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Just a Little Thankyou8/9/07
Wow, my Guide's been featured!

Thanks, everyone, for viewing, rating & becoming fans.

If you find any problems with the Guide then don't hesitate to point it out. This also goes for if you think anything needs improving. (I might not do anything about it, but I'll take it on board all the same ;D)

Also, please don't spam. & please don't be abusive - you're only proving you're a total dickweed by doing it.

Ta for everything,
Opening Notice for Visitors6/12/07
Yo, I'm Snazzy & welcome to my HTML Guide.

I decided to write this because I thought it was a friendy idea to share all I've learned with you Beboers. & you don't have to pay for using this Guide, either.

If you think HTML is boring & geeky, you're probably right. But some people use if for their businesses, like I do with mine.

Some people want to use it to customise web pages & spaces.

So if you don't like it, no ones forcing you to read this. In fact, if it offends you that much then please don't hesitate to go away & never come back. You will not be missed, I assure you.

So if you are in need of HTML advice, please read my easy lessons. I'll be updating them regularly.

(& incase you wondered what Snazzy_Poo Productions(TM) & all associated branches of it are all about, then you may notice the craptaculous skin on this page is one I made in my spare time, especially for this Guide. I make images, logos, banners & now Bebo skins but I won't be taking any requests for a while due to the fact that I have exams. The biz'll be up & running again soom though!)

Thanks for your support ;D