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How To Be A Pimp
Whats up ppl? Lisa is straight serving up "How to be a Pimp". This is real deal Holyfield Pimpin. I?ll spit game on how to keep your pimp hand strong and your niggas workin.

There Are Five Main Principals Of Pimp-ology:
Pimpin Yo Clothes.
Pimpin Yo Ride.
Pimp Game.
Pimpin Niggas.
Pimpin Ain't Easy.
So come on homie... Step inside and let JC show you how to pull off this Pimp vibe.

Pimp-in Yo Clothes:
Step #1: If you gonna work the art... You gotta look the part! Drape up from the floor up and kill those tired-ass old kicks. Sport some still to outdo these hoes. As for your bottoms: Room is the key, cuz real pimps let it be free. Make sure your shirts are pressed up and keep poppin those collars. Oh yeah... capes are the shit but don?t get it twisted... furs are the way to keep those niggas interested.

Step #2: Hook up?s are the shit. Like your pimp stick... It?s a crucial hook up cuz chin checking and knuckling back are tools of the trade. So tilt your brim when you dealin in skin, cuz dome pieces let 'em know you paid. Then bling-bling-a-bling-a- bling cause no nigga can resist a platinum and diamond beveled ring.

Step #3: Peep game: Don't forget to take a shower! Cuz smelling so fresh and so clean ain't just a song homie... It's knowledge! Crack open a bottle of White Diamond or some other fine pimp perfume.

Pimp-in Yo Ride:
If you riding in a rust bucket... It?s time to say "Fuck It". Cuz no nigga works all night long, brings dough in to you and sings that song. So throw it in the gutter and go buy another.

You ain?t gotta be in a Caddie to be a Pimp. Just make sure it?s clean. When in doubt... Chevy Cutlass it out. Tint that shit first thing. Next, slap on some rims that spin... That?s how you start to get that skin.

Now step inside and peep yo ride. It?s sheep skin covers for bang?n ruckus... But fur dice and plasmas make your shit the toughest. One last thing: Keep pimpin yo ride from the outside-in and the niggas will know you're pimpin then.

Pimp Game:
Pimpin is a mind set... And you need to check yours. When you know you pimpin, I mean really know your pimp-in, the niggas will too.

Game or (Pimp Juice) as it is sometimes called, is like your mojo. The kind of shit nigga?s kill fo. So peep the Pimp Game... By now your style should be in order and when you look like a pimp you can start to feel like a pimp.

You keeping up with JC homie? Aight then... Time to move on to the niggas.

Pimp-in Niggas
With pride you enter a room... Knowing every nigga sees you, and with style you glide through. But pay those niggas no mind. Cuz as you peeped when you came through, know those niggas peeped too.

But don?t get it twisted, all that glimmering ice got those niggas listenin. When the niggas come to holla, break 'em off Game that?s proper. Ask the questions, then listen, he?ll tell you his saga. Be his counselor, psychologist, teacher, and his mother. Then he'll be that nigga... now that?s the Don Dada.

Pimpin Ain't Easy
But somebody?s gotta do it!

Look... you can?t have all dat body and a small ass dick. Like lazy-ass niggas or the damn Po-Po. Just when yo spot starts to make a knot, "One-Times" there to kill the whole plot. You gotta deal with the strung and the spun... and believe me that ain?t no fun. But the worst is the time in a cell, cuz you be mad as hell when you ain?t got no bail.