let it down, let it go and save yourself from later regretions

------------------------------------------>>>> LUV LUV <<<<---------------------------------------------
My Thoughts as a Tomboy6/30/09

My thoughts: I wonder why is it, that people don't like Tomboys...I see nuthing wrong with being a tomboy... I mean..if other girls can wear poshy stuff then why can't tomboys wear things that they like...everyone has their own ways of style, so do I....myself is a tomboy and i swear i have never wore anything that is shorter then Knee length...that includes a skirt...If poeple hates Tomboys..then tell ya what..get a LIFE !!.....poeple who hates tomboys are full of SHIT...!!!.......

We might be girls wanting to look like what !!!...we're still least we don't wear short skirts and then whinging to others saying that they are colded....thats just weird....if its winter then they should know that its cold..why bother wear skirt...

Geehz these poeple sure know how to start a conversation..............LOL
Most Favourite Singers and songs sang by the Bands6/29/09

SS501: Jung Joon & Young Saeng
SS501: Ur Man, Because I'm Stupid, Lucky Day, Never Again, Making A Lover, Snow Prince

Super Junior: Choi Si Won, Lee Teuk, Ye Sung, Han kyung, Hee Chul, Shingdong, Sungmin, Donghae, Kangin, Ki Bum, Eunhyuk and Ryeowook
Super Junior: U, Sorry Sorry, Tic Toc, L.O.V.E, Miracle, hate you-love you, K.R.Y

DBSK (TVXQ) : Kim Jae Joong, U-Know (Yunho), Max
DBSK (TVXQ) : Why did i Fall in love with you, Love in the Ice
What A Semester Man !!!6/19/09

Geehz .......I think im celebrating way too soon to celebrate the end of the semester.........Whole bunch of stuffs to do.........:O

Exams, assignments and orals.....what the hell, think the school wants to kill us, always wait until its the end of the semester to chuck exams and stuff at us

I feel so relieve now that im done with everything :L

For once i can feel as though i can sleep peacefully :Z

Have a GREAT holiday everyone
ever thought that there is nuthing in the world that can
ever stop you from going your own way?

just like myself
im always stupid enough to think that there is nuthing in this world that can ever stop me from going on the path that i've always wish, but there came the blockage of my one long for pathway.

i guess if your in that situation then you would understand how i feel but i can tell that there is alot of poeple out there who has alot of dissapointment like me.

i knew that if i continue to be a stupid person who believes in anything then i guess that i would be no where near the line of sucess.

have you ever thought if only everything in this world is like you planned and there would be nuthing that would make you go under a great amount of stress?

well at least some poeple actually has someone who they trust and that they can share their thoughts but poor old me i'm just a loner.

well i guess thats all my sharing for this time

and again a big thankyou to those who goes on and read my page and again it might be crazy to put it on bebo but i have no where else to share it. :)
Do this when you visit my page9/12/07

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